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This of course depends on the occasion and especially the other accessories you’re wearing. For dangling earrings, 1 carat makes for very fashionable and large earrings that are sure to turn some heads.
The most amazing example might very well be these 18k white golden earrings set with a total of 1 carat diamonds.
The possibilities for diamond earrings range from simple yet dazzling studs to gracefully dangling earrings.

One unwritten rule of wearing jewelry says you should never wear a diamond necklace with large earrings.
For studs 1 carat is a good size, but they won’t attract as much attention as dangling earrings would. You can complement them with a subtle diamond necklace or pendant for a classy look that’s great for formal occasions, an important meeting at work as well as going out with your friends! Stud earrings do provide some extra class though that will improve your overall look rather than set themselves in the spotlight.

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