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My favorite pension house in Cebu City has gone downhill and I probably will not stay there any more.
Another of my favorite things to do in Cebu is to visit the Basilica Santo Nino as I call it. Magellan’s Cross is next door to the Basilica Santo Nino so it is a good idea to visit both at the same time.
Mactan is an island adjacent to Cebu City and there are two bridges that you can take to get there. If you found this article on things to do in Cebu helpful, please hit the like and share buttons below or to the left. I have added contact information for some of the locations mentioned in the article and one item that is not. Customize your own box of 64 Count Crayola Crayons, 8 Count Crayola Crayons or Crayola Art Case in just a few quick steps. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a beautiful, decorative wreath made from everyday household items. It has a bug problem now and the last time I stayed there the air conditioning (air con) was pretty bad. It is located on Mactan Island which is a part of Metro Cebu City so I consider it in Cebu City. I will be writing much more about that in subsequent articles but all of those will take some time. Later there was a battle and the only thing left was the Santo Nino and it is housed within the wall of the cathedral. Magellan is honored for bringing Christianity to the Philippines and he did it right here in Cebu. I’ve seen one article that said there was a disagreement over a woman that led to the battle. If you are on your way for your first visit to Cebu City, you now have a good list of things to do once you arrive.
Use Crayola® Scissors to cut several hand-length strips of green construction paper that are each about the width of your finger.

Ask an adult to help you punch two holes in the wider sides of each container, near the closed end, for hanging. However, two pension houses I have used are Pacific Pension House (I no longer can recommend) and Cebu View Tourist Inn.
There is a Santo Nino or child Jesus that is believed by the faithful to have miracle giving powers. It was interesting to stand on the wall of the fort and imagine attacking Filipinos or other invading countries approaching the wall.
You can walk to it from the Basilica Santo Nino and can see it from the gates of the church.
There is not a lot of traffic there so you could have some difficulty getting back to the city if you let your taxi go while you visit the temple. The organization in charge of the fort claims that it is the oldest fort in the Philippines.
There is a large cross in a rotunda that is said to house the original cross given by Magellan to the king. They don’t just pick your pockets but will cut necklace and watches off your arm without you ever noticing. I didn’t even realize Jessie had bypassed that for me until we were back in our hotel.
I have no reason to doubt that other than my previous history with tourist destination in the USA making questionable claims. It is very pretty at night but not that easy to take pictures without a tripod and I love to take pictures. If you like to stay in a place that all the comforts of the Western world, then most pension houses will not be for you. When I was there, a wedding was in progress which was nice to see as I am very interested in the culture of the Philippines. If I’ve left anything off that you know about, please tell me about it by leaving a comment. The cost of a pension house usually doesn’t exceed p2000 or about $50 depending on the exchange rate.

Also, if you have recommendations of places to stay in Cebu City, please tell me about that in the comments too.
It is a good distance outside of Cebu City so you will need to hire transportation for a round trip. I’m going to be looking for a new place on my next stay but it will cost twice as much. There is a park nearby and all the popular Western fast food joints as well as some Filipino Cuisine. Burns en la discoteca vistiendo un impecable traje blanco y sus enérgicos bailes con la Sra. El cuento animado (How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, 1966) Los trabajadores de la Central Nuclear protestan para recuperar su seguro dental cogidos de la mano en círculo y cantando mientras el Sr.
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