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The Snake Ear Cuff is nicely made and goes well with the diamond stud earring - like the snake was ready to eat it?
I definitely need to find tiny studs to put in my second and third holes, which I NEVER put anything in anymore and haven’t for about a decade. It's part ear cuff and earring because the snake wraps around the ear as well as goes through the ear hole.

I first got a whole bunch when I was in high school, then let them close up…and then re-pierced them all over the last year or so. Because I think that if you choose the right earrings for your extra piercings, they’re elegant while still being (just a little bit) unexpected. The Snake Pass Through Ear Cuff is made from  pewter and is available for just $26.50!

I’ll probably also throw another tattoo or two on there, just for fun (and because when your family expands seems like a good time to add some commemoration in ink form).

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