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Basically, I unapologetically and obsessively swamp tumblr with reblogs of gifs, pictures, quotes, etc.
Anywho, this is a huge deal, because if she’s stuck down there all year round, she can never return to the surface and allow the the season of Spring to occur which would cause the Essence to kill her.
She is in complete disbelief at hearing that she is housing the reincarnation of a Spring deity. And, not only does she find out that she’s this weird vessel thing, but she also is forced to face the fact that her friends have not been completely honest with her. So, Sakura understandably breaks down completely emotionally and needs space that Sasuke reluctantly gives her. A little while later, after Sakura has accepted her situation, we, Quietus fans, finally get the scene we have all been waiting so long for, and FYI, I am so glad that Angel was so gradual in developing the SasuSaku relationship because it made this scene so much more significant.
Then, we reach our final ending scene in which we find out that Suigetsu has witnessed that kiss that we all are currently going nuts over, and this Ocean deity knows that there is a little somethin somethin goin’ on between Sasuke and Sakura, and he is not happy.

Sakura, yes, is supposed to be seducing Sasuke to get him to let his guard down, so she can escape, but girlfriend isn’t supposed to be having actual FEELINGS for the Death deity. Continuing his ongoing Deliverance Series with the third in the set of releases, Shackleton has released a new EP featuring two tracks available to buy now digitally and on vinyl, via Hardwax. The release marks Shackleton's first since the two Nissenenmondai remixes that came earlier this year via his own Woe To The Septic Heart label as well as the release of the second in the Deliverance Series late last year.
The Death Set have overcome personal tragedy to return with a new album Michel Poiccard (named after one of the cool stars of Godard's A€ Bout De Souffle) which will be released via Counter on February 28, 2011.
Beau Velasco and Johnny Siera were a pair of Australian expats who moved to Baltimore earlier this decade. It wouldna€™t have been surprising if the group had decided to call it a day but instead, Johnny Siera, with long time band members Daniel Walker and Jahphet Landis decided to make a new album which was a celebration of Velascoa€™s life.
They relocated to Brooklyn and enlisted long time friend and Baltimore associate XXXchange (Spank Rock, Kele, The Kills) to man the desk, while they created Michel Poiccard.

If you want to try before you buy, click here to download the Diplo collaboration from the new album 'Yo David Chase!
She is shocked when Sasuke seems to actually be open to telling her what’s going on, but she can tell by how Sasuke is acting, that she may not like what she is about to hear. And just as they were about to hit it big with the B-More electro album Worldwide, Velasco, who had struggled with drug addiction on and off throughout his life, died of an overdose. The band had just been shooting a section of a video they were making for a€?Live Forevera€™ which involved covering the drummer Tony McCarroll with earth so it looked like he was in a grave.
Or, maybe she DOES want to get away from Sasuke not because she fears that he’ll hurt her but because she starts to become scared of HERSELF as her feelings for him grow even more before she escapes!

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