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I remember the metal spinning tops that you pumped the little twisted handle until you got it going at top speed. I remember being mesmerized watching it spin perfectly in place, not wandering more than an inch or so from where I set it into its spinning frenzy.
I remember cranking her up again and gently touching the sides, feeling the tickling sensation of the spinning metal against my finger tips.
I remember increasing the intensity of my touches and watching the top struggle to maintain a straight spin. I remember when just the right amount of pressure was finally pressed against the side of the top it began to wobble and wander, but keep spinning.

I remember if it was abruptly bumped as opposed to gradually touched, it would wonky-wobble and roll over on its side and the momentum of the spin died. I’m remembering times past when my life was spinning and it felt like a wonky-wobble. In particular, we were interested in finding Helminthoglypta hertleini, a California BLM sensitive species, and we had to be careful not to confuse it with Monadenia churchi, another species of very similar appearance, but not considered sensitive. This was only my third non-feeder hummingbird encounter and second identifying by sound first. It’s volume told me the critter was far too large to be a bee, which were also in the area, but then what could it be?

The snail hunt came with mixed success, and in the process, we found this really cool lizard!
I glanced up just in time to see the outline of a hummingbird before it disappeared among the manzanita.
I realized that was the first time I had seen one in the wild, and not at a feeder, at least here in SC.

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