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Clinically Proven Sound that Helps Tinnitus SufferersWhite Noise, a clinically proven sleep aid, is a great help to those suffering from tinnitus. 5581 Hudson Industrial Parkway, Hudson, OH 44236-0099 Order toll free 1-844-276-2020 © 2016 Support Plus. NewSound TI-100 In-Ear White Noise Sleep Aid and Tinnitus Masker offers a new level of comfort and performance whether you are trying to sleep with a snoring partner or manage your tinnitus sounds during the day or night. As Featured in The New Yorker February, 2016.As a sleep aid, the TI-100 provides three levels of noise protection.
First, the ultra-soft memory foam tips work like an ear plug to help block the noise that is keeping you awake, whether from a snoring spouse, outside traffic or noisy neighbors in the apartment next door. Second, the TI-100 produces a gentle masking sound that raises your threshold of hearing so you are not so easily jarred from sleep when a noise occurs in the night.
Third, the masking sound produced by the TI-100 helps to drown out, or mask, the irritating noises you would hear without it. If you suffer from tinnitus, you already know that when you are listening to music or the sounds of your car or motorcycle, your tinnitus becomes far less prominent, and may disappear entirely.
Audiologists will fit you with a tinnitus masker and program the device to be maximally effective in suppressing your tinnitus, but they will do so at a cost that often exceeds $2,000.
A breakthrough tinnitus treatment called TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) calls for using a tinnitus masker such as the TI-100 in a specific way to retrain your brain so that it stops producing your tinnitus sounds. Universal-fit, ultra small, ergonomically shaped earpieces with replaceable tips to fit nearly everyone in maximum comfort. Small enough that the device fits well down in the ear cavity so that the TI-100 is comfortable to lie on for most people, and nearly invisible for daily wear in public. Two kinds of replaceable tips included; ultra soft sound blocking memory foam and open ear soft silicone tips, both in two sizes to fit most adults. Volume trimmer adjustment on each device allows you to set the volume independently in each ear.
Powered by standard A10 hearing aid batteries (batteries included.) Estimated battery life is 60-90 hours of continuous use, depending on the volume setting. 30 day free replacement guarantee for defective units, and a full year $25 repair warranty. Sleep-Eze is a tiny device built using hearing aid technology that fits inside your ear emitting the soothing sound of pure white noise while it isolates you from outside noises that disturb your precious sleep.
Together with the 10-15 dB of isolation, the 0-79dB of white noise will greatly reduce the amount you hear of most sounds you ordinarily encounter, including snoring, music from next door, people thumping around in the apartment above and traffic outside your window. Warning: because Sleep-Eze is capable of blocking most incoming sounds it can prevent you from hearing smoke alarms and other emergency warning devices you may need to hear. Package Contents: One right and one left side Sleep-Eze earpiece, One pair each size, Small, Medium and Large Pinwheel tips, One pair each size, Small, Medium, and Large Mushroom tips, wax removal tool, leatherette storage pouch, 4 #10 hearing aid batteries and instructions for use, Plus a Free Memory Foam Ear Pillow that is ideal for side sleepers.

White Noise is basically the mixture of a broad spectrum of frequencies tuned to the same pitch and randomly generated.
The device may come in the form of a machine, a CD or hearing aid while the latest innovation comes in the form of a pillow. The Ultimate White Noise Machine features 10 types of white noise so you can find the sound that best cancels out the ringing or buzzing in your ears. Audiologists will tell you that the closer the masking sound matches the noise you are trying to avoid, the more effective will be the masking sound in preventing you from hearing the unwanted noise. Only you can hear your tinnitus sounds, which can manifest as ringing, roaring, swishing, crickets, cicada songs, and many other kinds of noise. By contrast, when you lie down for sleep and the house gets very quiet, your tinnitus comes roaring back to life, making sleep difficult and even impossible at times. The TI-100, with its four user-selectable sound profiles, may be just what you need to get relief from your tinnitus sounds, and the far lower price means you can try it for just a fraction of the investment otherwise required.
The maximum volume is limited to a safe level for all day or all night listening without danger of hearing damage. Sleep-Eze works by first blocking much of the noise you would hear with the open ear just as a regular ear plug would do. Be sure to test your ability to hear these warnings before going to sleep with the Sleep-Eze in place.
Sound Machines allow you to ease into sleep with white noise; or you need something as simple as a white noise CD or a relaxing sound CD such as the 980-A for patients who are sufferers of tinnitus or have difficulty sleeping. White noise is a subtle, steady sound, such as the A«shhhhA» sound of ocean waves gently caressing. Most often, these tinnitus masker devices make use of the white noise technology in order to provide the.
Compact and portable unit can be set for 30, 60, or 90 minute shutoff, or run continuously.
This makes sense in that our ancestors needed to wake instantly to sounds in the night, lest they be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger while they slept!
To help get a better match, the TI-100 provides four user-selectable sound profiles you can choose as needed by simply pushing a button on the device. By injecting a soothing masking sound into your ear, your tinnitus can be managed so that you can get to sleep more easily and sleep more soundly.
We are in no way affiliated with the proponents of this approach, but we have been told by many how great the results from TRT can be. Today, this normal response just makes your sleep more difficult, because every little sound in the night can wake you, ruining your sleep patterns and leaving you groggy and un-rested the next day. The TI-100 tinnitus masker injects a soothing masking sound into your ear(s.) This masking sound reduces the effects of tinnitus by distracting your mind from your tinnitus noises, letting you instead, clearly hear conversations, music, and all the other sounds you want to hear.

The TI-100 lets you set the volume at any level you wish and unlike other tinnitus maskers which produce just one sound, the TI-100 lets you choose from four different sound profiles to get the one that is most effective in masking and suppressing your unique type of tinnitus.
The white noise causes you to hear less acutely, so you do not hear as much of the noise you want to avoid. The benefits of color noise have been utilized in clinics, schools, households, + Mask Tinnitus, + Pacify children and pets + Soothe Migraines.
By raising your threshold of hearing, the TI-100 will let you sleep through louder sounds than you can without it. We do have some limited stock of replacement tips for your existing SleepEze, and fortunately, we have two excellent alternative in-ear white noise machines in the SnoreMasker Pro and the new TI-100. White Noise is basically the combination of a wide range of frequencies tuned to the same step and randomly generated.
By letting you choose from 4 different sound profiles, the TI-100 lets you choose a sound that is both comfortable and effective for your particular kind of tinnitus. Listening to a CD with white noise can distract the listener from the ringing sound, therefore indirectly treating the problem.
The sounds produced by the TI-100 carry no information so your mind quickly tunes out the masking sound, whichever profile you are using, leaving you with nothing to interrupt your deep and rejuvenating sleep. Best of all, with the TI-100, you can treat your tinnitus without any of the negative side effects common with other treatment options. Tinnitus CD Another method is to listen more carefully focused on the frequency selected on the basis of individual symptoms. The natural sounds of the rain, wind or sounds of a washing machine running can help mask the ringing noise in ears.
Each change will take a couple of days at least, to adjust to.Sleep-Eze has helped many people over the more than 10 years we have been selling it.
Also white noise CD's and homeopathic remedies will also help when dealing with bouts of tinnitus attacks.
For years people have been using the white noise from a fan to reduce the annoyance of tinnitus.
White Noise CDs, White Noise Machines and Soothing Nature Sounds for Tinnitus and Ringing Ear symptoms available. Some people use it to help distract their mind away from the Tinnitus sound or tinnitus ear noise.

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