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Generic requests give you generic responses.  If you want your network to tailor their efforts to your specific needs, you need to give the people you are talking to a narrow, detailed idea of what you need help with.
Unless you are sure that your networking contact is training for the Memory Olympics (oh, yes, it’s real – look it up!), then don’t overload them with too much information.  You want to give just enough information for the person to understand your specific need, but not every possible detail of the situation. You want to be respectful of others’ time, so be sure not to launch into a long-winded story about how your last administrative assistant quit and left you with a mess and how all the online job banks are full of unqualified applicants, yada, yada, yada . There’s a great scene in Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise pleads with Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Essentially, Jerry is pleading with his football-player client, Rod, to allow him to do what he needs to do in order to help him get the contract he’s after. You can EASILY stand out just by being able to intelligently talk about your biz in a way that shows the benefit to others, not just all the fun features and products and features of what you do. It’s so easy to make networking actually effective and enjoyable simply by taking the time to be prepared to talk about your business in a way that conveys your passion in it and how it can help others –without sounding like a commercial!
We often forget about allowing others to help us and to do that, we need to know how to tell them what we need and want help with. We’re all in the education business, but we need to do it with an entertainment flair, too! I have found that it is far better business sense to see what you can do for someone with what you have than ask for favors or expect it up front.
When you show that you are willing to give and not always out to get, people are much more willing and happy to help you out. This is one of my favorite scenes of Jerry Maguire — and is so applicable to networking! I am convinced that preparation would solve about 80% of our networking fears and issues and mistakes we often make. I used to attend a networking group and our intro pitch had to CLOSE with how the members could be helpful.
My first business was a career consulting company and the brainstorming and connecting is what eventually lead me to my current work! Of course great to be prepared for explaining who you are and what you do but also is great to be prepared for how others can help you help them. When I first began learning about sales and networking, I was taught to find out what I could do for the other business owner. I have never had anyone ask me that question…although I ask it all the time when connecting with new people on LinkedIn. Crystal — sometimes a little structure around our networking intros can do wonders to help others know whom to refer our way.
All great points, I realise I need to become better at talking about my business in a relaxed way. Rose Breasted Grossbeak, Ocean, NJ May 12, 16 07:19 PM Before a small group prayer meeting in May, 2016, a friend looked out the window and asked what kind of bird was sitting on the Red Maple.
Quotes from Gayle Brown: Thank YOU for wholeness -LORD--heal me so I can help somebody else . It was very useful to guide, rather than expect these members to become our clients or customers. Preparing at least an idea of what you would say will prevent you from going over the top with too much information. But now I’m thinking I should reword even that phrase and use your suggestion when I do face-to-face networking, too. Once I learned how to do it effectively, as in the advice you give here, I’ve enjoyed it. Albany area, NY May 08, 16 08:01 PMAt about noon, I sat down to take a breather and noticed that a couple of Robins have taken residence in a bush next to my house.

Maybe you experienced a loss of a job and you are struggling financially, your marriage is failing, or there is a sickness you are dealing with and you are totally overwhelmed by your present life situation. What they wanted to help each other even if they are in the same line of business and had the same target audience.
I get easily overwhelmed in large social settings, so I concentrate on just making good, strong connections with 1 or 2 people. It works so well when both parties find out what they want to know and are able to tell what they want. No matter what you try to do, nothing seems to change for the better and in fact only appear to be getting worse.
It was a person’s social responsibility to have things to talk about and interesting things to share. You may be at a point where you asked “Jesus help me please” or you already asked Jesus help me and you have received no answer.
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33Jesus Help Me Get My Life Back – I Need Your Help!The mere fact you are here reading this is testimony that you have already begun seeking God and that’s a wonderful first step in the journey to find God and have Him in your life.
But you need to take another small step if you desire to have things change in your life now.
That is, you need to draw near to God and invite Him into your life and make Him a permanent “resident” in everything you do. Once you take this step, you activate your faith and God will draw near to you and things will begin to change.Jesus Help Me Establish A Relationship With You TodaySo how can I establish a relationship with God you ask? The first thing I recommend is get into the word of God everyday and meditate and “feed” on it. Take a minute or two out each and every day to give thanks to God for something (anything).
The more time you spend in the word of God the closer you will draw near to Him and the more God will intervene in your life and will pour out His abundance of favor on you.Remember that God is not a vending machine and wants you to want Him in your life. So you just can’t “hit up God” like you would a vending machine when you need something quick to eat and all of a sudden expect all you problems will be fixed.
No it doesn’t work that way.Your Heavenly Father Knows What All Your Needs AreGod promises that when you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, ALL things shall be added to you. God makes this promise to us all and would never make a promise He would not keep.“For after all these things the Gentiles seek. 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Make God first place in your life and find rest and peace in Him and make today a day to remember.Jesus Help Me Prayer“Lord Jesus, you said all things are possible if you believe.
I ask you Lord Jesus to please come into my life and dwell in me and I will rest on you knowing you go before me and make my crooked places straight. I ask this in Jesus’ name-Amen”I produced a video to the classic song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel. If you think about the meaning, in essence when one says “God helps those…”  then if you offer prayers to God and your situation doesn’t change, then of course you must not be doing enough. It’s your fault.  In other words you have to do more and then God will help you…as the saying goes, God helps those who helps themselves after all right? This type of believing leads to condemnation.The saying “God helps those who helps themselves” does not appear anywhere in the bible but yet a lot of people end up condemning themselves when they try to live by these words. He is not about condemnation but rather about grace.God Helps Those That Are Helpless“I am the vine, you are the branches.

He wants you to “abide in Him” and then He will “abide in you.” He wants to by part of your life and wants you to have a relationship with Him. So as far as the saying “God helps those that helps themselves,” I would reject this entirely and instead realize “I [you] can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)So if your situation has you feeling helpless and your are crying out God please help me, then find rest and peace of mind knowing that an abundance of God’s love, grace and favor is upon you each and every day.
Please help me God get rid of the pain and depression.” Basically I was asking the same question, “Help me God for just about everything. It wasn’t until I realized that God was by my side all along that all I needed to do was allow God into my life. You see my friend, when you seek God (like you are now), even in the most subtle way, you “activate” your faith and God recognizes that and intercedes on your behalf. This is the beginning of your journey in Christ.Help Me God – I Have No Peace In My LIfeLet’s face who wants to be unhappy or miserable?
Today more than ever there are millions of people struggling in life for all sorts of reasons and probably in their own way crying out help me God, Lord please help me. All looking for answers and not finding any or at least not finding any that will give one a sense of consistent peace, rest and happiness in their life. The more one searches for answers the more they realize their problems seem too big to fix.But when does one actually admit and submit that unless they change something in their life, nothing will change? A lot people say they pray to God for answers but their prayers go unanswered thus leading them further into depression, frustration or anxiety, etc. And for some It seems when things are not going well is typically when they come to the Lord for spiritual guidance.
So if you are asking, “Will God help me?” or, “When will God help me?” or even wondering why doesn’t God answer my prayers, then the following story will shed light to the reason why you are not getting a response from Him. No one, not even his Administrative Assistants could gain entrance to his office when he put out the word that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.However, there were two people who barged into his office freely whenever they wanted. Regardless of how busy Bob was, no matter what he was involved in, his eight year old son Bob Jr., and his six year old daughter Sarah. No matter how busy he was, Bob would stop what he was doing, open his arms wide, and he would hug his two children as they flew into his arms.
There was no greater joy in Bob’s life than his children, any time day or night, his children could command his attention. There are many times when we pray to God for some­thing that is really impor­tant to us or that is urgently need­ful, and it seems as if our prayers are falling on deaf ears. So if you are ask­ing dear God please help me, you should know if we ask any­thing accord­ing to His will, God hears us.“This is the con­fi­dence that we have in Him, that if we ask any­thing accord­ing to His will, He hears us.
If we expect to get our prayers answered, we must first ful­fill sev­eral pre­req­ui­sites. Here are some of them.“When you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.
It simply means that when you ask God for something in prayer, you are hoping He will answer you, but you are not really sure that He will. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Proudly powered by WordPress Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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