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The privately owned 55-year-old Danish company accounts for approximately 1 in 10 hearing aids sold worldwide and has a reputation for being something of a technological maverick.
Although Widex plans on retaining these types of hallmarks, a new Widex is emerging in both Denmark and the United States. Another thing that distinguishes Widex from most hearing aid manufacturers is a penchant for designing and producing everything that goes into their hearing aids. As its sales grew, however, Widex gradually ran out of space at its former headquarters in Vaerlose, Denmark, even after they added an expansive building adjacent to the original one. Both companies have, since their origins in the early 1950s, maintained a close and fruitful business relationship.
Industry analysts have sometimes criticized Widex for its comparatively longer periods of time between new product introductions.
However, shorter product life cycles and taking a page out of the book of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) have inherent downsides, according to Tøpholm, who is an engineer.
The new Widex Clear440 hearing aid line and associated wireless assistive listening devices (called DEX) took 6 years to develop and involved more than 20 electronic engineers for just the wireless transmission portion of the device, according to International Product Manager Ove Jensen, PhD. Clear440 is a 15-channel wireless hearing aid designed to provide natural, high-quality sound in 5 programs plus the Zen (binaurally presented fractal music2) and DEX program.
The Widex Office of Research in Clinical Amplification (ORCA) in Lisle, Ill (a suburb of Chicago), led by Vice President of Audiology Francis Kuk, PhD, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011. For example, Kuk and colleagues have provided numerous practical articles in The Hearing Review and other trade and peer-reviewed journals, and they regularly conduct training seminars for clinicians, as well as Widex sales representives. In 2006, a second ORCA office was established in Stockholm, Sweden, and is led by audiologist Karolina Smeds, PhD. With the DREAM440 series, sounds will seem richer, with greater depth dimension and detail.
The new Widex USA, led by its president Jake Haycock, has since bolstered its staff and plans to update its own headquarters. A walk through their ultra-modern and cafeteria-clean production center reveals scores of machines chugging out mini-BTE casings next to scores of other machines producing a constellation of tiny parts from wax guards to hearing aid cleaning kits. The sons of the two men who founded Widex—Erik Westermann and Christian Tøpholm (shown at right at the company’s founding in 1956)—work together to guide the company, and often sound more like close siblings than business partners.
Although Tøpholm notes that labor costs are continuing to rise in Denmark, he says that the synergies created by all 650 employees make a qualitative difference in the final product that helps counterbalance the extra labor costs.

However, the changing market dynamics in the United States presented increasing challenges for an independent distributor. Tøpholm says that he has been close friends with Ron Meltsner and Eric Spar and their fathers for more than 50 years. In recent years, product life cycles have become as short as 18 months in some hearing aid categories, and not keeping pace can bring questions from dispensers.
This will also produce greater marketing and sales opportunities for professionals who dispense Widex devices.
You could also say we were relatively late in bringing a wireless product to market, but in my opinion we are offering a system that is a truly superior technical system with substantial benefits. The devices employ WidexLink for both inter-ear and remote device capabilities so they can communicate and synchronize with each other or external devices instantly and without delay.
Complementing the Clear440 line are numerous assistive devices, including the tiny RC-DEX (a remote control), as well as the TV-DEX for television listening and M-DEX for mobile phones.
Answer: A 394,000-sq-ft office space that is so efficient and futuristic it might make Buckminster Fuller and Arthur C. Both of the building’s rings provide natural light and an open feel throughout the complex. The new headquarters is actually composed of a pair of 4-story buildings that form two concentric rings linked by numerous bridges and surrounded by outdoor gardens and a central courtyard.
Called Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (AFTES), it uses a system of ten geothermal heat transfer wells (see photo inset) that tap into the underground aquifer, heating the buildings in the winter and cooling them in the summer. In combination, with the power generated and saved by the windmill, AFTES geothermal system, and solar panels, the headquarters actually produces more power than it needs—so energy is transferred back into the power grid for use by the local community.
Additionally, Education Coordinator Daniel Tibbs, AuD, operates the Widex University program designed to support audiology education throughout the country. Yours truly wore a pair of Quatro Q9 hearing aids from 1992-2001, until the ferrite antenna in the remote control broke. The new DREAM440 by Widex provides more sound, more words and an experience that’s more personal than ever before. Speech will be clear through the use of our unique True-Input Technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments.
With the exception of the actual semiconductor chip manufacturing (which is fully designed, but not fabricated, in-house), almost everything found in a Widex hearing aid is produced at its Danish facilities or a smaller plant in Belgium.

Pictured are (standing) Widex President and CEO Jan Tøpholm and (sitting, l to r) Executive Vice Presidents Anders Westermann and Soren Westermann.
Margins eroded and, at the same time, significant investments were necessary to expand Widex’s position in the market while ensuring a high level of service to dispensing professionals.
So, it was my job to build a new state-of-the-art facility, bring in managers who could develop the territories, and basically start from scratch with a management team.
This wireless technology is said to be exceptionally advanced in that it uses direct transmission similar to the 2.4 GHz technology found in Bluetooth, yet operates at very low power levels. For power, it uses the large windmill (shown in the upper left) and solar panels, and it also utilizes an advanced geothermal heating and cooling system (part of which is shown in the picture below right).
Thus, nearly every office space, meeting room, and gathering place benefits from sunlight and a view of the surroundings or courtyard. You can see more photos of this wonderful hearing aid system in the Hearing Aid Museum at this link. The company is also known for packing a lot of new features into each product introduction, including its latest Clear440 and DEX wireless devices, and it has been rewarded with one of the most loyal customer bases in the market. One of my first goals was to double our sales and support staff and increase our presence in the market. There is a required development time for any new hearing aid, and a typical new platform may take as long as 4 years. Located near Lynge, Denmark, about 35 miles southwest of Copenhagen, the new Widex headquarters rises from the surrounding fields and forests like a just-arrived spaceship, with 20,000 solar cells, 3,800 windows, and a self-contained CO2-neutral power generation system. It goes without saying that it’s very engineering intensive to come up with advanced platforms. However, what happens when you launch products more frequently is that you get less and less new content with each product.
Yet, you still have all the engineering, production, and sales and marketing expenses associated with a new launch. Essentially, for the end user and the dispenser, the price of hearing aids becomes higher due to these more frequent launches.

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