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Widex now offers the popular receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid to people with severe to profound hearing loss. WIDEX SUPER packs the power of traditional BTEs into one of the smallest housings available – but still with room for a long-life battery. SUPER440 comes with 15 channels and is packed with the newest InterEar features for better localization and language comprehension which means that SUPER440 can give access to sounds this group of hearing aid users may not have heard before. SUPER440 provides audibility even in difficult listening situations such as meetings, social events and outdoor life. ActivEars offers top of the line Digital Hearing Aids from a variety of hearing aid manufacturers. Contact ActivEars Hearing Centres for musician’s ear plugs, swim plugs, noise plugs and speciality molds. Warranty Information: 60 day adjustment trial period, in office service plan for life of hearing aid.

Our aim is to help as many clients as possible to enjoy the benefits that modern digital hearing aid can bring. The products and services displayed on this site are a general description and do not form a contract. Our range of secure features offers the utmost flexibility, with a wide palette of safety features to give babies comfort and parents peace of mind.
The WIDEX BABY™440 hearing aid is also fast and easy to customise with an instant receiver ear-tip option.
CIC - Completely in the Canal, ITC - In the Canal, HS - Half Shell, ITE - In the Ear, BTE - Behind the Ear, OTE - On the Ear models and RIC - Receiver in the canal. Our commitment is to provide good quality hearing aids, each one chosen with the individual in mind. That’s why it is vital to provide the best possible auditory support to babies diagnosed with hearing loss.

The extended bandwidth in the WIDEX BABY™440 hearing aid aims to ensure the reproduction of high-frequency sounds and to support more rounded speech and language development. The new ChildFit fitting flow in Compass is designed to make the fitting process of WIDEX BABY440 both accurate and fast and is dedicated to meeting the needs of babies during the fitting session. For both professionals and parents this lessens the time spent on frequent ear impressions and waiting for new earmoulds while for babies there is less discomfort. Use the tools below to select criteria and compare available hearing aids from the best brands and manufacturers. We believe the best way to do this is to focus on the needs of babies in terms of size, audibility and fitting.

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