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Hand-built in California, our line of Acoustic pickups and preamps can help you capture the natural warmth, richness and resonance of your instrument.
Throw on a Black Winter hoodie and a red pickup necklace or choose from an assortment of shirts for your next gig. Generally, a band sounds the best to the audience when you have an attentive, knowledgeable sound person who is paid well by the band or venue. I can give my own story as why I decided to go direct at shows when the band I am in uses our own PA.
1.      Versatility – You’ve literally got the world’s largest self-contained virtual collection of amps, cabs and effects at your fingertips!
What advantages does a ‘I use one basic sound’-type of player get from performing without an amp?
Your products are on the world’s biggest stages, with artists from U2 to Taylor Swift.
I estimate that fewer than one in a thousand of all Axe-Fx units in the word today are used on world-class stages with great PAs. If a band is recording their first album, what advantages do they have going ‘ampless’? But a lot of bands also go in to a pro studio for the shared experience… add to that the expertise offered by a producer and engineer. By the way, we also offer a floor unit designed expressly for this purpose: the FX8 has effects but no amp or cab modeling.
This entry was posted in: Tips and Tricks and tagged acoustic, amp simulator, Axe FX, DI, direct, Fractal Audio, IEM, Kemper, recording, tech21. In my experience, sound people *love* when the band is going direct, for all the reasons stated in the article.
Unfortunately, a few years prior, we were playing in a festival where there were many bands. I understand and concur with you totally, as a sound man, I love it when everyone is direct, it makes life so much easier. There is one drawback though, rather than signal that they might want a little more gain, too many players simply grab their volume knobs without warning. Maybe a follow-up article on what a musician needs to know when going ampless would be useful. But all that aside, as an old school bass player, Personally, I gosta feel it hit me in the back, as well as on the One!!! But overall, to me, the excellent sound quality of the Axe FX (the other guitar player in my old band used one, and sounded awesome) comes with a high price tag, and it comes down to economical options for me personally.
I do all my recording through my Axe FX, though there are many ways to USB record to computer.
A lot of folks in NYC play with just a pedalboard into a house amp, typically a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Blues Junior III. Bran Ferren, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Applied Minds, the company that created the suit, said he hopes the suit will help spark conversations about old age and increase compassion. The concept for R70i began with the Virginia-based insurance company Genworth, which requires sensitivity training for its employees to help them interact their older customers, said Janice Luvera, Genworth's chief marketing officer. Genworth approached Applied Minds, and within four months, they had created the R70i aging suit. I encountered R70i at Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, where visitors can try on the suit until Sunday (April 10). It's hard to walk in the R70i suit, and I didn't get far before I met Bran Ferren, who gave me a rundown of what was about to happen to me. I put on the blue R70i pants and shirt (made out of breathable, high-performance sports fabric), and the suit's engineers strapped the robotic exoskeleton onto my arms and legs, and secured a helmet that covered my eyes and ears.
It was heavy, largely because of the lithium-ion phosphate batteries and the cooling system in the backpack, but I stiffly plodded out of the dressing room. Then, he turned up the resistance of the R70i exoskeleton and asked me to pretend I was using my hands to climb a rope. As a staff writer for Live Science, Laura Geggel covers general science, including the environment and amazing animals.
Duff told press, "I go get stressed out and I do get sad sometimes about the constant work. Part of her frustration lies in the fact that she can’t seem to shake her child star, Lizzie McGuire image. Enjoy the photos of Hilary Duff with sister Haylie, heading into Joseph's on Monday (July 2). Each pedal was built to capture the best of the best, with more controls, a compact design and intuitive features. Just the idea of doing a gig without your favorite amp roaring behind you is enough to send people to their sheds, grabbing pitchforks and lighting torches. But it takes musicians who are sensitive to each other as well as the overall sound of the band. Anyways, realizing that I don’t use multiple amps live, and that I tend to stick with 1 basic amp sound, this was going to be easier than I thought. Their flagship modeler, the Axe-FX II XL+, is used by bands as diverse as U2, King Crimson, and Taylor Swift.

This might just mean the ability to create a signature tone without limits, but it also includes things like how easy it is to switch, synchronize, or automate changes. In this scenario, you might have a hard sell but I’ve had a lot of producers and engineers call me to order an Axe-Fx after hearing one in this context. Whether you use an amp live or not, the overall sound of the band shouldn’t be an afterthought. THAT soundman flat out refused to use a direct signal and insisted on mic’ing my cabinet.
But if I want to talk to an expert on modeling, I wanted to ask the company that knows it best. Nir Felder played twice for jazz pianist Youngjoo Song (really great check her out) and he played an American Standard Strat into a pedal board. Could eating better or exercising more stave off its impending arthritic aches and slowness? It debuted in January at CES 2016, the massive consumer technology conference in Las Vegas. Would I be able to overcome the suit's simulated effect of aphasia, when you can think clearly but have difficulty communicating verbally? But in real life, older people often slow down because of pain and stiffness, not because their exoskeleton has added resistance at the joints. It was difficult and meant to show what it's like to live with a movement-restricting condition, such as arthritis. The exercise made me think of my grandpa, who put foam hair curlers around his charcoal pencils so that he could still draw after arthritis twisted his fingers.
But I experienced each condition separately, and can only imagine what it's like to have glaucoma, tinnitus, arthritis and a bad hip at the same time. She has written for the Simons Foundation, Scholastic, Popular Science and The New York Times. And Duff is already burned out by the fast-paced, non-stop lifestyle that accompanies her career.
When I travel a lot usually I'm just so tired that I just want to go to my hotel room and sleep. If all of the instruments onstage are blasting at full volume, the poor PA can’t keep up- and the people in the first few rows have their heads torn off by whatever instrument amplifier they are unlucky enough to be standing in front of.
It takes a skilled soundperson who has the gear (and knows how to use it) and enough time to get a proper soundcheck. Our singer would have the monitors close to feedback all night (and it would feedback several times in the night). The amp sound I use is more of a Fender Twin sound with a little more mids, but not as much as say, a Deluxe. You get all of the above PLUS a sonic experience which inspires creativity and brings out the best in your favorite guitars… in you. Now in your home studio you’ve got a mind-blowing amp collection for less than the price of one single amp! This very fact made my gigs in high school extremely easy, as I could use virtually any tube amp with an FX loop as my backline, then adjust the global EQ accordingly to pull the best tone possible, or in one instance I had two amps at my disposal so I got the pleasure of switching up my Delay and Chorus type effects to their stereo modes.
It isn’t the only way of doing it, but many well-rehearsed bands working with ace sound people seem to do fine with it. But as a bassist, and a Chapman Stick player, ampless just feels too flat and lifeless for me. I am not a Stick player (love the instrument though), but I would think with a well-tuned setup, it might actually be easier? What sounds good for them onstage can send the audience running with bloody ears, Techs running for the backup cab cables, and lawyers sharpening their fangs. Paired with a good set of studio monitors, it’s perfect for the at-home musician who does not want to sacrifice quality. It still didn’t come close sound-wise to my relatively cheap amp setup (hybrid Marshall JMD 50 watt head into Marshall 1960A 4 x 12 cabinet, no additional effects), but a lot more portable of course.
There are many advantages to not using a conventional system, but no one is stopping you from digging out the old pedals and an amp if you want to.
Sure, you have to take in to consideration a PA, but you have to do that if you own an amp too, since proper sound sends keeps the volume lower on stage to send everything through the PA. I’m playing small-end jazz gigs so all I really use is just a guitar into a clean amp and get away without any pedals at all. But instead of acquiring superpowers, I became an 80-year-old, aging about 50 years in 5 seconds. The experience also triggered empathy — I vowed to stop mindlessly walking so fast with my older relatives. This was the opposite effect of the age-related macular degeneration simulation, which completely clouded my central vision but allowed me to see the periphery. Either of these conditions would pretty much stop me from reading, driving or navigating New York's busy streets. The suit could also train doctors and caregivers, or increase understanding between parents and children, Ferren added. Laura grew up in Seattle and studied English literature and psychology at Washington University in St.

The gain is something I get from my pedals (like an 805 Overdrive and a Vapor Trail Analog Delay).
These players use personal stage monitors, power amp and speakers, or a traditional guitar amp.
I also have a couple of pedals on my board to address a few tonal setbacks I found in the Boss, but that’s only suiting my personal taste.
I recently worked a John McLaughlin and Fourth Dimension gig in Bali, Both John, and Gary Husband went direct, it was wonderful.
I have a nice Tone King amp and pedalboard with nice boutique pedals like the Strymon Timeline, but when recording it’s so much easier to plug the AxeFX into my laptop.
Granted, amp setups can be just as expensive or more expensive, but cheaper amp options are available.
So maybe I need to experiment with adding OD pedals to the RK5 for an improvement in sound. I see no reason to lug around a half-stack or stack let alone the consistency and versatility of this setup. Cataracts clouded my vision, a ringing whine filled my ears and I limped along with a bad hip. Bass players and acoustic guitarists have gone direct for years, and technology is catching up to the ears of electric guitarists.
It might sound awesome onstage, but you want the audience to have a great experience too, right? And all of the things I’ve just mentioned should also be placed next to the many guitarists who are not playing on stage at all, ever. The bassist was amped though, for the same reasons I prefer to be amped If I am playing bass.
Sometimes it is a thought to let them blow out an amp speaker, rather than a bank of FOH speakers! This is my first time using FRFR, and was tempted to go with a hi-end head and cabinet combo, but the up front investment will be worth it. Of course, no one is trying to tell every guitarist to do this, but it does seem to have merit in certain situations.
Studio monitors—whether they are modest to magnificent—give you a really satisfying new way to play.
I also just saw a video where a band kept fooling this superstar producer by switching to the Axe-Fx and telling him it was the real amp he had set up in the live room.
Nathan East is another who doesn’t like bass in the monitors, preferring the sound and dynamic control of having his own amp. I won’t ever have to buy effects pedals or change heads when I want a different sound. The audience might not know what sonic problems are occurring, but they definitely will hear it. Getting use to IEMs with a well-mixed band took a little bit of doing, but after a few gigs, I had adjusted just fine. You can change your own balance of the band in your own ears, but it is sort of like listening to a CD and playing along with it.
Just think about how easy it makes re-amping and how important that can be to notching things up a level… re-crafting guitar tones around a new mix idea. Perhaps because I am a dinosaur, I need the feel of 6, or 8 10s behind me, (or at least 2 15s), the resonance effect it has on the strings, makes my instrument come alive and it breathes with a feeling no pedal rack can duplicate. By the way, these things are all equally true for established artists as well; doing your first album is not really all that different in this regard. If a player is really attached to their amp, how can they take advantage of the effects in your flagship Axe-FX II? I may add an Atomic CLR or another Matrix 2×12 (like the one I have) for a monitor later on.
I guess I grew up regarding the amp as an integral part of my instrument, without it, playing feels, well, like you don’t have an amp! Another important factor is my band does cover songs and the Axe setup allows me to tailor my tone to match the bands we cover at the click of a switch. After several poor sounding gigs that left my ears ringing (even with earplugs), I started investigating.
I can still get glorious feedback (from my pickups hearing the PA sound), and all of the little tricks I do on guitar remain in tact.
This would eliminate the bulky monitors (with 1 poorly placed handle, mind you) and stop the feedback problems. To my ears, it is easier to mix out front, and much, much easier to balance all of the instruments without all of the stage volume. The next problem was realizing that the amps onstage easily could overpower the IEMs that were directed right in our ears.

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