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Thinking about tinting my windows, they have a very light tint to them at the moment that was done long before I bought the car.
Hmm 35% doesnt look that bad, thats whats actually legal here looked it up last night but forgot to edit my post. Well this is something to remember if you get a ticket for your tint its only a equipment violation so dont pay the fine take the tint off and show them and they will lift the fine. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. My truck has 20% on it which is fine for me to see and because its a truck(doesnt draw attention), Iam alittle bit concerned about putting 20% on because I believe 30% or so is legal in CT.

I have 35% on the sides and 20% on the back and quarters and I haven't gotten any **** yet. But I did just relieze something, I never drive with the windows up so I dont think I'd even have a problem with the tint.
Could those that have their windows tinted just post pictures of your car and the % tint it is? The ohio law is 50% on front side door windows but I've never been questioned or stopped. I would imagine if i were messin around speeding an stuff they'd throw that on the ticket too though.

This pic only shows reflections in the visible glass.New Az laws do not limit anything but windshield so I may redo the windows with 30-35% VLT all round. Explain the front windshield sec uploaded by adding more lookingMobile window tint cares about this fashonable.

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