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Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer's AS-1 line. Similar to sunglass lenses, some tinting film contain metallic elements that help in reflecting incoming light and reducing the glare and heat generated by visible light. The sticker to identify legal tinting is required between the film & glass on each tinted window. Although the state has set forth these general laws regarding automotive window tint, individual districts within the state may implement their own regulations other than the state law. If you are unsure about what the local law is within your state it is always best to contact the local police department and ask before applying window tint to your vehicle. The rear windows and back window are allowed to be much darker, which adds greater potential for privacy and stylistic modifications to your car, truck, van or SUV. Film laid on the front two windows of your car, truck van or SUV must allow at least 70% of light to pas through the window and ANY tint darkness is allowed on the back window and two rear windows. California prohibits window film from being any more reflective than a normal, untinted window. One recommendation we make to our customers to compensate for the tighter rules and still get the heat protection and high profile look many of them desire is to upgrade to a premium film. It is very important to respect and adhere to these laws in order to ensure the safety of both yourself and fellow motorists. Get StartedAre you in need of window tinting for your vehicle, home, or commercial building? About Cali TintingCali Tinting is the leading window tinting service provider in Southern California.
The darkness of window tint is measured by what is called Visible Light Transmission or VLT. According to Utah Tint Laws your front side windows, combined with aftermarket window tint must allow at least 43% VLT.
If you are using aftermarket window tinting film the State allows for up to a 2% variance which means that your VLT can be as low as 41%. Utah tint law has no restrictions on how dark your window tint can be on any windows behind the driver. Utah tint law does state that window tinting film cannot cover the third break light in back windshield. We're conveniently located to serve Utah window tint customers in Salt Lake City, Holladay, Cottonwood, Murray, Midvale, Sandy, Draper, Bluffdale, Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan, West Jordan, West Valley, and Taylorsville.
More and more people today are really considering the idea of not only using tints on their vehicles but also in their residential and commercial houses and buildings. Different states have got laws accompanying how dark or visible the windows of your vehicles are. Some of the states believe that excessive window tinting such that one is fully unable to view the occupants of the vehicle could lead to insecurity. We also have got a customer care representative that is also conversant with the window tint laws and you could also consult him or her anytime. We are among the best rated companies when it comes to this as some of the upcoming companies are not fully aware of the rules that govern the window tint laws. The window tint laws by state can confuse you sometimes owing to the numerous changes that have been made and are still there. Naturally, auto window tinting makes the light transmittance through the Elite Auto Glass of a car less visible.
Visible Light Transmission – VLT percentage is the most vital characteristic of all window films. Reliable Dealer – You should look for a reputable dealer when you want to shop for window tinting.

Warranty -You should also ask about the kinds of warranty that are available from the dealer. Type of Film Used – The kind of film that the dealer is using is another factor that you need to consider. Accordance to Laws – Finally, you should remember to check the window tint laws in your state.
These laws regulate the darkness of your tint, restrict where it can be put as well as the amount of film that you can use.
In South Carolina, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. Also, the small strip of tint at the top of your windshield, often referred to as an “eyebrow” or “eyebrow strip” is allowed as long as it meets the specs set by the vehicle manufacturer. Naturally, this ensures that the driver has maximum visibility when navigating through traffic. Premium gloss films can block more heat, last longer and have a slightly classier appearance than cheaper basic films without using prohibited metallic materials or super dark coloration. However, as with all rules, there are exceptions to California state law when it comes to window tinting. Of course they must have a reason since more and more people are beginning to embrace this idea or trend at a very high percentage. Other laws regarding window tinting can also apply on the type of vehicle you want to use it on.
We are a company that is aware of all these laws and all one needs to do is contact us concerning the same before they consider one. The best thing about using this option is that you do not need to come to our company physically to get the information and all one needs to do is pick the phone and call.
Some customers have ended up regretting as they found themselves on the wrong side of the law since they were not advised accordingly when they were using window tints on their vehicles.
In Texas, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. Window tint is an easy way to provide safety and security to a vehicle and all its passengers.
Installing window tint is an effective way to cut business expenses Window film can lower inside temperatures up to 15 degrees, which improves working conditions and decreases energy spending. According to the US federal government, it is illegal for people to have all kinds of aftermarket film application.
All states have many laws that resemble a patchwork quilt and they need to add and remove more patches as time passes in order to make them applicable in the future. Since, at night, the driver finds it more difficult to spot hazards that would otherwise be invisible by seeing through the windows that other cars have, this poses potential danger. Visible Light Transmission percentage indicates the amount of visible light that you are allowed to shine into your car and how dark its tint looks. Car owners usually spend a lot of money and time in using their vehicles to make a statement. Sometimes, you will find a cheap job good in the initial stages but it may begin to bubble or change color after a short period. You should get tinting film with the highest quality in order to meet your needs since it is an investment.
Film on the rear side windows or back windshield can be as dark as you want, meaning you are allowed to have the ultra dark “limo tint” film on these windows if you’d like. These exceptions apply specifically to patients with documented medical needs and to special professional vehicles, i.e limousines (hence the term “limo tint”), taxis, and busses as well as law enforcement vehicles.
This means that in Utah VLT is the total amount of light allowed through the factory glass and any Window Tinting film applied to it, and not just the amount of light allowed through Window Tinting film alone.

One should however know and be informed that there are window tint laws that accompany this.
Is it a vehicle that carries passages, is it a taxi, is it a school bus, is it an ambulance or a personal vehicle? These types of tints are readily available in our company and we have done this to reduce the strain when customers have to go round searching for a specific type of tint. Window film shields passengera€™s eyes and skin from the violent sun by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. However, all states have permission to have their own laws regarding this, and fortunately, their attitude towards allowing vehicles to have darker film shades is more permissive. This process can make window tint laws inconsistent sometimes and require personal interpretation for the entire section. Police officers would also want to have the ability of identifying the passengers that a vehicle has. Window tinting is an easy upgrade that has the ability to make your car distinct from the rest. You should find the tint shops with the best reputation by asking around and researching them on the Internet. You should find out about the kind of film that the tint shop uses before getting your windows tinted. If you do not know where the AS-1 line falls on your vehicle’s windshield, just know that Texas State law requires that the strip extend to no more than 4 inches below the top of your windshield. Ask your doctor if you think you are a candidate for a window tinting exemption or contact us for a custom quote for your personal or commercial vehicle today. The best thing about this is that we offer our prices at a very good and fair price affordable to all depending on varying factors.
You will also realize that we work twenty for hours seven days a week to ensure your needs have been met on time.
Some reports suggest that different regions that are in the same state may even have different tint laws. Therefore, car window tint laws are made to ensure the darkness of films is not dangerous to motorists. Moreover, tinting can offer you and your car numerous benefits apart from making it stylish. You will get more quality work from the ones that have been in existence for a longer period.
Getting fully aware regarding the tinting issue in your state should be a thing to do first to avoid getting into the wrong side and even wasting your money. Window film is the single most important upgrade that any homeowner can do to their home to effectively reduce energy cost. Hence, if you want information about the most current regulations, rules and laws about window tinting you should contact the Police Department in your region. The range of the level of darkness begins from 43% VLT Light Smoke through Limousine, Midnight and Smoke. However, you should remember that all states have their own auto window tint laws before heading to the tint shop.
Most people who suffer from medical issues such as being sensitive of ultra violet rays however are considered by the state to be exceptions although they will need a permit.

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