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A common question people have when they wish to get the windows on their car tinted is how dark are they allowed to go? The Department of Public Safety offers medical exemptions to the window tint law for select drivers and passengers. The best way to determine what tint percentage (darkness) is best for you is to know the legal limits of your state and then seek the knowledge of your installer as to what film will work best for the goals you wish to attain.
Most people think of tint as being dark which can reduce visibility, but advances in film technology has made it possible to have an almost clear film that reduces more heat than many of the darker films and improves day and night time visibility. Currently the only film you can use to meet federal laws for the front windshield is Crystalline 90%.
Crystalline 90 does not change the look of the windshield and will not affect visibility in or out. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I've also heard they will impound for front window tint in AZ, CA is usually a fix it ticket. I've heard if you get a doctors note that you need it for some reason you can have a little but I'm not sure on the details with this. If you get the tinted license plate covers as well as the tinted windshield, you'll never get a photo radar ticket! Oh please, we drive by people that have their driver's side windows limo tinted and they aren't getting pulled over.
Personally I bought a car out of state, and the day of my inspection I found out that my tint was too dark.
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Fox Valley Glass provides automotive window tinting, commercial window tinting, and residential window tinting services. Whether its your auto, residence, or business, and you need to lower energy costs, increase safety and security, improve year round comfort or add privacy, Fox Valley Glass provides world-class window tinting services and quotes to meet your needs and budget. Looking to get some auto glass tinting done in your domestic or foreign car?  Then look no further than Fox Valley Glass.  Not only will our technicians help you select a tinting film most suited to your vehicle, they’ll also provide you some basic legal window tinting information.
Now we’re not legal experts and not all jurisdictions are the same, and laws change all the time, but here’s the latest on Illinois window tinting – SB1524 98th General Assembly. If you have an MPV, which includes but is not limited to SUVs, station wagons, minivans, etc. When it comes to commercial window tinting don’t worry, Illinois won’t complicate things too much for you!  At Fox Valley Glass we’ll help you accomplish whatever your commercial window tinting needs are.
Whether your trying to boost your bottom line by reducing energy cost, create a more comfortable aesthetic work environment for your employees, increase client privacy, or any other reason, our Certified Master Technicians will work with you to implement a commercial tinting solutions that meets your every need.
Just like the commercial side, residential window tinting in Illinois is pretty simple too.  Once again, our Fox Valley Glass Certified Master Technicians can implement a residential tinting solution that meets your needs and satisfies your budget.
From saving energy on cooling or heating cost, to UV protection, aesthetic enhancements to your home, or increased personal privacy, Fox Valley Glass technicians will travel to your home and meet with you to design your residential window tinting solution. Call Fox Valley Glass today at 630-377-6277 for a FREE estimate or contact us for more information about our automotive, commercial, and residential window tinting products and services. The simplest answer to this question is that it depends on what state your car is registered in as it directly affects how dark you can make the windows and remain in compliance with the law.
When you apply for the exemption, you’ll need to submit both a note from your physician or optometrist and a $10 processing fee. After all, these are their vehicles and they are entitled to some privacy if they so choose – aren’t they?
Tinting your front windshield can protect your dash, protect you from the sun and reduce your chances for skin cancer and dramatically reduce temperatures in your car. Crystalline 90 is the film we recommend for front windshields and is almost clear and virtually undetectable.
If an officer pulls you over for violating these provisions, you’ll earn a misdemeanor.

Several other exemptions to the window tint law stand in place for commercial and government vehicles. While some states cite that they have banned dark tint because it obstructs the driver’s view, drivers aren’t buying it. In addition it can also reduce glare, improve visibility, reduce eye fatigue and protect you from flying glass should your glass break. The car came with factory privacy glass and I only had to have driver's and passenger's window tinted. At any point on the freeway, you can find a car that has the front windows that are really dark and as dark as the rear windows which is illegal. I know people who have gotten pulled over for limo tint on the front windshield and they got a citation but didn't have their car impounded. In other states, it is claimed that the dark tint obstructs the view of the driver, which makes it impossible for automated traffic cameras to do their jobs. What he did is not going to attract attention unless a cop is looking for it which he or she wouldn't. Finally, it is also claimed that this is dangerous during traffic stops because the officer cannot see the driver and any weapon that may be in hand.
And his tint is so subtle, no cop is going to pull him over for that particularly when they have better things to do and that's assuming they notice it which they wont. And most people who do illegally tint their cars, get their drivers side and passengers side windows deeply tinted which is illegal and far more common.
I'm not saying it's not illegal but all of this business about the OP will now be paranoid and have his car impounded is just b.s.

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