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A common question people have when they wish to get the windows on their car tinted is how dark are they allowed to go? The Department of Public Safety offers medical exemptions to the window tint law for select drivers and passengers.
The best way to determine what tint percentage (darkness) is best for you is to know the legal limits of your state and then seek the knowledge of your installer as to what film will work best for the goals you wish to attain. The simplest answer to this question is that it depends on what state your car is registered in as it directly affects how dark you can make the windows and remain in compliance with the law.
When you apply for the exemption, you’ll need to submit both a note from your physician or optometrist and a $10 processing fee. After all, these are their vehicles and they are entitled to some privacy if they so choose – aren’t they?

The best advice when it comes to keeping within the lawCurrent legislation on the application of window film to vehicles means that both the driver of the vehicle (you) and the installers of the film (us) are under obligation to comply with the law.
If an officer pulls you over for violating these provisions, you’ll earn a misdemeanor. Several other exemptions to the window tint law stand in place for commercial and government vehicles.
While some states cite that they have banned dark tint because it obstructs the driver’s view, drivers aren’t buying it. Tinting Express has a duty to ensure all installations are carried out in accordance with legislation and make no exceptions.This mainly concerns the glass on the front windows that are forward of the B-pillar.
In other states, it is claimed that the dark tint obstructs the view of the driver, which makes it impossible for automated traffic cameras to do their jobs.

The minimum level of visible light transmission allowable by law for the front doors that have been tinted is 70%.As there is only a 10% difference between the manufactured glass light level and the legal limit, fitting tinted window film to front door windows is immediately going to take you past that limit. Finally, it is also claimed that this is dangerous during traffic stops because the officer cannot see the driver and any weapon that may be in hand.

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