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Sam Davis-typical Southern Belle, smart, great job, loving family and friends and beautiful. So here I was up here visiting him and now running through the park listening to my ipod and currently listening to "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who. It did not take long for us to get to the hospital, since it was only a few miles away from the park and Nick was driving like a maniac passing cars left and right, all while speeding. It was at that moment when I looked up into the front seat and saw "her" with her head laying against the window while Nick kept asking if she was okay. She smirked and muttered, "Ugh, yeah right, I think you have caused enough trouble for me already jackass. I followed her over to the check-in desk and leaned up against the counter while rubbing the back of my neck. Oh I was highly wrong, "Sit down Romeo and go see your Dentist" She said as she called the next person up in line to come up to the desk.
She laughed a little and shook Nick's hand "I am Sam, and nice to meet you, but not really so nice to meet your brother" she stated and gave me a frown. We finally arrived home and luckily Riley wasn't home so I didn't have to relive the story again so soon.
Marissa was one of those girls that could do everything, cook, work, baked wonderful cakes, never had to work out but still had an amazing body, had guys drop anything and everything just if she dropped a pen. I put on a fake smile and said "Just when I thought my day was getting better, you show up," I joked but had a tone with it. End Notes:So I was going to post this video up the other day, but I decided to redo it and change how it played out. Great she called me Joseph, she's not happy with me "Um well, its not much, we just kinda bumped into each other yesterday at the park" I explained.
People thought she had the perfect life, but she had secrets, crazy ex  and not living her dreams. Get off me!" I yelled and suddenly began to push whatever was on me off and it slowly rolled over to the left of me.
Oh shit, you are bleeding" he said as he looked closely at my forehead while still holding his hand to his mouth. I think her situation is a little bit worse," the nice guy replied still while holding the bandana on my head.
And plus we all know Nick would be the one making sure the girl was okay and thinking pretty much his brother was an idiot. She started to step out of the car and stumbled a bit, so naturally I reached out my hand and grabbed her waist with my right hand and with my left hand, I grabbed her shoulder to try and steady her. She gave me that death scare again and then took a deep breath and started to walk into the hospital doors by herself.
Okay, she was short but she had amazingly long legs that I couldn’t pry my eyes off of. There was an elderly lady at the desk wearing a shirt that went out of style in the mid 80s I am pretty sure. I didn't say anything, I put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking space and started to head back to our hotel.
Next chap is Sam's POV and what she thought of Joe, please please let me know what you all think. I don't ever want to think about what happened today" I said and then sighed and wonder what would happen if I ever did see them or him again. I found her in Riley's room doing his laundry, yea like I said before she was the perfect girlfriend. He wouldn't be worried about Marissa because he is in love with her and he knows she is madly in love with him, but he still just doesn't trust guys. Get out of the hotel and do something, I didn’t care, just something to get my mind off Sam, Samantha whatever her name was. Please, Please tell me that he is not a part of this group, please tell me that he just accidentally came up the stairs and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I went to the restroom and came back and Garbo again stood up and helped me with my chair.  Could he be any sweeter? You are the Dumbass who ran into me and knocked me to the ground and then continued to lay on me like cement until I had to push you off of me!" and as I said that i remembered what he said about his tooth, and touched my hand to my forehead and when I brought back down there was blood all over it. I followed her legs up to a pair of baby blue running shorts that clung to her backside pretty nicely. As he was walking out, a tall brunette came storming in the doors, almost knocking us down.
She was in love with my brother and my brother was in love with her, I was just waiting for him to pop the question. I even noticed when Joe took off his sunglasses, I caught a quick glance, and he was indeed very good-looking. Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Riley and I are identical twins, so we grew up together around all the same friends, and it just turned out to fall in love with one of my best friends. Marissa mentioned that we were going to have a girls night and go down to the pub for a few drinks and he seemed fine with it.
She had on dark skinny jeans and a silver shimmery tank top that clung to her perfect curves. They shook hands and then Greg told us to come over to the table to meet the rest of his group. As he got to the table I think he realized the same thing and his jaw just basically dropped.
He blotted the cut with the bright blue bandana for a few minutes and then finally said, "This looks like a pretty deep cut, I'm no Doctor but it might need stitches," he said as he sounded concerned.
They had some dirt on them, probably from where I knocked her to the ground, oh I kind of felt bad, wait no I didn't because she was a bitch.
I had to jerk my head away and tried to focus on this pregnant lady doing some heavy breathing with her husband right beside her. I sat down next to her and as I sat down she immediately stood up and moved down to another seat. So I finished telling her how I ended up at the hospital and she of course found it hysterical and said that something like that would of course happen to me. I love having Riley as a brother but with him being the "perfect son" was hard to grow up next to, let alone being his twin sister.
Honestly he was probably too tired to even think from practice, so he said he would go over to Nate's apartment and watch the Lakers game tonight. When I talked to him earlier he said they had a VIP spot, which was weird because I didn’t even think that place had one, but apparently he said it was upstairs that looked over the bands playing. I called Camilla several times just to see if that would help and after talking to her, nothing, still couldn’t stop from picturing her giving me the glare that should have turned me off, but just made me more attracted to her. But Riley always looked up to me, for what I don't know, but I loved him and he and Marissa had been there for me when I literally went through hell and I am not sure how it would have turned out if they were not there for me. Nate was his teammate who I always kind of had a crush on, but Riley changed that real quick after he told me he was a male whore.
But anyways he told us to tell the guy at the door our name and they would take us up there. I took a seat next to Greg and Marissa sat down next to me as we were learning everyone's name. Yes, her glare was super hot.Finally, Garbo stopped by our suite that I was sharing with Nick and Kevin and said that him, Jack, Ryan and JT were going out. She turned around to glance at me and gave me a weird look when I realized I’d been staring at her ass. The lady at the desk took her information and insurance card and made copies and then told us to go sit down and they will call her.
Nick and I started walking to the rented car and I looked at Nick and he was giving me the look. When we got to the door we told the guy and he had someone take us up there, it was pretty dark and I couldn't really see a damn thing, but once we got up the stairs I saw him and he smiled and stood up to come greet us.
Something about meeting a girl this morning and he was going to meet up with her tonight and wanted to see if we wanted to come. I then took off my tank top and rinsed it under the sink and then let it soak, hoping it would get the stains out. We talked for about 10 minutes and then he asked me if I wanted to meet up with him and a few of his friends tonight. I then went back into my room and through on an UGA faded grey t-shirt and then went back into the kitchen area to see what Marissa was cooking up. I figured Nick would probably not want to go considering he was only 16 even though no one would probably see him.
So I told him sure and I was going to meet them at a cute little Irish pub down the street. Those faces meant the same thing Nick was telling me about earlier about how I was giving Sam "the look".
That really surprised me that he actually thought about going, he usually just says no or just shakes his head.
She was a childhood friend that grew up with us and everyone just waited until they got together. After I finished eating, I took a really hot shower to try and relax, but it did no help at all. I put on a pair of my black skinny jeans and threw on a faded pink t-shirt and then put on one of my button up blue plaid shirts leaving it unbuttoned.
It did not take us very long to get there considering it was like 4 miles away from the hotel.
Luckily there was no one outside except like the bouncer guy and a few other people but we always had to be safe. When we got to the door, we told him we were meeting friends, and he knew who we were and had another guy lead us up these stairs in the back. I’ll admit it was nice not having to be carded and just being able to walk into a bar.
But we always had to be careful because is Disney ever found out, well we would have another thing coming.
Jack and his girlfriend Annie were seating at the table in the corner, JT and Ryan were on the other side talking, and Alex and Andrew from Honor Society were also there and they were standing up with Garbo. Of course as soon as we got up there, Brooke said she had to go to the bathroom and did not want to go by herself so Kevin said he would go with her.
I decided that I didn't want to wait for our waitress to come back so I said I would go with them and get a drink down there. So we were down there maybe for like 10 minutes or less, since it wasn't that crowded and we started to head back up the stairs. Garbo was not looking over the rail anymore, it was just Alex and Andrew, so I guess whoever Garbo was meeting was here now. Kevin and Brooke were in front of me walking up the steps and I was right behind them holding my beer. I looked over at the table to see if I could see this mystery cool Garbo told me about earlier and then I had to catch my breath. Literally sitting next to Garbo was the girl from earlier, except she looked way different, I mean she was pretty earlier, but she had her long blonde hair down and parted on the right side.
This could not be Garbo's mystery girl no way, I mean I knew I was never going to see this girl again, and ten BAM here she is.

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