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While the rain has all but stopped, traffic in the city is still suffering post-traumatic driving disorder. So, well into hour numero dos of my bus ride yesterday evening, I decided to test out a new stitch pattern on my other skein of this lovely Blue Sky bulky yarn (do you think I keep ripping and re-knitting because I love the yarn so much and don't want it to end? The pattern I was using to knit the scarf up until then was a basic cast on eight, knit the very first and very last stitch of each row, and in between do a yarnover, knit two together. So, now I am using a modified seed stitch, a pattern Ellen showed me several months ago, and I like it because it's basically a modified Magic Scarf. I am not a fast knitter by any means, so you know traffic is bad when I get home with a scarf that's already knitted through one whole skein of yarn! I'm really happy with it now, I think the color of the yarn looks good with the texture of the stitch. The rain out here is like a personal insult, as if a cruel, naturally-frizz-free God were only out to ruin your shoes, your perfect blow-dry or the wax job on your car. Today's rain is big news -- even though technically it's just overcast with 15 seconds of sprinkles somewhere on the Westside. I started a scarf at the party out of some snuggly soft Blue Sky Bulky yarn (50% alpaca, 50% wool) and I actually got a fair amount knitted, which is not normal for me when I'm at a party since I tend to spend all my time visiting. Tonight I went to the grocery store after work, it was a long day, a long week, everything moving so fast at my job and all around me, almost like I'm stuck in time or molasses trying to catch up with the whole world. The Trader Joe's parking lot was packed, but I got a spot as soon as I pulled in (I have good parking karma to make up for my distinct lack of actual driving karma.
And I bought blackberries, they looked ripe and fresh, and stuff for a quick dinner then one last-minute purchase: cabernet. So when I got in line, I knew it was him behind me even before he asked me, "Have you tried that wine before?
I love knitting in the round because you can get perfect, pretty stockinette stitches with just the knit stitch. To knit in the round, you need to have a set of double-pointed needles OR use circular knitting needles. With circular needles you will see two measurements on the package, one is needle size (for example, a size 10 knitting needle) and the other measurement is inches, telling you the length of the cord that connects your needles.
You want to start with circular needles, and you'll change to double points once the hat starts narrowing towards the finish line. Cord length is confusing and tricky sometimes, because you may have to switch to longer needles or shorter ones depending on projects you may be knitting, but there's lots of great information on the web about stuff like magic loops and probably gnomes, too. If you use a circular needle whose cord is too long for your project, it can stretch the yarn in wonky ways. The needle with the very last cast-on stitch (and the yarn tail leading to your ball of yarn) goes in your RIGHT hand.
I hope lots of ya'll post answers to this one, because I got some good advice in the past on this -- my joins always look sloppy -- but then my email crashed and everything has been erased prior to like December 21, and so, really. I'm about to tell ya'll something that will have me crucified in knitland, but I actually prefer my cheapy bamboo clover circs (see how we go with the knitting lingo?
So, hopefully that's just enough to get you over the scary "circular knitting sounds complicated" hump. This Living Out Loud Thing was a new concept for me, a girl full of secrets, ashamed of being poor as a kid, with a checkered background, too much imagination. I'm walking a fine line these days, Living Out Loud is so much easier and harder than I expected. Advice: Men, if you leave your wives, tell them it was for another woman, a man, a career, a dream. But lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in my fashion magazines, where it appears as if the blue eyeshadow, flat hair and sad fashion of the 1980s is coming back.
So Oprah challenged people to go on a Debt Diet (here's a link to the Debt Diet on her website), and I was really excited about this show from seeing the promos, and I Tivod the episode and watched it while walking to nowhere on my treadmill (a treadmill which I admit I bought with a charge card.
Money is a particularly loaded subject for women because we have been socialized to believe that we need a man, someone to provide for us and take care of us, a general subconscious notion that we are secondary.
When I was in college, I got two credit cards (DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER) and in my teeny, sorority-infused brain, plastic was just like a present. But overall, I am making serious progress on my finances and I'm telling you this because just a year and a half ago, I had NO IDEA where my money was going. He fully and with renewed strength gives me all kinds of terror when I try to medicate him twice a day.
The Great Door Closing Of 2006 was also endured with much suffering by Frankie, who whined outside the door forEVER. So of course I am procrastinating by writing down complaints about said to-do list and making nostalgic playlists for my ipod.
The first actual record I bought was also a 45 single, "I Love Rock & Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Since I have no musical ability and have never even picked up an instrument (well, one time I picked up a guitar and handed it to its owner), I just don't exhibit signs of musical snobbery. I promise this is not turning into some weird email-driven website, but I'm still in the happy-happy phase of having my email back and so on.
I used Noro Big Kureyon for that nine-foot long monstrosity (that I foisted upon Drew when he was here visiting, hi Drew!). I like the Deal Detector, which can email you when prices are in the range you want -- you can also get this info displayed on the homepage when you log in. I'm not a huge fan of Travelocity (even though they have a traveling gnome) because the prices in your search don't reflect the REAL price (with taxes and fees) and also, I have never been able to successfully book their lowest advertised fare to anywhere. Question: OK, shopping at the Persian market is fun, but grocery stores are where guys practice some of their best pickup lines.
The Q Market, unbeknownst to me, turns into a disco or something at night, with really loud music. Answer: I'm not sure I am qualified to give advice when I don't actually write any of this -- Sobakowa The Cat is the mastermind here.
Sure, a part of you suspects that everyone on the face of the earth except you is having steamy sex involving complicated lingerie and jazz music, but that's a small price to pay for aisles and aisles of pink velvet hearts with little pieces of Godiva inside.
And the possibility exists that in the next 364 days you might also find yourself shopping for unmentionables and stocking up on John Coltraine CDs.
Of course, I can't tell ya'll about that here because my parents read this here website and would be horrified, and also maybe shaking their heads because as much as they do not want to picture me in a complicated get-up in a compromising position with my college boyfriend, they can absolutely see in their mind's eye their incredibly classy daughter being cut out of something from Frederick's and making a big Blanche Dubois moment of the whole thing. This weekend I hosted a little get-together for the girls who are going to Paris so we could eat French cheese and drink French wine and watch some French movies. Jennifer and Gloria and Amber came over, and we commenced with the merrymaking, bonjour beaujoulais!
Some crazy pink-cheeked lady under intense flash with (from L-R): Amber, Gloria and Jennifer. But there is nothing better in all this world than the company of your closest girlfriends, and hopefully they will forgive me for the talking, and also the drunk photography that I somehow always mange to force people into when we look our worst. We're discussing our mojo, as much as one can discuss mojo surrounded by strangers on a city street at nightfall, and our individual attempts to connect with it. Every night spent alone, and it's nothing to complain about, at the time being alone was a full-time job (why didn't you leave sooner I don't even know you, who are you?
During the hot months, last spring and summer, nights alone reduced to silence or sometimes crying or do nothing, tucked into a patio chair all night long, nothing visible in the dark but the lit end of a smoke, one glass of wine in my hand, but before long it's 1 a.m. Nothing shakes you to the core, makes you feel more bereft of self-esteem than having the one who said "I do" leave you. It would have been easy enough to take another road (he did) and buy new clothes, smile brightly, go out with new people. Confidence has always been tied to my successes, so a failure of such magnitude surely must mean I am worthless? Eventually you sift through it and find a place to rest, it's not the place you may have envisioned for yourself when you were nineteen, or twenty-three, but it's all yours, and that's something. Beyond hello, I'm still not ready, still locked mostly inside, but I know my mojo is there inside me, too. It is a diverse group, with volunteer adults who are either helping the kids learn or helping them feel better by struggling to learn with them. I wanted to post this in case any of ya'll have extras in your needle collection, especially size 11 and up. After three (or was it sixteen?) hours of the Grammy Awards last night, all I have to say is: why OH WHY was LL Cool J so covered up? Mariah didn't win on camera, I know she may not have a lot of time for reading knitting and cat and divorce blogs, but Mariah girl I was pulling for you. All afternoon I could see the limos lining up outside the Downtown standard, and traffic was CRAZY with the awards just down the block. Now we do the non-segue-way in which I announce to you, the world, that I am finally unstuck from my techmology morass and amen, dig in, because I have feel I have finally re-entered the human race. See, when you get hitched to a guy who is a lot older than you are, and he has old-man habits (which are endearing when you're in love and stifling when you're not), you may find that you begin to stagnate. My little breakthrough started with my summer intern, who was literally NINETEEN YEARS OLD.
Yesterday morning I walked into work and announced, "I must have a pink razr phone or I will die. In honor of finally being able to open my email, and also that I am going to tell you right now I am fully incapable of wading through 1500 pieces of email, some of it apparently from a guy who really wants me to enlarge a part of the body I do not even have, I decided to do some reader mail Q & A.
Anyhoo, I have a pattern from a book that is easy to make but it requires making two separate pieces and then seaming them together.
My name is Amanda and I have just started browsing through your blog in the past few weeks.

REVISED TO ADD: Shannon from TechyGeekGirl Knits has used the Knifty Knitter and has pictures of her finished pieces on her website! Reader Laura, who is temporarily webpage-less but is an amazing crocheter, made a kitty pi using crochet instead of knitting. Speaking of Stitching and Bitching, Readers Nikola and Sonia wanted to know where to find the WeHo S'nB.
I was wondering if you could post about this on your blog and it would help get the word out about the boycott. The funniest thing about this is that 99% of the knitters I've chatted with about this had never heard about the Sew Fast Sew Easy company before they send infringement notices to the yahoo groups.
1) I have been listening to "The Emancipation of Mimi" obsessively for like two weeks straight.
That stitch worked great on a recent scarf I made, but I think I just had a different idea for how I wanted this scarf to look, less poufy and more nubby (um, those are technical terms. So you have two rows of magic-scarf-ish looking stockinette chunks, or at this point it could even become a ribbed scarf.
If you commute, then you believe the rain is a personal affront to your livelihood and you're so pissed off about it that you drive even worse than usual. Carma?) I had the windows down on the Jeep even though it wasn't hot, because I just do that sometimes.
With all the emotional binge-purge going on around this here website, knitting in the round seems like a perfect topic to cap off a week of budgeting, reviling 80s fashion, daydreaming about music, bad poetry, technology gone wrong, then right, and generally surprising myself with what appears to be some repressed anger at a certain ex-husband. Circulars are the needles that look like midget knitting needles attached to each other by an umbilical cord of plastic, or sometimes the cord is metal.
But since I'm a simple girl, with barely the basics for Remedial Knitting 101, I'm sticking with my circular needle for most of the hat and switching to duoble pointed needles (called dpns) when the hat gets smaller.
You cast on using one of the midgety ends of your circular (ya'll, I am so getting hate mail for using the word "midget" like eleventeen times, whoops!) and just try to be careful when casting on that you do it loosely. Look down at all your stitches, make sure they are all nice and even with the knot part hanging down (this is what they mean when they say "make sure your stitches are not twisted). If you hold it the other way, with the needles away from you and the cord near your boobage, you'll be knitting inside out. Plus, I am a very tight knitter, with my stitches way down on the tips of my needles, and with the Addis the stitches just seem to jump right off every time we hit a pot hole on the freeway. Trim a few years off your age, add a few dollar signs to your income, say you're not married. But it's worth it, because if you stop lying ("He left." Do you know how hard it is to say those words?
But if you could see to it, in your divine wisdom, that the fashion of the 1980s is not resurrected, you would be saving humankind from acid wash jeans and muscle shirts!
According to the experts on her program, 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (meaning you have no more than two weeks of money saved up at any given time).
Taking charge of your financial destiny does not appear as a liner note in Cinderella or Snow White.
X did some rather shady moving around of money before he announced he was leaving, and he put a significant amount of debt in my name before he bothered to inform me of the impending doom. According to the experts on this episode of the Oprah show, the first step is to find out what you owe.
I let my husband do all the money managing (and you see how well that worked out.) I was oblivious to my cell phone plan, my cable bill, how high the interest rates were on my credit cards. Because, ya'll, this cat will probably cost me a million dollars to keep alive and I have permanent scars from the scratching, but by God he is one-quarter of my divorce settlement and HE WILL LIVE FOREVER. About half an hour ago, I pulled out a CD by the quintessential college band, Poi Dog Pondering.
But for the other normal-sized scarf, in black regular Kureyon, it took me two skeins and it's perfect.
My guess is that if you have the same problem in flat stockinette knitting, there is something amiss with your purls. And I agree, more bloggers should post pictures of animals in handknits on a regular basis! The site used to be more robust (I hated their last redesign) but they have great prices -- and you see the REAL price, including taxes and fees.
Best thing about Orbitz-- you can choose different departing and returning flights easier on this site than on others. You get all through the process and suddenly "fares are not available." But I love their Dream Maps feature (which is buried deep in the site, a shame) because it's a visual representation of what's on sale. Or, I also used my Susan Bates gauge measurer thingymajig recently, and it worked great for wrapping the yarn. I only know this because I got off work late a few nights ago and planned to make a quickie detour to the Persian market for hummus and salad. Yes, I suspect other people are out getting lucky while I myself will be making sweet love to my Tivo.
The last time I had even a drop of alcohol was on Shannon's birthday, so needless to say cheeks were pink here at chez wino in no time flat. I'm waiting for the evening bus, and everyone is in their own world, talking on their individual cell phones, the collective sigh at the end of a week. Ex announced over spaghetti that he was moving out, pass the parmesean cheese, I have buried and mourned my mojo, tipped a forty out for my homie.
You can brush your hair and slide on a pair of high heels and sit on a barstool at Cozy's while your friends play pool and you accept free drinks from strangers.
The things I blocked out are seeping in through the cracks of my finely constructed life raft.
It starts small, it's infinitesimal really, little things like your husband is too tired after dinner for a movie, and you stay in.
Because although part of you wants to listen to nothing but 80s music and Classic Country, you find yourself Not Yet Ready for the Sansabelt slacks and the 8 p.m.
I have already figured out how to take pictures, and enter phone book stuff, and I am now about to climb the ringtone mountain. In here you will find one knitted roadkill, two adorable cats, a dog, a lawsuit, several interesting knitting dilemmas and much overusage of commas. My Yorkie is my current model (see photo.) Once happy with the prototype, I can do them up in fun and fab yarns and donate to the Tucson Humane Society fundraiser. I plan to show ya'll some snails crawling across a plate if I can figure out the video settings on my camera. I really have technological issues, ya'll, also I am such a hermit and I really do have a hard time with correspondence.
No, I have no idea how she did it, but maybe if she is reading today she will post the pattern in the comments.
I used to work at the Daily News a hunnerd years ago, and I emailed Dennis to tell him that he has some new knitter fans now. I don't know how much you know about it, but Sew Fast, Sew Easy, a sewing company in New York, is trying to use legal bullying tactics to shut down Stitch & Bitch Groups. I was not carrying my normal knitting bag full of normal knitting gear, and I had only my yarn and my one pair of needles. I tell ya'll these things, so that you understand Los Angeles isn't all sunshine and movie stars.
When I first learned to knit, it was simply because I needed an activity to keep me busy and focused on not becoming batshit crazy or drunk dialing you-know-who.
People from out here have all these ideas about where I'm from, and besides I've lived here longer than any other one place. The measurement tells you how long the whole circular needle contraption is from tip-to-tip. I think it's good practice for using dpns, and I kind of like them, they make me feel like I'm doing Extreme Knitting. When a man leaves his wife with no explanation, some bullshit, 'I need to get my creativity back,' it strips you of your value. We can explain away a reason, a woman, "Oh, he must like dark-haired women, flat chested, he's gay, God only knows. Together we can ensure a world safe for children, with no fear of gaucho pants or jumpsuits.
Though, seriously, if Cinderella had gone out and gotten a J-O-B instead of sweeping up after the evil stepsisters and talking to the woodland birds, she could have been living in her own apartment and had a credit card or two of her own. After the ink was dry and things were final, I could have complained or cried or ignored my massive debt.
Let's start with Roy because he is the most obvious and also most full of hatred of all the cats. How an 11-year-old (or maybe older, we do not know) cat managed to shimmy ALL THE WAY up the window screen to the very ceiling of my house is a mystery. Which pissed off Sobakowa and she gave one of them the beat down to end all beat downs and then someone knocked over a lamp.
But I accomplished somewhere between .0002% and .0005% of my to-do list yesterday, and I have a software fix-it guy arriving in half an hour and yet the list!
I think I was about 7 years old, and he gave me the single "Take This Job and Shove It," by Johnny Paycheck. I'm doing K2 P2 ribbing, and while the stitches on what will be the outside of the sock look lovely, the knit stitches on the INSIDE of the sock are twisted. I remember staring at the huge mushroom-head hat I made a while back and thinking, "Maybe I could sew it up?" but finally I just ripped it out and started again. Project "BUNDLE UP NEW ORLEANS" is collecting knit and crochet items for hurricane survivors here in New Orleans, and I was hoping that you could plug it on your blog.

By the way, I had a dream the other night about crawfish etoufee and have not been able to get it out of my mind since! I stood in the parking lot for a few minutes trying to envision a grocery store dance club.
But I have somehow convinced myself that any holiday which chooses pink as it's primary color and chocolate as its official food is OK in my book. You know, the party ends, people leave (or you leave, if it was hosted elsewhere) and you smack your forehead for all the dumb things you said. You can blame the other person, or the situation, but deep inside you're shaken and you break, or you wonder why you haven't broken, disintigrated, given up and gotten behind the wheel and driven all night to nowhere. For me: nights without sleeping, months of never closing my eyes sinking into a bed feeling safe or warm or even tethered to this world, chain-smoking, writing it all down.
My future is an unwritten book: the way it feels to have someone whisper in your ear, or the night you stand at the sink in your sock feet and you're washing a dish when he hugs you from behind so unexpected, or the warm perfectly content feeling you get when he takes your hand in his and holds it, or the very first time you kiss (always the best). I'm on the treadmill, watching Gilmore Girls when I see a commercial for a HOT PINK CELLPHONE.
Especially if ya'll will take pity on me and tell me how to add ringtones to this phone (I bought this cord that can hook your phone to your computer but I have no idea.
I have no idea how to solve your knitting problem, but I know someone on these innernets will know. Normal humans would not foist this upon their friends, but by now you have given up any notion of my normalcy.
Also, may I mention that I do love a surprise hello email, and am so pleased that I was the first person who crossed your mind when you saw that link.
He has not responded, presumably because being stalked by a newly-divorced woman with four cats is not high on his list?
They claim they own the trademark for the term 'Stitch & Bitch' (which they don't, they are one applicant for the trademark for the term, Debbie Stoller is the applicant also for the TM on Stitch & Bitch), they also claim that they invented the term Stitch & Bitch in 1997.
Also, apologize that I call it "the techmology." But I love the email and especially the cute pet pictures!!
If I ever decide to assimilate to the Los Angeles Borg and write a screenplay, my script will be a horror movie based in L.A.
Amazing food ever, all bite-sized finger foods right out of a 1950s Perfect Hostess book, and we drank wine and knitted and talked and it was a perfect evening. And it puts me just a little on the defensive, because this is why I tried real hard to lose my accent to begin with.
And I love it because I can do it while hanging out with my friend Tivo without messing up (much). These are my own questions.) I really wondered when I first started knitting in the round, does the stitch marker get knitted in?
You just cast on your stitches like normal, then when you are all done casting on, you hold the needle with the very first stitch you cast on in your LEFT hand. But the thing is, if your stitches are wrapping around the plastic tube all twisty, your knitted item will be twisty and you will have to rip. I tell them, no uncertainty, about the day when I was 13 and alone with angst, painting in my bedroom.
To be flawed?) you can sigh, you can shrug, you can know that one true thing is good enough, that you're honest and it's enough. I'm not perfect, I do still occassionally buy a large piece of exercise equipment on credit, but overall I'm the one running this show instead of any man, whether it's Mr. So, anyway, he has really discovered how strong he is and likes to show me as we spray pink medicine across the bathroom floor twice a day. I may try that from now on.) I suck at basically all forms of correspondence, as I am a hermit in every sense of the word, however I am working on it and some time by the year 2017 I will be the penpal you can never get rid of. IE: as you look down the column of knitted stitches, the legs of each one twist to make the column of stitches look braided.
That was when a man who may or may not have been in the Persian Mafia asked me if I like to dance.
You wake up the next morning vowing once and for all (again) to shut the hell up next time and refrain from A) talking about the bird flu and B) Telling everyone how in love you are with Dr.
Personally, I have a limited amount of time in this world, and yes I could be catching up on my Henry James or learning a piano concerto or doing long division in my head, but ya'll I have my priorities. Or maybe it's just age, but eventually you stop listening to current music and one day you wake up and you realize your entire musical knowledge base halted at Raspberry Beret. They are doing their best to get people not affiliated with Sew Fast Sew Easy to not be able to use the term.
The earth is warming, people are getting poorer, we're at war, and some company is out making people who want to knit and crochet flee from the law? Except, now that I'm trying to be very honest about who I am (and who I am not) it's pointless to hide it and also, why am I feeling on the defensive? It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had dropped the card in the parking lot, because I was so unhinged, maybe?
If you're starting a "knit in the round" project for the first time, start with the circulars! Finally, stick the right-hand needle tip into that stitch on your left hand needle and knit on. Hope you like yarn!) Knitting in the round is really not that complicated, because I can do it with a cat on my lap and while simultaneously drooling over Sayeed, or Jack, or Sawyer or whoever is available at the time. Calling in to a radio station, it's a story that involves teenage awkwardness and joy division. If we let the 80s come back now, it will set a terrible precedent for fashion revival -- we'll have to re-live the 90s grunge period in just three years. But I have to tell ya'll, maybe my proudest moment of all this divorce stuff was making a decision to take hold of my money and do it right. I was one of the 70% of Americans who were a paycheck away from me and the cats and all my shoes living in a brokedown Jeep. I'm putting a link to The Budget spreadsheet in the sidebar, not because it's the best tool online for managing your money, and, uh, not because it's a knitting pattern, but because it's simple and it's pink and you have a line item for yarn.
The grunge time was not my favorite phase, since I have an overwhelming love of hair care products and a biological need to MasterCard, and often. Then I slid the yarn off the package and tied a loose piece of yarn around the middle of the pile. No one tells you the day you slide a ring on your finger that you need to hang on to you, keep a little piece just for yourself.
She added some flower details on the side, and frankly the kitty pi filling is as cute as can be, thanks, Laura, for these pics!
Plus, the cats aren't sitting around ready to pounce on the ends of circular needles like they do with straight needles. It could send shockwaves of disgust reverberating throughout the world of popular fashion for seasons to come. I know I can do a lot better in the "cut your spending" department (Whole Foods, I love you.
I can't tell you how happy and grown-up and satisfied I felt when I watched that Oprah show and realized I was doing the very things the experts on TV recommended.
Midnight Starr (no parking on the dance floor, yo) but I soon redeemed myself for all the glitter eyeshadow by going on a U2 binge. But damn you are expensive.) and this trip to Paris is not exactly a prudent budgetary move. I know exactly what I make and what I owe, I know where every dime goes, I bring my lunch to work, I cut my spending, yes I bought a treadmill on a credit card, but I paid for it within a month.
And also apparently mad at one lone sequined flip-flip which is now naked of all but six sequins.
Anyway, I'm amazed how music is able to draw you right back to the past, to where you were when you used to listen to that same song, again and again. I was convinced that if I could just meet Bono he'd fall in love with me and we could sing profound songs about racial inequity together. It has to be something to do with the way I'm making my purl stitches when I do the P2 part of my K2P2 ribbing, right? But I liked the loopy look of it so much, I didn't trim the ends and it became one of my favorite pom-poms ever! Her fancy panties up and attacked her while she was being sexy!" and of course it wasn't sexy at all by that point, but we managed somehow to laugh ourselves silly then accidentally set something on fire when we knocked over a candle while cutting off $60 of very, very complicated lingerie. So why are you suddenly feeling like the world fast-forwarded and left you one betamax tape behind? You park in the open lots outside the Farmer's Market, walk in and you'll see all the food vendors and little open-air shops.
I still have big debts, but I'm whittling them down each paycheck with a plan I can live with. I write in curse words and talk about my love affair with wine, which some of ya'll think is addiction, but I know it's sadness and boredom because to live out loud is to say "I self-medicate, I eat, I drink wine.
Then look for the stairs (by the Argentine meat place) that lead up to the second-floor seating area.
And after a while, it's sort of comforting, and also really fucking pathetic, when you are on a first name basis with Enrique from Discover. My social consciousness went right out the window, and in came lip gloss and the tightest pair of Calvin Kleins in the neighborhood.

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