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One should always understand that we are all different so that it is impossible to suggest a single form of treatment that will work in every case and for every person. He jerked awake and sat up quickly, scrambling around looking for his phone in the mess of blankets on his bed. However, there is a very simple technique that has often shown to be effective in many cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears.) Any person who is afflicted by this very unpleasant condition would do well to at least give this simple technique a try. Depending on the severity of the condition, one could repeat the technique several times a day. I have had ringing in my ears, tinnitus for about a month now and nothing worked for me until now. He finally found it towards the foot of the bed and swiped his thumb to answer it.He didn’t bother to check caller ID, but there were only three people it could possibly be anyways.
The middle fingers point towards each other and are on the base of the skull just above the point where the skull ends. A quick glance at the clock on his bedside table proved that there was no way Michael was up that early, so it was either Calum or Ashton."Hullo?" Luke said in a gravelly voice. Now lift the index fingers and place them on top of the middle fingers and then snap the index fingers off the middle fingers so that they beat the skull like a drum.
In fact, with your hands covering your ears, the sound may be quite loud and may indeed sound like the beating of a drum. Ashton let out a mock gasp, “But it’s my birthday!”Luke swung his legs over the side of the bed and switched the phone to his other ear, “Your birthday was yesterday, so that doesn’t work anymore.”“It’s my pretend birthday, remember?" Ashton countered back, "Besides, my mom and Harry and Lauren just left. So you can come over now and we can start this fantastic weekend of fun-filled activities.”Luke looked at the clock again, “Ashton it’s only 9:30!
Luke heard his stomach growl as he stood up and stretched out his limbs, holding the phone out in front of him as he did so and letting out an obnoxious yawn. Ashton let a loud laugh on the other end and Luke couldn’t help but smile, proud of the fact that he caused that gorgeous sound. Luke continued, “Do you want to come over for breakfast or did you already eat?”“Is Liz cooking or are you?” Ashton asked warily.
Luke walked over to his dresser and held the phone between his ear and his shoulder while he opened up a drawer to pull out a t-shirt.“Oh thank God…” Ashton muttered, just loud enough for Luke to hear. He didn’t bother pulling on pants and walked down to the kitchen in his boxers and tank top.Ashton and Luke’s relationship had come a long way in the past couple of months. Luke’s brother Jack had caught them making out against Ashton’s car one day after school and when the initial shock of Luke being gay and anger that Luke had been sneaking around with one of Jack’s friends had worn off, he had actually been really supportive.He did sit Ashton down and have a talk with him, tell him that they had Jack’s blessing but if he ever hurt Luke in any way that Jack wouldn’t hesitate to go after him. Luke sat pushing his eggs around on his plate while his mum and his boyfriend talked.He couldn’t settle the upset feeling in his stomach. Anxiety was eating away at him; he hated lying to his mom, but Luke knew she wouldn’t allow him to stay the weekend at Ashton’s without any parental supervision, even if he was technically an adult.
She was cool, but not that cool.As far as Liz knew, they were spending the weekend at Michael’s because Ashton didn’t want to be alone on his birthday weekend. He had something special planned for Ashton for his birthday and he was nervous to see how it would pan out.By the time they were in the car, Luke was fidgeting with anticipation. It had been about two months since he promised Ashton after one of their famous late night rendezvous that he would wear the pair of lace panties they saw at the mall once for him. Luke wasn’t even sure if Ashton even remembered the promise, because he hadn’t brought it up since.But Luke had remembered (hadn’t stopped thinking about it actually) and he wanted to do something special for Ashton’s birthday. He had the panties packed away in his backpack, underneath his extra pair of socks and his shorts. He could already feel the soft lacey fabric tickling his skin and the thought alone made him squirm in his seat.Ashton noticed Luke’s movement out of the corner of his eye and reached over to squeeze his hand.
His leg was jiggling up on down and he didn’t even seem to notice and his eyes kept glancing out the window as if he was looking for something. Ashton cleared his throat to get Luke’s attention and when Luke’s gaze snapped back to his boyfriend’s, he gave him a tight smile.Luke knew he was acting like a dick, but he couldn’t help it. The good thing about Ashton was that not only was a great boyfriend, but also a great best friend. So instead the pair stayed inside and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a few hours straight and ordered pizza before taking a nap together.When Luke woke up, he was curled up in a ball on the couch with a sleeping Ashton pressed up against his back, clinging to his waist. Had they really slept that long?Luke let out a sigh and leaned over to feel around for his phone on the floor.
Ashton was still fast asleep, so Luke wriggled himself out of Ashton’s hold and stood up to stretch out his limbs.Luke looked around the room and picked up an empty pizza box.
He carried it into the kitchen and put it in the trash before leaning his back against the counter. Luke had pushed it to the back of his mind during the day with the help of pizza and sleep and the Kardashians, but now that he was the only one up in the house he couldn’t help but think about what he had planned earlier.Luke chewed his lip as he debated carrying it out or not. He knew if he didn't get ready then he never would, so he walked into Ashton's room to retrieve his bag.He undressed himself down to his boxers, and dug through his bag to pull out the pair of underwear.
He tucked his fingers into his waistband and pulled down his boxers, letting them drop to the floor. He was embarrassed to admit it but he only took them off because he almost came at the sight of himself in them and thinking about what Ashton would do if he saw Luke in them.Before Luke could change his mind he sat on the edge of Ashton's bed and pulled the hot pink panties over his legs, admiring the contrast against his pale skin. Luke lifted his hips to pull the underwear over his already fattening cock and stood up to reach back behind him and adjust the thong.Luke took a shaky breath before he walked in front of Ashton’s mirror to look at himself. He inhaled sharply at his reflection; the delicate fabric of the panties made his hips look even slimmer (if that was possible) and his legs and arms looked miles long. Luke traced his fingers over his sharp hip bones and along the waistband.Luke began thinking about how Ashton would see him.
God, he hoped so.Luke thought he looked pretty, but he wasn’t sure if Ashton would be as into it as he thought. He turned a bit to see how his ass looked in the underwear and was pleased to see it looked a little bigger than usual, the thong leaving nothing to hide. He wondered if he should cover up bit or if Ashton would want him already almost bare like this.He wondered if Ashton would be rough, push him against the wall and make Luke ride his cock, or if he would be slow and gentle and rock into Luke slowly, taking his time.
Both options made Luke’s cock so hard he had to readjust himself, tucking himself back in to the left.The head of his cock was peeking out over the lace waistband, red and leaking a bit at the tip.
Blush was creeping down his neck and over his shoulders and chest.Luke was starting to sweat and was about to go to the bathroom to clean up a little bit when he heard Ashton’s voice call out for him across the house. It was like his brain just shut off.Before Luke was ready, he heard Ashton’s footsteps coming down the hall. Ashton’s eyes then trailed down Luke’s body, taking in his long lanky body standing in the middle of Ashton’s room. When Ashton noticed the hot pink lace panties covering Luke’s obviously hard cock, his breath caught in his throat.Ashton began to walk towards Luke, and Luke wanted the earth to swallow him up whole. Luke bit his lip but didn’t look up or answer Ashton.Ashton reached out and grabbed Luke's hand.

He stroked his thumb over the younger boy's hand."Did you do this for me?" Ashton said quietly, subtly looking down at Luke's crotch and wetting his bottom lip with his tongue. It made his skin crawl in the best way possible that Ashton was reacting this way to Luke.Ashton let go of Luke’s hand and grasped his hips instead, his large hands wrapping around Luke’s slim hips and digging his long fingers into the soft skin.
Ashton dragged his lips across Luke’s shoulder before reaching a hand up to grip Luke’s hair.
He pulled away from Luke completely, dropping his hands and taking a step back.Luke immediately began stammering out apologies, thinking he already fucked this whole thing up. He scooted himself to the middle of the bed and propped himself up on his elbows so he could maintain his eye contact with Ashton.Ashton didn’t move from his spot and he didn’t take his eyes off of Luke, raking his eyes over his boyfriend’s body and memorizing every detail of he looked like that. He reached his hand out and trailed his fingers along Luke’s thigh, eliciting a shiver from him. Luke laid himself down flat underneath him, running his hands up and down his boyfriend’s back and feeling the muscles beneath his shirt.Luke picked at the hem of Ashton’s shirt and raised it a bit, exposing Ashton’s back and trying to send a hint. Ashton broke away and reached a hand behind his head to pull his shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. Luke reached up and wrapped his arms around Ashton’s neck to bring him back in for another kiss, biting at his lower lip in attempt to tease him.
Ashton smiled into the kiss and Luke couldn’t help but feel butterflies.Ashton pulled away from Luke and smiled, kissing him on the corner of his mouth. Ashton ignored him and continued to leave light kisses on the soft skin of Luke’s arm, trailing all the way down to his wrist.
Luke’s eyes flew open and he gasped out loud when he felt Ashton’s tongue swirl around one of his nipples, making the bud harden. Ashton repeated the action as he reached over to roll Luke’s other nipple between his fingers. This was all for him, he should be the one doing the work.Ashton pressed a heavy hand against Luke’s chest, pushing him back against the bed. Ashton kissed Luke’s belly button and nosed his hair along Luke’s blonde, barely-there happy trail before looking back up at him and saying, “I want to show you how much I love you, okay?” he said huskily.He trailed his finger underneath the lace waistband of Luke’s panties, deliberately ignoring Luke’s cock, which was leaking so much by now there was a wet spot on his skin and on the fabric. When Ashton nipped lightly at Luke's inner thigh, Luke squirmed in Ashton's grip again, thrashing his head to the side. Ashton hummed before continuing, kissing the crook of Luke's knee and continuing down his calves.Ashton ran his hands down Luke's thighs and gave them a light squeeze before he pressed them even farther apart to keep them in place. Ashton continued to caress Luke's legs with his lips, moving from one leg to the other and continuing back up towards his crotch. Ashton began to nip at Luke's thigh again, sucking a mark into the pale skin."This color looks so good on you Lukey," Ashton said in a husky voice, his fingers tracing alone the elastic of the hot pink fabric again. Ashton's slow and sensual teasing had gotten him so worked up that he was afraid he would come untouched.Thankfully, Ashton hooked his fingers into the waistband of Luke's panties and pulled them down over Luke's cock slowly, the fabric tickling his skin. Luke placed his hands on Ashton's shoulders in an attempt to push him towards his cock, but Ashton didn't budge.Instead he moved his hands to brace himself and leaned up towards Luke's face, holding himself inches away from Luke's lips. Luke could feel Ashton's warmth breath wash over his face as he spoke, "Say it." Luke didn't catch on at first, too lost in his own feelings of pleasure. Luke moaned loudly and bucked his hips wildly in the air, the fabric of his underwair straining at his movements where they rested mid-thigh.Ashton settled in between Luke's long legs, gripped his hips tightly and rubbed circles with his thumbs. It wasn’t long until Luke was coming down Ashton’s throat, thrashing his head against the pillows and biting his lip to try and hold back his whimpers.When Ashton sat back on his knees, he had come dripping down his chin and a stern look on his face. He stumbled over his words, sputtering out “sorry”s and trying to explain that he couldn’t help it. Ashton just pulled Luke's panties back up over his hips, stood up off of the bed, and walked to the bathroom without a word.Luke was anxious: should he follow him? Ashton walked back into the bedroom, pulling his basketball shorts down and with a bottle of lube in hand.
Oh thank God, Luke thought, he’s still gunna fuck me.Ashton climbed onto the bed again, resting back on his heels and placing the lube next to him.
Ashton leaned back again and Luke could see that he was feeling frustrated from not coming yet.
Ashton reached blindly behind him looking for the lube, finally grabbing it and popping the cap open, never breaking the kiss.
Ashton grabbed the lube and spread it over himself, giving himself a few strokes before leaning over Luke and lining up at his hole. Normally they spent more time prepping, but Ashton was starting to slowly rock his hips into Luke and Luke couldn’t find it in him to care about the pain, only about this gorgeous boy above him.Ashton began to grind his hips into Luke, going deep, making him feel every inch of him.
Luke was whimpering now, his cock fully hard and the fabric of the panties rubbing against him every time Ashton rocked his hips into his.He looked up at Ashton and saw his eyes were scrunched shut and his mouth was open, letting out little pants. Luke knew Ashton was close, so he reached his hands up and knotted his fingers into Ashton’s curls and let out an overly exaggerated whine, “Daddy!” Luke said, dragging out the word.Ashton’s eyes flew open and he looked down at Luke. On one particularly deep thrust, he hit Luke’s spot and Luke practically screamed, partially out of surprise and partially out of pleasure.Ashton leaned down and bit Luke’s lower lip, pulling it down before releasing it. Ashton was always in charge, but he was usually sweet and playful; however, Luke couldn’t help but be turned on by this other side of him. He could feel his face turning red and he wanted to come so badly it was painful.“Please,” Luke said under his breath and he wasn’t sure Ashton heard him, until he felt his hand reach into his panties and tug at his cock. Luke shut his eyes and whimpered through it, his head feeling dizzy and his body going weak.Ashton thrust into him a few more times before ducking his head into Luke’s shoulder and letting out a groan. Luke let out a sigh of contentment as they both came down from their high, sweaty and still panting heavily.Luke could feel Ashton smiling against his neck. Luke propped himself on his elbow and said in a quiet voice, “I wouldn’t mind that,” his face heating up with embarrassment of his confession.Ashton turned his head quickly to study Luke’s face, and when he saw he was serious he rushed in and gave him a heavy, sloppy kiss, gripping the back of his head.
Luke yelped in surprise but quickly settled into it, letting Ashton nip at his lips and pull on his hair, giving into him like he always did.
Luke settled into Ashton’s lap, wriggling his ass to get comfortable and feeling Ashton’s already hard cock against his bum.
Ashton let out a groan and kissed Luke harder, teeth knocking together as Ashton reached down and grabbed Luke’s ass cheeks hard.
Luke mewled as Ashton massaged Luke’s ass and pulled them apart.“God Luke,” Ashton mumbled out. Luke gasped at the feeling, having Ashton so close to where he wanted him but not quite there, and hearing the sound of skin sliding against skin. Luke whimpered quietly, closing his eyes and adjusting to the new feeling of pressure.When he opened his eyes, he saw Ashton panting underneath him. His curls were a mess, sticking to his forehead with sweat, and his eyes were wide and dark. His long arms were reaching out towards Luke and Luke ran his hands along Ashton’s forearm, feeling the tensed muscles with fascination. Luke blushed and leaned down to kiss Ashton.The kiss started out sweet enough, until Luke began to kiss down Ashton’s neck, licking and sucking at the warm skin.

Ashton began to thrust his hips up into Luke, causing Luke to sit up straight again.“Wanna ride me princess?” Ashton huffed out.
He wanted Ashton to touch him, his cock still tucked into his panties, stained and sticky from coming in them earlier. Ashton gave Luke’s ass another smack, this one harder than before, and Luke moaned automatically. Ashton’s eyebrow quirked up at Luke’s reaction and stored that away in his memory for future reference.Luke decided to speed up the process a bit however and started moving his hips up and down, bouncing on Ashton’s cock. It wasn’t long until Luke found the right angle where Ashton’s cock was hitting his prostate again, and he started bouncing up and down wildly. His thighs were burning as he worked himself, tears prickling the corners of his eyes as he was about to reach his peak.“Daddy,” Luke said with a moan, “Now?
He continued to bounce up and down frantically, riding out his high and chasing his orgasm as Ashton watched in amazement.When he finally started to slow down, Ashton pushed himself up so he was sitting upright and wrapped his arms around Luke's waist to kiss him.
Luke threw his arms around Ashton's neck on instinct and kissed him back and he could feel the tears running down his face. When they pulled away from each other, they pressed their foreheads together.Ashton trailed his hands down Luke's chest, skimming over his nipples and making the boy shiver. There was come on his stomach and the pair was damp and definitely stained, and Luke felt a pang of sadness at the realization that they were probably ruined.Luke wiped at his eyes quickly, hoping Ashton hadn’t seen him get worked up again, albeit for a different reason. Ashton rubbed his nose against Luke's before pushing him back to gently lay him down back onto the bed and pull out slowly. Luke automatically reached out for Ashton's hips, intent on getting him off as well, but Ashton swatted his hands away."Turn over," Ashton said with a jerk of his chin.
I, I can't."Ash didn't answer, just gripped Luke's cheeks, spread them apart, leaned in and licked a wide striped over his entrance. Luke bit his lip to stifle his moan as he let his head fall between his shoulders.“Just want you to come one more time for Daddy.
You can do that can’t you princess?” Ashton said, and then traced his tongue around Luke’s quivering hole, causing Luke to cry out. Ashton leaned his body over Luke’s back and Luke could feel him, still hard up against his ass.
Just one more, okay?” Ashton whispered sweetly into Luke’s ear.Luke took a shaky breath and nodded his head.
Ashton sat back up and dragged his hands down Luke’s back, feeling the knots in his spine and resting his hands in the dip of his lower back. He let out another whimper, “Please.” Ashton straightened up a bit and brought a hand back to smack Luke’s ass.
Luke’s body jerked forward and he cried out, but his cock was now straining again against the damp fabric of his panties.The tears in his eyes had now spilled over, running down his face once again.
Ashton leaned down again and pressed a kiss to Luke’s hole before circling his tongue around the rim again. He pushed his tongue into Luke’s entrance and Luke rocked his hips back and began fucking himself on Ashton’s tongue.Luke was crying freely now, his face red and tear streaked, whimpering and whining. Luke came pathetically, crying out loudly but his cock only spurting out a few drops of cum into his panties.
His arms gave out and he rested on his elbows, hiding his face into his arm as he came down. His head was spinning and tears were still streaming down his face.Ashton had pulled away to watch Luke and Luke could hear Ashton’s hand stroking his own cock. He heard Ashton let out a groan and felt Ashton’s cum splash over his ass and on his lower back. Luke jerked away from the cool feeling as he felt come drip onto his panties.Ashton was panting heavily as he climbed off the bed. Luke groaned but did what he was told (as always) and Ashton slid the come soaked panties off of Luke’s body and threw them in the waste basket next to his bed.He took the wash cloth and wiped up Luke, cleaning his bum and his back.
Ashton stood up to put the wash cloth away and Luke got up to get under the covers of Ashton’s bed.He wrapped himself up in the blankets, suddenly feeling very, very sleepy.
His body was already starting to ache and he knew he would be sore tomorrow but he didn't care.Luke sniffled and wiped his nose, his body still trying to calm down from all of the crying. All of the sudden he felt a crushing weight on his back and he let out a loud “umph"."Ashtoooooon," Luke said in an annoyed whine as he tried to wiggle around and get the large boy off of him. Ashton just laughed and rolled off of him, lifting the sheets to get under the covers himself.Luke immediately reached out for him and on instinct Ashton wrapped his arms around Luke. Luke rested his head on Ashton's chest and hummed contently, while Ashton bent down to leave a kiss in Luke's hair.
They laid there in silence for a few minutes, only the sound of their breathing evening out to be heard.Ashton broke the silence, feeling the need to whisper, "You were incredible Luke, you did so good," Ashton paused, "Was that okay? I saw you were crying and I just-" Luke giggled and nuzzled himself further into Ashton's chest. It was amazing, thank you," he said quietly.The were both quiet before Luke spoke up again, "Is this gunna be like, a thing?"Ashton hesitated before answering, "I mean, if you want it to be. Luke blushed, hearing what they had just done put so blatantly, but nodded his head to confirm."I wouldn't mind either," Ashton replied casually and Luke rolled his eyes. Luke was curled up in the front seat as they waited for Ashton to emerge from the liquor store. Michael and Calum cheered as Ashton sheld up the bags in triumph."Gimme that," said Calum, reaching for the bag carrying two bottles of Fireball.
Ashton held out the bag with the 24 pack of beer for Michael, who happily settled it into his lap."Just be careful guys. I don't want anyone getting sick today okay?" Ashton warned the boys as he pulled out of the parking lot. Michael rolled his eyes dramatically and replied in a sarcastically sweet voice, "Whatever you say Daddy."Luke almost choked on his spit and looked at Michael in disbelief. He saw Calum and him laughing at Michael's joke so he began to laugh along with them, but when he looked over and saw Ashton's expression he laughed even harder.Ashton had gone pale and his eyes were wide. He tried to look casual but he was gripping the steering wheel too tightly, knuckles turning white and he shifted his gaze uncomfortably between Luke and the road in front of him.When they got home (thankfully with no other 'daddy' references) Ashton grabbed Luke's arm so they could fall into step behind Michael and Calum, who were now arguing about how many shots it would take to get a polar bear tipsy. Michael was just messing with you."Ashton opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by Calum's voice yelling through the house, "Daddy come on hurry up!"Ashton's eyes grew wide again and he was frozen on the spot.

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