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The rate, amount, and the duration of compensation for all disability benefits are detailed in the workers’ compensation law. They do not receive temporary disability benefits for the first 7 days of disability, unless they are disabled more than 21 days due to the work-related injury as determined by the authorized doctor. Certain severe injuries may entitle them to 80% of their regular wages for up to 6 months after the accident. When the doctor states they are able to return to work with restrictions, they may be eligible to receive Temporary Partial Disability Benefits if they are unable to earn 80% of the wages they were earning at the time of the accident. If an employee is unable to return to their job because of permanent work restrictions resulting from their on-the-job injury, they may be eligible to receive assistance from the Workers’ Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Section of the Florida Department of Education. If the officers of the company are filing for workers’ comp exemptions, the state of Florida database must be updated or the carriers will include you until such time as your filing has been approved and updated. The best way to save money on workers’ compensation insurance in Florida is to get quotes from an expert. Disclaimer: This is only an example of how coverage could apply and does not represent any guarantee of coverage.
Business Services: Workers Comp Investigations Our job is to find the answers you need. Worker's compensation provides income for employees who are injured in the workplace, and that is good.
Ever hear of someone drawing work-related benefits for an injury who now spends their time working in the garden, fishing, shopping, etc?
Our testimony has saved employers and insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.
On the job accidents happen, so when they do call Mount Pleasant workers’ compensation lawyer, Stephen Bucher.
If you are injured while you are working, the first thing you need to do is report your injury to your immediate supervisor.  It is illegal for a company to fire you for making a workers’ compensation claim. When you seek medical treatment for your injuries, be sure to tell all treating physicians and other health care professionals that you were injured on the job. For most cases involving personal injuries such as those received in on-the-job injuries, the lawyer is paid through a contingency fee.
Bucher Legal, LLC has helped many workers who have been injured on the job get essential benefits through the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations.
There are three main types of benefits injured workers may be entitled to under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  Bucher Legal, LLC has decades of experience in getting clients all three types when proper under the circumstances. Injured workers have the right to receive from their employer’s proper medical treatment for their injuries.
Injured workers who are temporarily disabled because of an on-the-job injury are often entitled to cash payments from the employer during temporary disability.

An injured worker who reaches “maximum medical improvement” may be entitled to a cash award of permanent disability benefits. About Bucher Legal, LLCStephen Bucher is a licensed South Carolina lawyer who primarily represents clients who have suffered personal injuries and on-the-job injuries, as well as those charged with crimes. The PracticeBucher Legal, LLC has been providing clients with timely, effective legal representation in the Charleston area since the firm’s formation in 1990.
This website is purely for general information only, is not an offer of contract and contains no warranties, terms or conditions of professional engagement. The employer may not sue an injured worker for causing a catastrophe nor can the injured worker sue the employer for their injury. A thorough job description for each individual is extremely helpful in determining the correct classification for each employee and officer.
The total payroll for each officer and each employee is used to calculate your workers’ compensation premium.
We have access to top Florida workers’ compensation insurance companies and shop their rates to see who has the best offer. Certain safety courses in your workplace may provide discounts on your Florida workers’ compensation policy.
Most carriers will offer a discount on larger Florida workers’ compensation policies. This site contains general information relating to Florida workers compensation insurance and is not intended to be a substitute for the law. We have conducted literally dozens of these types of  investigations with great success, often using creative methods and techniques. In fact, a lawyer is usually prohibited by law from revealing your private conversations with him to anyone without your explicit consent. Employers get to select the doctors and other professionals who provide the treatment but they must provide proper care for injured workers.  We closely watch to make sure that employers provide our clients get the right medical care.
The payments may be for temporary partial disability or temporary total disability, depending on how disabled the worker is. The amount such an award is based on the part of the body injured and a variety of other factors.  The formulas for determining the amount of permanent disability to which an injured worker is entitled are complex.
All cases are different and the reader should not expect similar results to cases mentioned herein. Most businesses in Florida with 4 or more employees are required to carry workers compensation, however you might be required to carry it with less than 4 employees. This trade-off makes it possible for injured workers to receive immediate medical care, at no cost to the injured worker, without any consideration for who was at fault, the employer or the employee. If you are an employer or know of someone who is cheating their employer, please give us a call.

The attorney’s fee is based on an agreed-upon percentage (usually 33%, or a third) of what he recovers for the client. When employers try to avoid providing treatment we step in and demand that the Workers’ Compensation Commission order the employers to provide the correct care. If the worker is totally disabled temporarily because of a work-related injury, the worker is entitled to be paid weekly temporary total disability payments. We have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations relating to the award of permanent disability benefits and do everything we can to get an injured worker the maximum award.
Bucher also has vast experience in a variety of civil litigation and business representation. Bucher’s represents clients who live throughout Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.
The viewing of this information is NOT intended to and does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship. In civil law, negligence must be established through litigation before any compensation is awarded.
If this is a new venture or you were not required to carry workers’ compenstation in the past, a loss run is not required. Employers and their insurance companies have highly skilled insurance adjusters and defense attorneys to represent them to fight claims made by injured workers.
Any information transmitted through this site is NOT considered confidential or privileged. It is important for an injured worker to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible after the injury.
If the injured worker is partially disabled as a result of a work-related injury, he or she is entitled to weekly temporary partial disability payments.
Please contact Stephen Bucher or another qualified lawyer to discuss any of your legal questions or concerns. This is usually two-thirds of the amount of wages temporarily lost while the injured worker is recovering from injuries. This web site was prepared in accordance with the Rules of Conduct of the South Carolina Bar.

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