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Bright Yellow Sapphires make these gemstone earrings come to life with a fiery yellow color! Known as the premier jewelry store in Minnesota, Wixon Jewelers in Minneapolis specializes in engagement rings, fine Swiss watches, gemstones and diamond jewelry.
Signature required upon delivery by UPS, USPS, or FedEx, regardless of any waivers you have from them.
All our fine diamond or gemstone jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality Natural Diamonds and Natural Gemstones and is inspected by our in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist prior to shipment.
In our Jewelry Education Center, you can print out our Ring Size Guide to determine your ring size. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return or exchange it within 45 days from the date of shipping. All My Love Wedding Ring jewelry is presented in an elegant jewelry gift box and a jewelry polishing cloth is supplied for ongoing care of the item. Corundum is next to diamond in terms of its hardness, so all these precious gems are very resilient and of course beautiful, which makes them absolutely ideal to have set in gold or platinum jewellery.
Blue is the main colour of the sapphire, and coincidentally is also the favourite colour of some 50 per cent of men and women.
The rarest and most valuable sapphires are a rich intense blue, a truly royal hue; indeed, the British Crown Jewels are full of large blue sapphires. The subtle 'v' in Grant's yellow gold Celtic ring is the perfect place to postion a precious gem, in this case a beautiful blue sapphire. Although we may think of the sky when we consider the blue of the sapphire, the gems themselves are found well hidden in just a few places around the world, and first have to be brought to light through hard work.
Sapphires from Sri Lanka are typically light to medium blue and are a particular favourite of Grant Logan. These show a small number of Grant's unique jewellery designs incorporating some very special sapphires. A cornflower blue sapphire, possibly with the bonus of a few diamonds to further enhance its beauty is really rewarding to wear and will brighten even the darkest of days.
Pink sapphire gets its colour from traces of titanium oxide and is purported to awaken the emotional intelligence, encourage a strong sense of emotional identity and help the wearer connect with their heart's true desires. Passionate pink sapphire and delicious diamonds make a fabulous combination in this ring of Grant's.

Yummy yellow sapphire and diamond earrings from Grant Logan's Landscape Collection - yellow sapphire for the autumnal colour of the hills, and clear diamonds for the lochs that abound the length of the golden Kintyre peninsula that is home to Grant. Whether it is a velvety blue, passionate pink or warm yellow sapphire you yearn for, be assured that Grant Logan will be able to create the perfect jewellery to compliment the prized gem of your choice. If you would like any further details on these pieces of Grant Logan jewellery, his other designs, or a commission enquiry please contact us. They have the ability to perfectly tie an outfit together while making a fashion statement.
We offer our clients more than just luxury jewelry and timepieces; we offer them a level of service, trust and expertise that our competitors simply cannot match. Gemstones set in gold or platinum merchandises are made entirely of gold or platinum and containing natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emerald, or other genuine gemstones. We also include a gift card with your purchase making it ready to present to your special loved one.
Ruby is the true red corundum, whereas sapphire indicates the blue corundum and all other colours are referred to as 'pink sapphire' 'yellow sapphire' etc. The colour blue is strongly linked with feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty. Indeed the variety of hue in this gemstone is such that any shades of blue sky, from the deep blue of evening to the vivid blue of a clear and beautiful summer sky, can be found. But these gems also come in a whole rainbow of hues, as you will have seen whilst browsing through Grant's sapphire jewellery pages.
That aside, a good pink sapphire whether it be a baby pink or a vivid hot pink has a beauty second to none. Like pink sapphire, it is one of the so called 'fancy sapphires' that has become especially popular.
Set in 18kt white gold, these earrings also surround the gemstones in a sea of pave set diamonds.
Whether your style is best accessorized by studs, hoops, dangles or drops, you can be confident that Wixon Jewelers has the perfect pair of earrings for you. We will mail a free plastic ring sizer to you within 5 to 7 business days once we receive your request. Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, thus the blue of the sapphire has become a colour signifying constancy and reliability.

The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection coloured the sky.
One reason for this is that canary yellow diamonds have become a significant fashion trend, and rather than pay the exorbitant prices for yellow diamond, the more affordable yellow sapphire has understandably become an attractive substitute. The Earrings are also available in Clear Diamond, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Topaz, Black Diamond, and Pink Zircon. With Minnesota's largest collection of gemstones—including sapphires, rubies and emeralds—you'll be amazed at how much a bit of color in your ears can do for your look.
In the Jewelry Education Center, you can also find the international ring size chart, necklace or bracelet chart to determine which size or length of jewelry is perfect for you or your loved one. This must be one of the reasons why women in many countries wish for a sapphire ring on their engagement. Having often been associated with the heavens and the angelic realm sapphire has consequently been treasured for thousands of years.
Since yellow sapphire also has excellent brilliance and hardness, it has also become a fashionable choice as a centre stone for engagement rings, often complimented by smaller diamonds.
Sapphire is a symbol of loyalty, but at the same time an expression of a couple's love and longing. It is a flawless sapphire, possessing a rich blue colour and is the second largest blue sapphire known. The cushion-cut stone is set in a brooch surrounded by 20 round brilliant cut diamonds themselves having a combined weight of 16 carats. It is also alleged to aid in eliminating impurities from the body and stimulating the lymphatic system. Vel integer quis porttitor sed in in ac, ut diam porttitor odio nunc tempor dapibus quis est aliquam dictumst, vel amet tincidunt pulvinar?

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