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I know a few readers also picked up this Ann Taylor Wild Leopard Cardigan (still left online in all petite sizes), which I am pleased with so far. I wanted to demonstrate how one can transform a basic top, pants, and cardigan ensemble and make it suitable for various occasions, just by tweaking the garments and accessories.
Playing with brights is fun, but sometimes it's just easier to reach for comfy, muted shades. For the accessories-challenged dresser, vibrant jewels are an easy way to spiff up a basic ensemble. After seeing these beauties on Anh and Elle, I toyed with the thought of getting my own classic red pencil skirt.
The skirt felt crisp and new, but upon further inspection, I noticed a splotchy stain on the front. My second outfit is the classic and easy-peasy blazer over jeans look, perfect for "casual Fridays" at work. Please visit Stylepint's post to see all the other ladies' outfits for this Petite Fashion Challenge!
Adding a pop of colour to your LBD will change up its look and make your dress a little less boring.

To zap some interest into an outfit full of mellow pieces, I like to mix fabrics and textures. The vintage-inspired crochet lace dress is not everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it last year (sold out at full price) and was ecstatic that Ann Taylor brought it back to its Factory stores. This belt may be out of some of your comfort zones, but trust me - if you pick it up, it will quickly become a closet workhorse. Her "Hamptons" collection is exactly what I was looking for, full chunky pieces that come in at least 6 or 7 vibrant colors. I really liked this style earring and thought I could make the clips work, but they were not comfortable on my pierced ears.
It was my instant favorite from the price list for wearing on hot summer days, and quite affordable at $12.95.
A lot of their apparel is hand-picked from smaller, indie designers, and they also have true vintage finds up for sale. A bright satchel added another dimension of blue, and juicy orange nails brought a spark of interest.
Sz 0P was the smallest in store, and it was on clearance, but still $40 and required slimming and hem alterations.

Before, I typically overlooked steps 2 and 3, but have come to realize that the extra bit effort goes a long way in adding dimension to an outfit.
For this challenge, add a pop of colour (or two) to your little black dress to change up the look. However, when keeping it simple (and especially with black, which shows the outline of a garment very clearly) - a perfect fit becomes even more important. My main problems with costume jewelry are cheap metals that rust and oxidize (I was told to store metal jewelry in individual ziploc bags), and jewels that fall out of their settings.
The material was so stretchy and comfortable, but I wasn't gung ho about spending $65+ on it. Even with 40% off though, items were still pricey, so I limited my purchase today to favorites only.

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