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I’m heading to Lyon for two days and then up to Paris for the weekend to meet friends who are currently holidaying there from Australia and I, for one, cannot wait for this long weekend to begin so I can start indulging in the culinary capital that is Lyon! As you know I’ve been on a shopping ban, for good reason, for a few weeks now (feels like a lifetime) and I feel that there might be a relapse on the horizon given my terrible weakness and track record previously in Paris. The fact that I keep trying them on and debating which colour I would choose at every given opportunity leads me to believe that I actually do have a genuine attraction to the design and aesthetic of these brightly coloured glass rings despite being grossly ┬ásaturated in the market. Coupled with the fact that YSL’s new head Hedi Slimane has shaken things up at YSL by changing the whole direction and look of its designs to more of a Celine-esque black sleek and minimal feel, the new SLP (Saint Laurent Paris) from what I have read is getting rid of the well known colourful and cheery coloured chyc bags, clutches and accessories to make way for more core classic (black) designs with heftier price tags.

I blame it on the baguettes, beautiful boutiques, sexy accent and all the beautifully dressed women of Paris!
The biggest reason why I haven’t picked one up yet is because I feel as though every person I know owns one of these and therefore, in my warped mind, the appeal diminishes. I can see myself having a lot of fun with them and possibly getting addicted to collecting colours!
I just have a weird thing about knowing that I have a good eye for unique jewellery and I don’t want to regret investing in it for the wrong reasons.

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