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Handmade Gifts, Handmade Jewellery, Handmade Quilts, Unique Clothing, Unique Baby Gifts, Vintage Style Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Handmade Alternative Easter Gifts, Craft gifts, Crafters forum Plus loads more Crafted gift ideas. In order to celebrate the happy union (between LSA and Ella Doran) the two companies will be hosting a not-to-be missed shopping event. Free gifts for the first 10 customers and a gift for every purchase over A?30.00 as well as a prize draw!
Thursday 13th of May sees the event opening with a late night shopping opportunity, delicious drinks will be served from the popular LSA Coro range and delightful canapes will be presented on the classic Ella Doran Meadow collection.
It is definitelyA the summer wedding season and what better way to kick it off than with a fashionable double-whameyA in the shape of Vogue's Pippa Holt and Marketing Editor Emma Elwick. AA holding diamond, an enternity band or a Tiffanys must-have, it needs to be 100% the right ring.

May's issue of Vogue had a great article called 'A Tale of Two Dresses' which followed the two Vogue Editors quests to find their perfect wedding gowns. I have to sayA  I would want to steer clear of fairytale bridal like Emma who,A "wanted to look like a 'wedding take' on my usual relaxed look, so chose a cocktail length dress, with sweet pockets that I could have a ball in". Close on the heels of the Vogue girls, was our favourite blogger Mademoiselle RobotA who did the dead wearing Luella with flowers in her hair. For those of us who aren't Fashion Editors or Super Stylists, it's great that brands offer a bespoke service for those wedding fears. It's that time of year again when the fashion elite decend on our humbletown to see what the creatives have come up with.
Whether it's a romantic walk, a holiday in Paris, orA a proposal on a rowing boatA - the real thing us girls are looking to see is the ring.

I recall a friend of mine searching for three days straight, going to jewellers all around trying to find THE ring. Using the words 'custom-made', 'lace' and 'Erdem' to describe your wedding dress, would have most women clawing with jealouslyA into their bridal magazines, sobbing about the off-the-rack dress they had chosen. You can request, view and choose stones and oversee the production of your engagement ring through the on-site workshop.
You can create your own shoe from scratch, including the heel height (for those who can't walk in skyscraper heels).

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