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Listen to The Zounds Difference by comparing sound files, the first being an un-aided demonstration, while the second is the identical sound file recorded through a Zounds hearing aid to demonstrate the clarity and noise cancellation. Feedback control has always been an area of strength for Zounds’ hearing aids and the Prezia brings new features to the arsenal. With the Prezia comes the Shock Sound Suppression system that minimizes the transient impact of short sharp sounds like car doors being closed.
Zounds recognizes that it’s not possible for wearers to record everything about their hearing aids and describe each situation on their next visit to a Zounds Hearing Center. The Arenz features the latest in specialized coatings, designed to improve wearability and durability. Using a matched pair of microphones, a directional noise reduction system reduces ambient noise by up to 90%.

The first of these is an improved feedback cancellation digital filter which is better able to predict the feedback component so that it can be eliminated. The ambient sound pressure level is continuously monitored and is used to dynamically adjust the aggressiveness of the Intuitive Noise Cancellation3 so that it is fully active in high noise scenarios but backs off when the wearer moves to a quieter scenario. A significantly reduced processing delay means that feedback can be cancelled in about a third of the time as our previous hearing aids.
My last purchase from Zounds was the most satisfying experience with instruments having remarkable features excelled only by friendly, professional service.” - Donn D. Next, a steering mechanism orients the area of greatest noise suppression in the direction of the strongest noise resulting in even better clarity. Adaptive entrainment control is a new feature that further reduces any remaining artifacts by dynamically adjusting the feedback canceller’s constraints to a user-specific, trained, coefficient set.

The noise that remains is now addressed by a fully adaptive temporal noise reduction algorithm that incorporates the ability to distinguish speech and music from noise, thus providing excellent noise reduction performance without sacrificing or distorting the sound that the wearer wishes to hear. Finally, a patented system of five adaptive notch filters, driven by an advanced feedback detection algorithm, attacks feedback components as soon as they appear.
A Sweat-proof Membrane creates a moisture barrier and repels wax particles that can clog up ports. Limit one free charging station and remote control per customer on Clareza and Imprezo aids only.

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