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This week at MBK our guest speakers will be from PATH – A Positive Approach To Teen Health. To find out more about Samaritan’s Purse and the great works of their organization, click here. Andrew is Vice President and Banking Center Manager of fIRST Financial Bank’s Crown Point banking centers. Andrew serves on the Crown Point City Council as well as the Board of the Crossroads Chamber of Commerce, Ivy Tech State College Trustees, and the Small Business Development Center.
This week at MBK, our guest speaker will be Tricia Catlin, Sales Manager from Brookdale in Merrillville. Tricia currently lives in the Chesterton area with her husband, daughter who just graduated and starting IUN in the fall, and son who will be a Freshman at Chesterton High school. This week at MBK we were pleased to have as our special guest speaker, Indiana Representative Julie Olthoff.
Representative Olthoff owns VIA Marketing, an award winning marketing communications company serving Northwest Indiana for over 28 years that employs 7 professionals.
This week at Merrillville Breakfast Kiwanis, our guest speaker was Kane Bentz from the Merrillville AccessAbilities. This week at MBK our guest speaker was Jacqueline Townsend from Little Brothers – Friends Of The Elderly.
Little Brothers- Friends of the Elderly is a volunteer-based national network of non-profit volunteer based organizations committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly.
This week at Merrillville Breakfast Kiwanis, our guest speaker will be from Hospice of the Calumet Area. Zounds hearing aids can be custom programmed and fitted in less than two hours – get better hearing today! Zounds currently offers 4 different hearing aids at various technology levels and for various degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound losses. The Imprezo model appears to be Zounds’ most advanced hearing aid available, and is advertised as suitable for moderate to profound hearing losses. The Clareza model appears to be the second best Zounds hearing aid available, and is advertised as suitable for moderate to severe hearing losses. It is difficult to figure out what technology level the Potenz hearing aid is within the Zounds line-up, but it is billed as their power hearing aid. The Riazo model is the most basic Zounds hearing aid available, and is advertised as suitable for moderate hearing losses.
Zounds hearing aid centers can be found in several states across the US, but they do not yet have a truly national presence. If you’ve recently been quoted for Zounds hearing aids and would like a second opinion on the hearing aid offered, and whether there might be comparable, or better hearing aids available for less, please feel free to give us a call at 800-731-6794 and have a chat!
It’s pretty unanimously agreed upon in the hearing aid industry that purchasing from a smaller manufacturer with less distributors is inherently more risky than purchasing from one of the majors. Thank you for comment, I’m happy to post all comments and wouldn’t fault a manufacturer for any distribution method they choose!

Zounds does not stand behind there policy, once you purchase it’s impossible to get the right adjustments and long battery life only good for about 8 hours. Clare Health Clinic is a free clinic that was established in 1996 in growing response to the need for healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured under the auspices of Franciscan St. The patented fitting process allows the auditory specialists at Zounds Hearing of Bergen County to fit you with your new device in under two hours.
Please do not contact us with questions regarding Zounds or to contact a Zounds dealer near you.
All of these hearing aids are behind-the-ear, as Zounds does not offer a custom in-the-ear hearing aid. This is a fully digital 20 channel hearing aid that has 4 programs- Dining Mode, Party Mode, Music Mode and Quiet Mode settings. This is a fully digital 16 channel hearing aid that has 4 programs- Dining Mode, Party Mode, Music Mode and Quiet Mode settings. This is a fully digital hearing aid (no mention of # of channels), but it does have 4 programs- Dining Mode, Party Mode, Music Mode and Quiet Mode settings. This is a digital 4 channel hearing aid, but unlike the other models does not have multiple programs. I talk to thousands of hearing aid wearers a year by phone and haven’t heard of anyone paying that much. For instance if you purchase an exotic car and no one in your area services that car, well, you’re kind of screwed if something happens. I just got a call from a lady in Jacksonville, FL who purchased her hearing aids 1 year ago from Zounds, and went back to the store to get them serviced and the location was closed. But, what about the guy who just laid down 10 grand a year ago for aids and today, his sister tells him about the super rechargeables she just bought at Zounds for under 4K? In the meantime there are a lot of happy Zounds customers with money still in their pocket. There are several manufacturers that we don’t work with that I have written rave reviews about. I just got a pair on Sept2 this year and the right one already broke in half after falling on a carpet.
They are dedicated to give the community exposure to the world of dance through performance, outreach and the finest education. Founded in 2005, Zounds Hearing Aids is a hearing aid manufacturer and chain of distribution offices in the United States. It also appears that they do not manufacture custom ear molds, but instead use several different sizes and powers of receivers.
This hearing aid comes with a remote control that allows volume, program, and bass and treble adjustments. It also is not a rechargeable hearing aid, and does not come with a charging station or remote control. There are offices in nearly every other state in the US, but there are only a handful of offices in each state.

Though it may happen, it is incredibly rare that someone pays that much- and it’s never justified. They respond well when I turn on the Party on my Zounds phone app, they turn off the speakers in the back.
She says she did not receive a notice, and now her closest location is Lady Lake, FL (120 miles away). We accomplish our goals through multi-faceted programs with our many community partners such as the Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. At Honor Flight Chicago, the mission is to thank and pay tribute to these heroes—especially our World War II veterans—by bringing them to Washington, D.C. Their products are sold primarily in malls and other high-traffic retail environments, and their stores are staffed by Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists. These hearing aids are programmed by the Zounds associates, and then you cannot make any adjustments to them yourself- you have to go back to the store to get them adjusted.
With regards to Zounds having rechargeables for under $4k, there are other rechargeables on the market for $2,800 for a pair, by a major manufacturer with enough distributors to support a patient if one distributor goes out of business.
As a business owner myself, I truly wish the best for any Zounds shop and hope that they succeed. If she doesn’t want to drive there, she can mail her hearing aids to Arizona to get them serviced. If there is dated information, that is to be expected, and I’ll be happy to make any corrections. Zounds’ unique offering to consumers is a very quick fitting process- less than 2 hours, and budget prices. This appears to be an incredibly basic hearing aid, and there are reports online of it being available for around $500 per ear. Unfortunately, it appears that when a Zounds location goes out of business, all of their customers are then left with no choice but to mail the hearing aids to a different location when service is needed.
With over 30 million people in the US suffering from hearing loss, and hearing aid adoption rates historically stuck at about 20%, I support any manufacturer or retail outlet that helps more people hear better.
I researched options for 2 years – finally, when Zounds opened, I researched them, too, learning that this owner would guarantee my satisfaction. So essentially, goodbye to local service & adjustments for her, which for hearing aids, is crucial. It’s also hard to tell if this aid can be fit with a custom mold or not- from the pictures it appears as though these are not fit with custom molds, which would make me wonder how powerful they can really be (without suffering from feedback issues). If you look at the last paragraph of my post, you’ll see this is the exact situation I mentioned. If you wear hearing aids from a major brand and one distributor goes out of business, well, there are several others nearby that can service your hearing aids.

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