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Most people who spend a lot of time in their garage have no interest in fancy-schmanzy lighting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put a little forethought into making your garage a highly functional and pleasing place. Your options are limited in a standard two-car garage with a small work area and storage compartments all around, but you certainly want to be able to see even in this type of garage.
This option goes easy on the fluorescents and heavy on sleeker fixtures such as track lights, which will beam right onto your tools and storage area, giving you excellent visibility and your garage a very clean and modern look.
This layout is for the garage that has space for two cars, but uses one of those large areas for serious work. If you are not planning on rebuilding an engine anytime soon but do like to putter around in your garage, this layout gives lots of light in the storage areas so that you can locate your tools when you need them. With a bit of planning, you can give your garage a very sleek look and have plenty of light for all that you want to do there.

Nothing is more aggravating than not being able to see inside your car after you have parked it, or tripping over a stray tool as you make your way from the garage into your home. Rather than a central fluorescent, the central part of the garage can have two much more versatile metal halide downlights, which can be pulled down for a look underneath your car. Task lights illuminate the work table and steel worktop, while a single metal halide light beams down on the car, giving plenty of shine. It also provides plenty of illumination for sitting at the bench and working, with adequate, but not excessive, light focused on the floor of the open area. This scheme solves those problems with central fluorescents and fluorescents on the side walls.
With this layout, your garage will look like a set for a televised mechanic show – yours!

The other downlights should all be movable so that you can put the beam right on your project at the time. With bright light all over the floor, you can see all that you need to if working on your pet car project.
Your work table will need its own task lights, and the installation of outlets in different spots in the storage area enables you to move lights around the garage as needed, without bulky cables or wires draped everywhere. This layout also makes it easy to move from the garage to the outdoors, either in your car or on foot.

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