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Have your new garden shed built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY. We were very impressed by the quality of materials used in this large shed, as well as the attention to detail and commitment to security.
The apex room is one of the features that aids the excellent weather proofing qualities, and they are aided by the interlocking tongue and groove panels used for the walls, roof, and flooring.
Natural light floods into the shed thanks to two substantial windows which feature strong safety glass. We were pleased to see that the roofing felt supplied was robust and easy to fit, as this is the shed’s first line of defence against bad weather.
One of the things that we really liked about this shed is that there have been no corners cut. We always like to see a long manufacturer’s guarantee for sheds in this price range, so we were happy that this is covered against rot for fifteen years. Because the preservative used is so long lasting, the manufacturer states that there is no need for further treatment by the shed owner.
There are two windows adjacent to each other, and we were pleased that they were made out of safety glass as this means that worries about shattered or broken glass can be put aside. We found the shed easy to install considering its size, although it was done over two days. We highly recommend this garden building if you’re looking for an alternative to a metal workshop that’s made out of attractive wood.
The Champion series of sheds is all about offering an attractive design with top of the line materials. Just look at that picture, how you can you not love the look of the amazing, 10′ x 8′ Shed-Plus Champion Heavy Duty Reverse Apex Single Door Shed? The cladding has been very well designed and is rigid and tight so that no water can sneak its way into the shed. The wood goes through a very thorough pressure treatment process that is going to make it last for a lot of years. While the two windows are large they are only on one side of the shed so this is actually a pretty private shed. To be honest with you the design of this shed is pretty much perfect and that is great as there is not really much you can do to change the look of the shed. Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice. Our 8x10 heavy duty plastic storage sheds are made from twin wall PVC, giving the shed a mighty finish.
The apex roof which is used on the Champion sheds is something that we love for a few different reasons.
One thing we have to mention about the Champions series of sheds is how all the wood which is used in its construction is pressure treated to make it extra strong and the first place you notice this is the cladding. As we make our way down to the bottom of the shed the quality does not get any less impressive. The pressure treatment process the wood goes through is very impressive and will make the wood strong, but to protect it from rot and make sure you get 20 or more years out of it. The 15 year guarantee which you get with the shed is something we like and to be honest with you as long as you treat the shed just right then you should never have to make use of this guarantee. The two windows that the shed as can be placed on either side of the shed and one thing that we love about these is how they are made from very high quality glass. The solid and secure feel of the shed is made even better thanks to the door coming with a lock. The windows are a large size and make it fairly easy to look in the shed so there is not a whole lot of privacy here, but that is nothing a set of curtains or even some blinds couldn’t fix.
We really do love the way the shed looks, but if you do want to brighten it up or perhaps even give it a bit of a darker look then there are many different types of wood treatment out there that will allow you to do this.
Shed-Plus are known for their extras with the Champion line and here we are going to look at just what is on offer. Does not include installation of a base kit (if available).Installation will be carried out on the same day as delivery.
You’d expect that with a shed of this price, but it was still reassuring to know that anything stored in this heavy duty garden building would be protected from both the elements and unwanted attention from criminals. Indeed, this flooring felt so secure that it would be more than suitable for the storage of heavy machinery or maybe even a motorcycle. This allows you to see how beautiful the shed is both inside and out, although we would recommend painting it to give extra protection from the sun’s rays.
Its generous dimensions make it suitable for a variety of purposes, involving both work and leisure. For example, tongue and groove cladding is used throughout, on the roof and flooring as well as on the walls themselves. We wanted to see if there was any sign of the floor giving or feeling less than solid, but it was reassuringly strong throughout. With an investment on this scale, however, we would always recommend inspecting the shed yearly and being prepared to add extra coats of a spirit or water based preservative. Another neat touch is that the positioning of the windows can be changed during the installation process, so you can adjust it to fit in with the design of your garden. That’s why it was good to see that the manufacturers have included a solid lock and key system, meaning that the door on this shed can be as secure as the door on your home. If you’d like to save this time and effort you can take advantage of the optional ‘professional installation service’. The tongue and groove roof supplied is perfectly smooth, and stylishly modern, but a slatted roof can help your shed or workshop acquire a unique look that also has excellent rain proofing qualities. You can make life easier, however, by taking advantage of the optional installation service.
It has plenty of room to store things or be used as a workshop and it has a very classy and cool type of style that is sure to get a lot of compliments from friends and neighbours.
The materials are very impressive with all of the timber being pressure treated to make it long lasting.

We have seen many sheds from the Shed-Plus Champion line and this one right here has a very cool look.
It is angled so that rain cannot sit on top, but it is also made with some very high quality materials.
12 mm thick tongue and groove shiplap cladding is what Shed-Plus like to use on this line of sheds and we really like that they do. Made with 12 mm thick, tongue and groove boarding and supported with pressure treated floor joists to raise it and help prevent rot on the bottom of the shed.
But to prevent rot and to make that wood still look smooth and sleek for many years, you will need to coat it with wood treatment after construction and then also once a year.
The pressure treatment process is why they are able to give such a long and reliable guarantee.
We are very impressed with this door as it not only is a decent size, but it is also designed very well also. These windows are made with toughened safety glass to prevent them from smashing when one of the kids hits them with the Frisbee. As you have probably realised, this is one very secure shed thanks to the materials used and its awesome design. If you position it so the windows are not facing the street or a wide open area then you will not have to worry about nosey people trying to see what you have inside. They do actually offer an installation service where they will build the shed for you, but this will cost you, ?149.00.
This is not overpriced, considering the materials used and just how nice it looks, we actually feel this shed is priced very well and would look incredible in your garden as well as providing you with extra storage space. Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase. This comes with everything that makes the Champion line of sheds so popular – plenty of storage space, pressure treated wood and just a first class design all the way.
At the very top we have the roof, which is made with tongue and groove boards and covered with heavy mineral felt. As part of the high quality Champion line of sheds from the folks at Shed-Plus, we knew this was going to be a high quality shed. First of all this style of roof does an incredible job of forcing the water to always run off it. The style of cladding is 12 mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding which is tightly put together to keep the rain out and also make it look very smooth.
We feel that the main reason this has such a robust feel is that incredible frame which is in here. To ensure that the floor feels solid under your feet, the floorboards are made with 12 mm tongue and groove boarding. Then you will need to coat the shed with wood treatment, shortly after construction and also give it a fresh coat once a year. The door is 5 feet 11 inches high and an impressive 2 feet 11 inches wide which we feel is a very nice sized door.
These windows can be opened so in addition to letting light into the shed they also will allow for plenty of fresh air into the shed, which let’s face it if you are in here working hard, getting all sweaty is a great thing.
Once you are done in here for the day then you can just lock the shed up, close those awesome windows and keep people out.
You even get wood treatment in blue, green and other colours so you can radically change the colour of it if you want. The first thing is an epic, slatted roof that costs ?309.99 which we know is just a crazy amount of money, but we bet the shed does look even more fantastic with this. We feel that the storage space it offers along with all the other benefits that come from the Champion series makes it one of the crown jewels from Shed-Plus. It’s why this building is so versatile, being suitable for use as a garden shed or a wooden workshop. The cladding has been expertly machined, so it fits together easily yet tightly, although still allowing the movement that all timbers need in summer and winter.
This forces a high quality preservative deep into the timber giving it long lasting protection against wet and dry rot. Another inbuilt security measure is the additional storage area; as this comes without windows, there is no way for passers by to see what’s stored inside.
For just ?149, you can be assured that this shed will be perfectly constructed without you having to raise a finger. Security is obviously important with a shed of this size, particularly if you want to use it as a storage facility. There is a good sized door which has been given a little extra framing to make it extra strong. The frame is very strong and even has extra bracing to make the whole structure very robust.
Part of what gives the shed its attractive look is the timber which has been pressure treated to make it strong.
The frame is a solid size at, 34 mm x 35 mm and to make it stay strong for a few decades, the end panels on the frame have been given diagonal cross braces at the end panels.
This floor is up to the task of taking a whole lot of weight so no matter if you want to store lots of heavy things or if you plan on throwing some kind of line dancing party, the floor is going to be able to handle the weight. To start with it is held in its place with heavy duty hinges that will prevent the door from sagging as time passes. Also as well as being large so that they let in light, both windows can be opened so you can let some fresh air into the shed as well. Greatly aiding the security is a lock that is on the door so you can keep things locked up safely while you are not at home and during the evenings. We love the way the timber looks, but if you want to shake things up a little then try a coloured wood treatment. These heavy duty plastic storage sheds are ideal for storage of bikes, tools and even BBQ's. The 10 x 8 size of the shed means that you do have a very generous amount of room to make use of, but it is not too large so that only really large gardens can enjoy it.

At the very bottom of the shed, we have pressure treated floor joists which give the tongue and groove flooring extra strength and they we have that incredible frame which backs up the gorgeous, smooth and strong tongue and groove shiplap cladding. While it is easy to be blown away by all the impressive specs of this shed it can be easy to overlook just how lovely it looks.
This frame is 34 mm x 35 mm and that along with the fact the wood has been pressure treated makes it a strong frame, but as this is the Champion series, Shed-Plus have made sure the frame is extra strong. The floor joists under the boarding has been pressure treated which allows for very heavy items to be stored in here. While the space the door offers you to get in and out is ideal, the design of the door is even more amazing. Hey if you win the Lotto then this is certainly something that would be worth adding, still we feel saving you money is better as the standard roof you get with it looks good and is as waterproof as you can get. The look and robustness of the shed are both impressive and just the whole way the shed has been designed really does impress us greatly.
You will need to purchase an anchor kit from a local DIY shop to secure your metal shed to the concrete base. Please call our Sales Team if you have any questions before you buy.
It’s also good to know, of course, that it has the backing of a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
It not only gives even more storage space, and plenty of headroom for you to walk around in, it also adds to the already commendable weather protection. The interlocking timbers will prove very effective at stopping water getting in, and their 12mm thickness gives the structure a very solid feel without any of the flexing or creaking you can find in some wooden sheds. It was also good to see that the integral floor joists had been treated in the same way, as they can be subject to moisture rising naturally from the ground. That’s why it was good to see that the manufacturer’s had provided a high quality integrated locking system. The walls are made with tongue and groove shiplap cladding and even the floor and roof are made with tongue and groove boards. This is an impressive size and would work very well as a workshop or just as an area for some storage. Also the door has been given a little extra framing to make sure it stays strong for many years. What is great about this workbench is that it has been made to look just like the shed so it goes with it very well. We suggest you strongly consider saving up a little longer and buying something with more quality like this shed.
They have double hinge doors which open up to provide easy access to the interior, lockable for security reasons. Spending your spare time in here is going to be a lovely experience thanks to the windows letting in air and light as well as the elevated eaves giving you plenty of headroom to walk around comfortably. This is a shed where a lot of effort has gone into make sure it is going to be every bit as long lasting as it is attractive. The depth is 9 feet 11 inches and the width is right around 8 feet and while this does offer you a whole lot of floor space, we feel that the shed is not so large that it is only for huge gardens. On the very top there is 20 kg mineral felt that is covering 12 mm thick, tongue and groove boards. The way that they do this by using diagonal cross braces on the end panels which is an extra feature of this shed that we really love. The door is fully ledged and braced and is kept in its place with very high quality hinges which also make sure the door shuts securely.
We do know that, Shed-Plus are asking or quite a lot of money for this, but if you can wait and do not need a shed right away then we think saving up an extra month or two so you can have this rather than a cheaper shed is something to consider doing. One feature we particularly liked was the extra storage area at the back of the shed, allowing you to keep the main body of the building clutter free.
It means that you won’t have to worry about buying a padlock, although it may still be worth considering an alarm system.
When you are in the shed, you will greatly benefit from the elevated eaves which give you extra headroom.
The width of the shed is 9 feet 11 inches and the depth 8 feet so you have a lot of floor space, but not at the expense of this shed being so large that it takes over your whole garden.
This felt is covering tongue and groove boards which are 12 mm thick and are going to ensure your belongings stay water and rust free.
The roof has an apex design which enables larger head room capacity as well as aiding rain distribution.
One of the many standout features of this series of shed is the elevated eaves that they have.
There are elevated eaves which give you more headroom than you would get with a regular shed. Another bonus of these heavy duty plastic storage sheds is that is has a built in floor allowing for storage of heavier items with ease. This allows you to have more headroom so that moving around inside the shed is a comfortable experience. Due to the PVC exterior, these heavy duty plastic storage sheds have a completely weatherproof exterior which does not need painting and will not rot keeping future costs minimal.
Also along the ridge, you have 7 feet 7 inches of height so as you can see this is a shed where you will not have to be hunched over the whole time you are in here. The shed is windowless, deterring any thefts of visible expensive items but does feature a vent for maintaining air flow inside.
Assembly time is reduced due to the clever design and following the guided instructions will oversee and smooth and fast build.

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