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I have raised Mountains for some time now and are my favorite out of 8 different breeds I raise. Very new (purchased less than 6 months ago) 10 X 10 Amish shed that I converted to a chicken coop. Natural Beauty – The #1 reason why people choose pergolas over gazebos or pavilions is the ability to hang plants and grow vines on their pergola.
Shade – Right from the start, and especially after your plants mature, pergolas provide beautiful natural shade to your garden area or patio. Portal – Pergolas serve as an ideal entry way from the back of your home to your backyard, or from one section of your property to the other. If you are looking for a feature in your yard that is truly striking, nothing compares to a high quality Amish Crafted pergola. With a charming gambrel roof, our popular Mini Barn is the perfect structure to hold lawn equipment, tools and much more.

Windows have been made secure and 3 separate pens have been divided out so that 3 separate flocks can be maintained with small area for storage. Pergolas, along with your choice of hanging plants and vines, can be the perfect accent to your outdoor space, depending on what’s most important to you. You can assemble it yourself, have a contractor assemble it, or pay our crews to bring it out and build it for you.
The materials used are the highest quality available, guaranteed for the life of your home. My Ameraucanas are going to a nice family only an hour away so when I am finally settled in my own farm I will get eggs and start back up. You can place some patio furniture there where you can go out and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, or a relaxing drink in the evening. The builders are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so if you live much more than 150 miles from there, it may not be cost effective to have us build it for you (depending on the size of course).

There are plenty of CHEAP pergolas you can find at home centers or on the internet, but you have no assurance if they are going to last, or how long they are going to stay beautiful as nature takes its toll.
Anyway thats a long answer but if I dont get enough for the coop in the time I am allowed I will just have it moved to my house and dump it on the side of the driveway I am just afraid that it will atract unwanted atention as I have so many sheds already lol and it is too large to get to the back of my property where I could actually use it which is why I built the shed that is there now. This material is not only guaranteed, it has actually been in the field out in the sun and run for almost 20 years.

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