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Here we have a selection of Garden Sheds to give you an idea of what we do, but more importantly we can make you exactly the garden shed you want. The Surrey Garden Sheds are a range of ‘set sized’ off the shelf,  we can stock those most popular sizes.
The Super Sheds are our flagship range which are Bespoke, this offers a host of variations to ensure you maximise whatever space and access you have. Your Shed The Way You Want It. Enjoy the benefits of a Summerhouse all year round with our Chilworth Summerhouse which includes a Veranda, the Abinger Summerhouse models has no veranda. The shed has a very appealing look, but it is also very strong this starts with that impressive, 8 mm thick overlap cladding which they have used for the walls. As this is a reverse style apex roof, the water will run off at the front and the back of the shed.
The framing inside here is something we have seen in this Harwood range before and that is a 28 mm x 28 mm frame. The shed uses solid sheet boarding for the flooring just like the roof and this is a very clever design choice. The shed comes with a ten year guarantee that covers you against rot, but you have to treat and look after the shed properly in order for this guarantee to be valid. Of course that fantastic window that is on the front of the shed does take away a fair bit of privacy, but to be honest we are fine with this as it is such a great feature.
Give the shed a little bit more of a personality by treating that wood with some coloured treatment. If you are a little concerned about the floor where you will be installing the shed, then you may want to consider adding their plastic shed base which costs ?69.99. This is a shed which is built to last and that is evident with its strong and well made, 8 mm thick overlap cladding which you are going to just love.
The roof is something that at first looks like any other ordinary apex roof, but when you take a closer look you can see that they have not just used cheap felt to cover the solid sheet boarding.
The shed gets its rustic charm from the gorgeous 8 mm thick overlap cladding that they have used. A 28 mm x 28 mm frame is used inside the shed and this is something that we are happy to see.
Under your feet is some solid sheet boarding and this is more than strong enough to handle the weight of a whole lot of items and you pottering around inside as well. The pressure treated wood is just fantastic and it means that you will not have to get the brush out and treat this as often as you would a non pressure treated shed. The hasp and staple makes adding something like a padlock very easy so you can make it so you can lock the shed door. The windowless design of the shed means that you have a very private shed on your hands here. While we love the rustic look of the shed, we know that some of you may want to change the look a little bit with a coating of paint.
If the idea of a padlock from the pound shop is not something you are too keen on then they do offer a higher quality Yale branded hasp and padlock set that will keep the door locked for a price of ?19.99. Even though this is a shed that is coming in at well under ?200, it is still made with some very high quality materials. This has a very, dare we say, rustic kind of look to it and that is because of the overlap cladding they have used. Inside the shed we have a very impressive frame a frame which really is actually quite surprising it is in here considering the price of the shed. Under your feet and preventing your awesome items from sitting in the mud is one very well designed floor. The wood has a very nice and natural look to it, but if you want to keep it this way then you are going to have to give it a coating of wood treatment. A hasp and staple on the door will keep it closed when you are finished with the shed, but this does not actually lock the door. The window does mean that it is possible for people to have a look inside your shed, but the window is not overly large so we would not really worry about it.
While there is no doubt that the overlap cladding looks fantastic the way it is as you are required to treat the shed to validate the warranty. A few extras are on offer with this shed, first of all we have their Yale branded hasp and padlock set, which is available for ?19.99. Although there is a huge offering of shapes and sizes, often is the case that your needs require Garden Sheds tailored to your space and design. This is a very well built shed completely made from pressure treated materials meaning no need to paint for protection.
It comes with a stable door as standard for ventilation and a sturdy workbench beneath the sun trapping glass, an excellent alternative to a greenhouse. We can design these to fit your needs, add a partitioned room for a workshop or store room etc. This is one very attractive shed that has a very smart design which is really going to look impressive in your garden.
We are really impressed with how classy they have made this shed and feel that the design of it would make it something that really would blend into any style of garden.
This means that you do not have to worry about water sitting on top of there, trying to find its way inside. We really like this frame as it is strong and will ensure the shed stays firm for many years, but it is not overly bulky so that it will eat into your storage space. This boarding is more than able to handle the weight of your tools, gardening items, lawn mower and even you when you are hiding out from the other half. First of all, even though this is a single door, we do not see you having any issues getting anything inside or out of the shed. We really like how this window is on the front of the shed as we feel that this way you are going to get lots of natural light into the shed.

So while the door will stay securely closed, you will have to purchase some kind of lock if you want to make sure your belongings are safe from thieves. Plus if you do not want people to look inside your shed then you could add a curtain or a set of blinds. Of course you do have to treat the wood once a year, but this is a small price to pay for a shed that is going to last you 10 or more years. We really like the design of this shed and are actually pretty blown away at the high quality of it considering that it is being sold for under ?200. It is not here to make any kind of fashion statement, even though it does have a good look, it is here to give you one very solid and long lasting structure to keep a whole bunch of items safe and organised. Not only this, but a robust frame is right behind the cladding that really does make this one sturdy shed which is going to give you many years of service. Instead they have used some strong, heavy duty mineral felt this means that the roof can take quite a bit of weight from the snow and also from your neighbor’s annoying cat that seems to think it can strut across your roof.
We know it may not have the smooth look of shiplap cladding, but there is just something so cool about the way that this looks.
This flooring is not on its own either, it is helped by some strong floor joists that will keep the shed from sitting directly on the ground. They have gone for vertical cladding on the door and it makes it look like an old style shed you would find deep in the woods.
While we like to see windows on a shed, we must admit that the fully boarded look of this one is very nice to see.
This makes it perfect to hide your items away from thieves and also for you to hide from your other half when you have done something to get yourself in trouble. If though you are like us and like the way the shed looks on its own then use a wood treatment that will just lighten or darken the shed. They also have this awesome alarm security kit that will really make any potential thieves think twice. Even though it is a little larger than some of their other sheds, they have not cut any corners. The whole shed actually is something that is going to stay strong for many years and with a little help from you, it is going to stay free from rot and keep looking great as well.
It may be a little on the large size, but with the help of a friend, we are sure you will have this up and ready for use in 4-6 hours. This is one very well made shed that has a very classic kind of style to it which is something you do not see a whole lot. This is a structure that has a very modern style, but as well as this it has that classic shed look which British sheds are known for. To start with the flooring is given extra support thanks to the pressure treated floor joists, these are going to enable you to store many heavy items in here. The shed is just a hair over 6 feet wide and it is 4 feet 3 inches deep, which we do know does not sound like a whole lot, but for the average family or just a person looking for that little bit extra storage space this is more than enough.
To start with you have no worries about the rain getting in through the roof as the water will always run off the roof.
We really like this style of cladding as it is something that is never going to go out of style and as it is 8 mm thick when the kids are running round the garden playing football or when you are not paying attention when you are mowing the grass and crash into it, then it can take it. They have used solid sheet boarding just like the roof, but under this they have used pressure treated floor joists that really do help the floor be able to take a whole lot of weight.
First of all it looks great with those large black hinges giving it a bit of style while they prevent the door from sagging. If you intend on keeping a bike, expensive tools or the children’s prized outdoor toys in here then you will certainly want to at the very least add a padlock. Still if privacy is a concern of yours then you could always think about adding some blinds or curtains.
We know this may seem a little pricy, but it is actually very high quality and it goes well with the look of the shed. While the actual structure is going to be very strong for many years, you must make sure you treat the wood in order to keep it rot free. It is a two person job so be sure to get some help and actually do what the instructions tell you. They really have done a wonderful job in designing this shed so that you are going to get many years of use out of it. Its reverse design with the door and the window right on the front really is quite eye catching. So that you can store many items inside the shed, a strong solid sheet boarding floor has been used. It is a very decent size and while it is called a 6 x 4 shed, actually the width is a little over 6 feet so you do have a fairly decent amount of storage space in here. There is some very attractive looking sand felt on the very top of the roof that is used to protect the solid sheet boarding underneath. A good frame should be something that does an amazing job, but you never notice it is there and that is what we feel this one does.
The door is very well made as it has some extra framing on the back to keep it strong and it is secured to the shed with these two large black hinges. Apart from this there is not really anything else you can do to change the appearance of the shed.
First of all is their standard hasp and padlock set which is not some cheap brand it is actually a Yale branded hasp and lock and can be added for ?19.99.
It should take you around 4 to 6 hours and hopefully your friendship will be intact by the end of it. While the storage space it offers is better than you would expect from a 6 x 4 shed, it will not take up a whole lot of room in your garden. It is also a very decent size, giving you plenty of space to keep your belongings safe out of the rain and out of the sight of thieves.

Of course if the cladding is going to be weak and let in water then really, who cares what it looks like?
The frame is strong, but you do not have to worry about it taking up valuable real estate in your shed by sticking out too far. While we like the looks it is the size, longevity and overall robustness that makes this such a good shed and one that is very easy to recommend. With a well designed door and one small window, this is a shed that really will look great in your garden. The walls are not just pleasant to look at they are also very strong thanks to being 8 mm thick overlap cladding.
Plus as the eaves height is 5 feet 4 inches, you could use some shelving on the walls which will really enhance the amount of storage space you have. They have used some impressive solid shoot boarding and covered this with some very nice looking sand felt. It makes the shed very strong and also ensures that it is a structure which is not going to get weak as the years go by. This floor was something that really did take us by surprise as it really is made with high quality materials. Once a year after this a new coating of treatment should be applied, you do this and that gorgeous overlap cladding and the rest of the wood will stay rot free. On the back of the door are some strong braces that will give it a bit extra strength which if you have kids who will be in theory putting their outdoor toys in here is something you will be thankful for. It is a fixed window so you cannot open it which is something we actually would have liked to have seen. They also have an alarm system which will give your shed even more security by sounding off an alarm if anyone dares mess with your shed. You do this and you will find that you have this built and ready for use in no time at all. It is not the largest shed we have seen that is for sure, but we feel that there is still more than enough space to keep your tools, kids toys, mower and anything else that you are always tripping over in your garden. The storage space on offer from this shed is actually quite impressive and if you think before you place things then you can really store a lot of items in here such as gardening equipment, tools, garden toys and many other things.
That apex roof is not just there to look nice it is there to also ensure that you have no issues of rain getting into the shed. This is actually far stronger than you may think as it can take the weight of lots of snow and even some kind of meeting of all your neighbours cats gathering on top of it. They have not just selected this cladding for you to gawk at and show off to your neighbours They have used is because it does a great job in keeping the elements at bay and it is also very strong. If you have a family then this type of glazing is perfect as it means even if your child has a right foot like Ronaldo, that window will not leave dangerous broken glass all over the place. A more advanced and pretty cool, electronic alarm system is also available which will really kick your security up a few notches. This is a shed that we really do like and feel that if you want a good cheap shed that has a lot of style then this is the shed for you.
Its windowless design makes it perfect for those of you who crave a little privacy or who just want to make sure none of your items are on display. These are further protected by the roof having a covering of heavy duty mineral felt and the floor being supported with floor joists. At 6 feet 9 inches wide and 7 feet 11 inches deep, you have a lot of floor space to make use of in this shed. But thankfully this cladding is strong and also put together so well that the rain will never get inside. They do offer a plastic shed base which can be used if you do not want to place the shed directly on the ground, this is a little pricey though at ?119.99. For those of you who want a shed that has been designed with keeping your belongings safe first and foremost then this is the shed for you. Due to the design as well as the generous amount of floor space that is at your disposal, you could always add some shelving to really maximise the amount of storage space you have. The window that is located on the side of the shed is not only going to let in natural light it is also made so that it is shatterproof, making this shed safe if you have children playing in the garden. This is not just a shed that is offering a practical storage solution it also has a great look that makes this something you will be proud to have in your garden.
They have made sure that you will be able to get things in and out of the shed easily by making the door a little over 2 feet wide. This does cost ?29.99, but if you have something you really want to protect then it is worth thinking about.
We really do feel that this is one fantastic shed and the fact that it is being sold for such an affordable price makes this something that is very easy for us to recommend. Along the ridge the shed is actually offering you quite a bit of headroom as it is just a hair over 7 feet high, even the eaves height is very respectable at 5 feet 3 inches.
This kind of space should allow you to store things in an organised manner rather than then all piled up on top of each other.
Overall the door is well made and with the three braces on the back of it is a rather robust door that can take the odd slam. The height is very impressive as along the ridge of the roof there is an incredible 7 feet of headroom, even the eaves height is respectable at 5 feet.

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