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We have some 1X6 Chinese Cedar, in short lengths, just in time for the planter-box builders!
Known as Cunninghamia, it is sometimes called Chinese Cedar or China-fir , but it is neither a fir or a cedar. China Cedar is mostly plantation grown and contributes to Chinas number 1 ranking in the world for plantation forest. Common uses for 1x6 lumber include trim for cabinets, frame and panel construction, storage projects, and outdoor lattice. I only have about 105 pieces from 6 to 8 foot, I think it will make some great stuff, or panel a small wall. Looking for a good price on all kinds of wood in the Carlisle Chambersburg Harrisburg area?
Call us for hard wood flooring in Carlisle Chambersburg and Harrisburg areas of Pennsylvania. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Using old wire I found somewhere, electrical connectors, and wood screws, I fashioned a 100% completely free hanger. IPE CLIP® EXTREME KD™ Fastener Kit - These Fasteners come with stainless steel washers molded inside for increased holding power.
Messmer's Wood and Deck Cleaner and Brightener (Part A and B) powder concentrates are specially formulated to clean and brighten exterior wood decks, fences, log homes, and other exterior wood projects. After waiting for several minutes for product to dissolve and activate, apply with a mop or sprayer.
Discount Cedar Siding in Tennessee!If you have been looking for a Cedar Siding Opportunity - THIS IS IT!
Buffalo Lumber has located another supply of beautiful Discount #3 grade Incense Cedar Siding. Buffalo Lumber's incense cedar siding meets our Buffalo Lumber "Customer U-GRADE" requirements.

If you know your way around a saw you can maximize your "and better" stock for use in high visibility areas. We are pleased to say that we can offer this wood to our customers with savings that you haven't seen in a long time. When we got into the units we were very happy to see that they are in good shape on both smooth and rough side. When you call our toll free line you will be asked a few questions to confirm if we can truly help with your project. OUR Partners are cool and interesting Companies and Products we believe in enough to share with OUR customers.
Designer Melody Jackson contacted us to source redwood lumber and soffit for her customer Dale Torok's Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. The Design - it started out as a horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment built on the 2nd floor. The Home Owner had originally decided to go with sheet rock on the interior but after doing the research online decided on wood paneling. When it was time to select the interior paneling Krystal said they wanted something that looked really old and Rustic. People always say it like that means some less expensive lower grade of wood is fine because they are going to be painting the wood. At this time Buffalo Lumber can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers, smaller shipments would be customer arranged. I personally enjoy working with pine and this ship lap is a great pattern for joining the pieces. The one pictured is the 1863 flag used in the middle of the Civil War, but you can arrange the stars however you wish to. This means that it protects and conditions woods such as Ipe, Garapa, Tigerwood, and Cumaru while also maintaining a natural appearance.
Let the product sit on the deck surface for at least 10 minutes, making sure to keep the deck wet with more product if it begins to dry out.

Opportunities like these won't last long and in today's market they may never be this good again. There are still flaws the most common being wane and loose knots but this looks to be the best overall quality we've had yet.
I had been on several customer tours this trip and had seen some nice houses and good ideas but this was different.
He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain. Our DISCOUNT log siding is for the rustic customer looking for the cheapest way to cover their home or cabin with cedar log siding and still have something very nice to show for their money and effort.
I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left. The added thickness of 1x6 decking gives your deck extra strength, with very little added cost.
It cam locks into place and applies much more bending power than other methods of straightening deck boards. Ipe Oil™ was developed with professional results in mind, providing exceptional penetration, water repellency and U.V. Allow the deck to dry for at least a day or two in good weather before applying any stain or finish. Allow the Brightener to sit on the surface for 15 minutes, keeping the deck wet with more product if necessary. The size of the flag can be altered if need be, depending on the type of wood you can locate. Allow the deck to dry at least a day or two in good weather before applying any stain or finish.

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