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Julia Quinn runs her jewellery-making business Cheeky Lemur in a frankly fantastic garden office in France having relocated from England earlier in the year. Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998. This a lovely idea for the mobile shedworker - it's a handbuilt 5' x 6', two wheel trailer, with front and back porches, tin roof and completely insulated (there's a door at the back and a fake door in the front). Via Alex at Tiny House Talk and Kent at Tiny House Blog: I like their description of it as a 'hobby house'. From Estonia comes what manufacturers Cubist Outdoor Residences call 'the ultimate private oasis'. Monday posts are sponsored by garden2office, the Swedish garden office specialists.Click here for more details. A terribly sad story in the Watford Observer by Chris Hewett covers a fire at the garden studio of Bushey artist Heather Highman: a neighbour's bonfire spread to a tree in her garden and then onto her garden office which burnt down, taking with it 40 years of her work. Potentially very useful if your garden office is some distance from your home, the SiFi Solar Powered Wireless Range Extender improves your signal strength to improve its range using a 30 watt solar panel which was designed and tested in Scotland. The glass office is a new design from Decorated Shed which, as the name suggests, features a lot of glass: window sliding doors on the front lead round to glass windows from top to bottom the whole way round. Friday posts are sponsored by Extraspace, the flat-packed, man-portable expandable garden building experts.
The Tranquil garden office is a remarkable design by Jordan Ridgley which he says is designed to give the user the feeling of being in their own therapeutic underwater bubble.
For those of you not familiar with The Selby, the site's owner Todd Selby describes it as offering "an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail" (it's hard to describe it pithily but it's well worth a browse). Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Garden Room Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. Continuing this week's theme of all-purpose garden offices, here's the asunder garden shed by industrial designer Ben Carter who says his design offers the capacity to securely store all the items conventional sheds can, with better accessibility. Shedworking was delighted to hear from John Evoy at the Adult and Community Education Service in Co.
John says that the Irish Men's Shed Forum aims to promote these concepts and will act as an information hub to support the fledgling Men's Shed movement in Ireland. Freelance wine journalist John Stimpfig went on a camping holiday for a few days and when he'd returned to his Oxfordshire home, Cotsmill Garden Offices had installe a great new shedworking atmosphere up and running for him.

As we commented earlier in the year, the trend towards an integrated garden office and traditional storage shed is gathering pace.
This month, Shedworking's Calm Editor Heather Bestel recommends 'Take the kids to work day':Remember one of the major benefits of shedworking is having more time with the family. UK Delivery: Delivery is included for the majority of the UK, however for areas such as Scotland, some parts of Wales and Cornwall there maybe an additional delivery charge. We are very proud of our knowledge and experience, if you have any questions on this product please let us know and we'll be pleased to help. It was designed and built by her husband Marcus and as the top photo shows, it's really rather special. It's on sale currently on ebay and here's what the owner says he built it to "take to shows and print photos out of it so I wired it with 110 outlets that you use a on-board extension cord that is in a box under the back. The company specialises in rather luxurious spas, but this building is aimed at individuals as much as commercial ventures with the smallest size starting at 6x6m, optional extras including flatscreen TVs and fridges, and exteriors of thermowood, Trespa or stone: there's a 3D tour to give you some idea before you buy.
He describe it as the UK's premier shed-based literary festival but (and I'd have to check with John 'Shedman' Davis to be absolutely sure) I'm guessing it might actually be the first of its kind. You are allocated five minutes to read or perform a poem(s), a short story or extract from a larger piece.
He explains: "This is done by trying to create a user experience every time the product is used.
Now Mr Selby has launched The Selby Contest to find inspiring living spaces and Marty Butler from Austin, Texas, has been in touch with Shedworking since his entry, The Art Shed, is a garden office or as he puts it "a modern screened-in backyard studio". Wexford that, inspired by the fabulously sucessful Australian Men's Sheds Association(pictured above), the Irish Mens Shed's Forum will be launched at a conference in Co.
It was a bespoke 2.5m x 4m building from their Contemporary range with a single door, fully fronted glass and two opening side windows finished in stained Scandinavian softwood. Here's a nice example from Roomworks, a garden room with an attached uninsulated shed at the rear of the building to provide essential storage in this urban garden in The Park area of Nottingham.
Both Julia and Marcus have nicely written blogs which are well worth reading - Marcus details the build of the shed office in some detail and plenty of photos on his. Moller Architects for Saint-Gobain to be a sustainable playhouse or general purpose garden building.
Other new designs from the company - which has recently redesigned its website - include a version of the glass garden office but with glass solely at the front, a flat-topped garden office and another with a curved roof with a nod to the shepherd's hut look.

As Hodinkee comments in a fascinating article, his Dingemans Mechanische Horloges company - which is based in a garden office shed at his home in the Netherlands, pictured above - makes unique handcrafted watches, "a throwback to days long since defeated by an age of electronics and mass production". The use of the textured glass gives the user the sense of walking through water like the bottom of a waterfall.
So please do nip along and vote for Marty and help to put shedworking even more on the map. Wexford on October 1 by Minister for State Sean Connick and Professor Barry Golding from the University of Ballarat in Australia.
We hope that this marvellous news will encourage the establishment of similar projects in other countries and will be reporting back on the launch in October. Clad in red cedar, it is impossible to see where the room finishes and the shed starts and because the store does not require insulation or the same kind of internal finishes this provides a very cost effective solution. Here's a snippet from Julia's: As I'm working in my workshop, I can enjoy the view of my miniature garden set out in front of me, I can almost smell the swaying sunflowers in the garden next door which is a sight to behold. A switch on the inside turns on a 110 volt light." I think there'd be a definite market for this kind of product in the UK (this one was built in Texas).
There's a considerable waiting list for his work (not least because he only makes one a month) which is all undertaken in his tool shed using tools which date back several decades including a 1947 lathe. The interior is also styled like coral to help give the user the sense of being underwater." Jordan has also designed the garden office below which makes great use of glass and has a rather attractive curved roof. Those of you who have been following our stories on this remarkable organisation will know that it aims to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for men to meet and socialise, often working on projects in the company of other men and at their own pace. The finish and end result is excellent and it sits beautifully within our garden." Incidentally, Cotsmill now offer uPVC windows and doors (including sliding doors for the first time) as well as their standard timber offering. In pharetra, eros imperdiet luctus imperdiet, nunc sem pharetra mi, vel faucibus elit risus id tortor. It can certainly be used for shedworking since it was set up for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference last year where it was used as a radio studio by NOVA FM.

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