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A contemporary designed summerhouse with an elegant curved roof which allows for efficient water run off. Have your new Log Cabin built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY. This 8x8 Helios Summerhouse is a stunning summerhouse which with its contemporary design, will stand out in any garden beautifully.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All DuraMax Accessories Ship FREE when ordered with shed - tick boxes on left to add to order - . DuraMax Storage Track System - Maximise your space by Vertically Storing Bikes or Long Handle Tools. The duramate 8x8 classic shed design offers substantial space for its size and on the same token it is not overly intrusive in any back yard or garden.
A unique feature of this shed is that it comes with double doors offering good access for larger items such as bicycles, lawn mower etc.
Rhino Shelter products are always in high demand and only ship directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. The Rhino Shelter 8X8 Instant Storage Shed by MDM Products, the country's leading maker of vinyl structures of all sizes, is perfect for storing small vehicles, motorcyles, boats, lawn equipment, or just about anything else.
Rhino Shelter vinyl structures are the strongest on the market as they use high quality multi-layer fabric and heavy-duty galvanized structural steel tubing. Designed for easy assembly with common household tools, the Rhino Shelter 8X8 Instant Storage Shed can be put together in just a few hours or less depending on how much help you have. Anchors (Ground Auger) - Some customers prefer auger-style anchors, which work great in dirt and are reusable and easy to install. Extended Warranty - Rhino Shelter portable structures all come with an industry-leading 2 year limited warranty. Floor Kit - The Rhino Shelter Floor Kit acts as a vapor barrier for your structure as it block moisture and condensation from the ground. Liftgate For Delivery - The customer is required to have at least one person present to sign for the delivery and help unload the pallet from the truck. Without the liftgate, the customer will have to remove the box or boxes from the truck manually. Ideally two people will be present to accept delivery so that everything is unloaded quickly and moved safely, and the customer will have a hand truck for easier mobility. Ventilation Kit - This kit adds two 12 inch square, plastic injection molded vents to your Rhino Shelter portable structure. The inital flat strip steel is cold-formed and induction welded and then is subjected to two coating baths. Industrial Grade Fabric - The strong vinyl covers used in Rhino Shelter structures have three layers in a triple stack weave for significant durability. The cover is UV-treated on both sides with a 10% chemical treatment, and the inner black scrim layer, unique to Rhino Shelter, blocks 100% of sunlight and UV rays from penetrating through the material. Pre-Drilled Bolt-Together Frame - No cutting or drilling is needed during assembly, and power tools are not even needed.

Cable Hook Anchors - Rhino Shelters use 3 feet long anchors with rust-proof stainless steel anchors. Ratchet Straps - The heavy duty straps are unique to Rhino Shelter structures and allow the cover to go over the frame with the tighest fit possible. The straps allow the cover to fit more squarely on the frame as well, making adjustment of the fabric on the bottom cross rail easier, and unlike rope, they will not stretch or allow the cover to get loose over time.
Designed To Withstand Winter Weather - Rhino Shelter structures are able to withstand winter storms in heavy snow areas. Since its inception in 2001, MDM Products has shipped its Rhino Shelter line of portable structures to customers worldwide. Ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority for all MDM employees. At the same time, the classic designs that made Rhino Shelter's phenomenal growth possible are continually freshened to give customers the widest possible selection of styles and sizes.
Tongue and groove 12mm cladding creates a super strength build and structure.The roof of this 8x8 Helios Summerhouse has been carefully designed and is curved meaning water simply runs off.
Like all Duramax vinyl sheds the walls are reinforced with metal uprights which provide strong and secure fixing points for shelving. Availability changes daily, so please ask us before ordering as shipping times can range from a few days to several weeks. With its ease of assembly and high-quality construction, it is a tremendous value for a shed of this size.
Other manufacturers skimp on these critical components and consequently their structures fail at the slight hint of inclimate weather. The shed is low maintenance and won't fade, mildew, or rot as a wood structure may over time. Available in green or grey, this shed is sure to provide your family plenty of use for years to come. Six large 32 inch auger anchors are available that have a pull-out strength of 1200 pounds, the same as the included cable hook anchors. When your Rhino Shelter portable structure arrives from the shipper, the liftgate is a crane-type device that takes the giant pallet off the truck and places it in your driveway. This is usually done by opening the shrink wrap and moving each piece to its destination in your garage or backyard.
The liftgate is recommended for the very largest deliveries but is not necessary for most of the smaller structures. Sometimes in extreme weather conditions, extra ventilation is needed to reduce the internal temperature or help remove excess humidity with increased air circulation.
This allows covers to last an average of 7-10 years, depending on the level of sun exposure, while cooling the temperature inside. The anchors easily go into the ground without digging with the drive rod that fits in the head of each anchor.
The reinforced webbed strap material and turnbuckle design will prevent any ripping and helps create a wrinkle-free look quickly.
Years later, MDM has become a leader in providing high quality, durable vinyl structures at an affordable price.

It continues to be a leader in innovation as its design team constantly releases new products into the marketplace.
The main Milford, CT warehouse has been constantly expanded and the founding team has decades of experience in the portable structure sector. Its half-glazed double doors, two front windows and an opening side window ensure plenty of natural light floods into it and provides air circulation when opened during the warmer months.
MDM Products is based in Connecticut, and so all of its structures are designed to withstand the severe weather the East Coast is prone to.
Some customers prefer to have even more anchoring, and so extra individual cable hook anchors and U-bolts are available. Six small 16 inch auger anchors are also available that have a pull-out strength of 800 pounds. The floor kit will fit structures up to 12' wide x 24' long, and can be easily cut to fit any size. This procedure usually only takes 15 or 20 minutes, and each piece may weigh anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds or less. The final protective coating is a clear organic polymer that gives the surfact its smoothness and brightness. The effective lifespan of the cover is considerably longer than the covers used by competitors, and replacement covers are available at an affordable price.
Each set of anchors has a pull-out strength of 1200 pounds, four times higher than auger anchors typically used by other manufacturers.
This experience and professionalism is reflected in the high quality of structures manufactured by MDM. The integral front veranda provides additional seating area, and brings a welcoming ambience to the 8x8 summerhouse.Featuring 12mm cladding which is thicker than the standard 8mm and comes with all glazing, a floor and mineral felt to protect it from the elements. The two wide opening doors open up and allows access into the spacious interior perfect for family get-togethers. The driver is not obligated to help unload the delivery, though we have not found this to ever be a problem. These coatings will not flake off during construction or dull with age, and the frame construction and design ensures that your structure will be rigid and durable for years to come.
Rhino Shelter party tents are anchored by ground stakes while the metal carports use stainless steel pins. The four windows on this 8x8 Helios Summerhouse have been made using styrene, a safe glass alternative, chosen for its anti-shatter properties. This summerhouse has a lock and key mechanism which enables security to your furnishings and offers peace of mind that your items are safe.
It comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee and to maxamise this we advise you treat the summerhouse annually with a timber preservative to lengthen the life of your summerhouse.When following our instructions for this summerhouse, you will have it standing in no time.

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