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Distributor - Great Value GaragesI was very happy overall with sales people, the product and the builder. Quaker barn sheds are offered in a large variety of standard measurements, and usually start at about six meters wide and ar available in un limited length. A popular style of barn, ideal for farm storage, commercial use, stables or to convert into a house. You can buy a shed from Pacific Sheds in most instances for the same price as a C Section Shed!
Often an American barn design is used for stables or stable complexes with the centre section forming a breezeway and also giving the extra height needed for a decent sized horse float or horse transport truck. Aussie Barn sheds remind me of the classic old Australian colonial farm building and in the past I have seen them used as weekenders, farm sheds, tourist centres and also for stables or stable complexes. Many of the good reputable steel shed suppliers can offer sliding door options on barns rather than roller doors and offer stable doors and stable panels as well. Another important aspect when contemplating an American or Aussie Barn are the internal columns.
This entry was posted in Barn Sheds, Shed Homes, Sheds garages carports and tagged american barns, aussie barns, live in sheds, mezzanine floors, stables. All American Barn Sheds are provided with site specific engineering and certificates of compliance to provide you with a quick and easy council approval process. Available in many different design options, the American Barn is truly a superior design that would look great on any property. World of Sheds is committed to providing it's customers with the Highest Quality Heavy Duty Sheds at our best possible Prices. This property situated in Gunalda about 30 minutes from Gympie, The property is 64.67 hectares perfect for running cattle or horses.

Every precaution has been taken to establish accuracy of the above information but does not constitute any representation by the vendor or agent.
Aztech American Barns - aesthetically pleasing, practical buildingsThe American Barn design from Aztech Buildings adds value to any property with its striking visual lines and practical applications. Standard Building Range - check out popular sizes of American BarnsThe American Barn is part of Aztech's Standard Building Range (which has fully customisable features).
General information about American BarnsThe Aztech American Barn has a striking appearance that is also a useful building design when an area of higher roofline is required as the central gable area is much higher than the lower mono-slope off each side.
Please speak to your local distributor to clarify if these charges will apply to your requested design.
American Barns can be used for many applications including car garages, boat sheds, workshops, housing caravans, horse stables, storage rooms and games rooms to name a few.
The Colorbond steel can be the final finish or you can include different type of cladding to provide it your own look. So just use our online quote form and we will endouver to reply back with in 48 hours with our detailed quote.
The idea behind the American style barn is that you can have a high centre section with which you can either install a tall opening roller door or perhaps a mezzanine floor area. The added centre height that is available with an American Barn Shed makes it ideal for the addition of a Mezzanine floor. If you need extra height in your barn then make sure you ask for a steep pitch to your centre section.
These can be handy if you need places to fix the internal stable panels or perhaps walls to living or office areas. Boasting some of the industry's most experienced staff, outstanding customer service and first-class real estate for sale or rent, you can be assured that at Gympie Regional Realty we have what it takes to ensure your absolute satisfaction when buying, selling or renting your next property.

If you have specific details in relation to your building requirements we recommend taking an extra 5-10mins to fill in the detailed building enquiry form (click here) or continue below. Customisable in so many ways - add windows, mezzanine floors, doors, choose cladding and colours, and with an adaptable internal space suitable as a garage, workshop, stables, storage, accommodation and more!
You can also easily line walls with plywood for practical use and aesethetic appearance.Why build Aztech?
The mezzanine floor area is often used for studio or temporary accommodation or for additional storage area. You'll find Aztech's proven construction systems and hassle free building processes make choosing Aztech the best decision you've ever made.
You could even turn one of the sides of your American barn into an open carport, or verandah.
Aztech's American Barns are customisable, sustainable and with our Bird Proofing solutions, you minimise bird mess on your vehicles or gear. From classic car collection garage to general tractor and implement shed, or for a versatile workshop space to a combination horse stables and parking for the horse truck, talk to Aztech Buildings about their popular American Barn designs. Heights for either the side lean-tos or middle section can also be changed to suit your needs.
The standard roof pitch for the American Barns is 22` but a mansard roof also looks great.You can easily personalise your barn with windows and glass sliding doors.
To fully take advantage of the additional ceiling height, consider installing a mezzanine floor for use as storage or an additional workspace.

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