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Autumn is sneaking up on us and that means just one thing: it’s time once again for the excitement and fun that is the Marshall County Blueberry Festival!
The 2014 Marshall County Blueberry Festival, held in Plymouth, IN, is Indiana’s largest, four-day festival – and all for this humble yet delicious and healthy, little blue fruit! In its 48th year, Marshall County Blueberry Festival is a free event with the 3 stages of live entertainment, a parade, hot air balloons, horse pulls, tractor pulls, food and craft booths, fireworks, carnival rides, a spectacular car show, blueberry-pie eating contests (of course!), and tons more. This year’s headlining entertainers for the Marshall County Blueberry Festival are country music super duo, Montgomery Gentry! Montgomery Gentry will be supported by guest Frankie Ballard and will be on the Centennial Park stage in Plymouth at 8pm.
Every year for the past four years the Bremen, Indiana, Amish community called Rentown is having their Annual Garden Walk and Bake Sale Saturday, June 15, 9 AM – 3 PM. New This Year at the Garden Walk, is a Working Maple Syrup Camp and the ladies are serving lunch, for a fee, of course. The Amish families are very friendly and very thankful that the money that is donated that day is used for the Amish School for the coming year.
Since today is the first day of spring, what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than marking our calendars for one of the highlights of the year – the Amish Garden Walk right here in Bremen, Indiana! Every year the Amish community in Bremen, Indiana holds a “Garden Walk” with several Amish families participating. The Amish Garden Walk starts at the Amish School house with a sweet snack and beverage for everyone to enjoy.
On Sunday, May 1, the town people of Bremen, Indiana, came together to celebrate the preservation work completed on the historic Bremen Train Depot with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2 PM and with the Bremen High School band performing. Near the farm stand and looking back toward the main road, you see a home kitchen garden of staggering proportions. My home kitchen garden is off to a horrible start this season on account of endless rain we experienced until mid May. So, with my lettuce bitter and bolting, my brassicas failing, and my tomatoes and chili peppers still getting used to being in a garden rather than in seed-starting planters, strawberry season is upon us.
For two weeks, I had no time to process produce, and I feared strawberry season was slipping away. The woman running the farm stand pleasantly told about hassles the rains had caused for them, and graciously gave me permission to photograph the garden plot. My photos reveal that the vegetable-to-weed ratio in an Amish home kitchen garden favors the vegetables.
Rows between vegetables are wide and a horse can easily walk there without stepping on the plants. I love this kitchen garden and I admire the energy and intensity its Amish owners must have to plant it and maintain it each year. Any avid handyman will love the do-it-yourself storage shed kits coming from Sheds Unlimited Inc of Lancaster, PA. Their years of experience has made them the popular choice among thousands of storage shed and prefab car garage owners.
Do-it-yourself storage shed kits from Sheds Unlimited in Lancaster, PA are now available for shipping anywhere in the United States of America.
A preview of the garden shed kit video describes the process of purchasing and assembling a Sheds Unlimited do it yourself storage shed kit. Sheds Unlimited wants to be sure that the components of the storage shed kit, car garage kit or garden shed kit is precisely made to fit when it arrives at a customers location. With the addition of the DIY storage shed kit DVD and the thirty page kit assembly instructions, Sheds Unlimited has seen an uptick in storage shed kit sales in the beginning of 2012. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Complete your landscaping project with the perfect finishing touch: a beautiful and durable garden gazebo.

Imagine spending a warm summer afternoon in the shade of a gazebo amidst the flowers and plants of your garden, made even more serene by the babbling of a fountain or creek. Amish Country Gazebos are built to last through all the seasons over the course of a lifetime. You can add screens and windows, electricity and lights, and a variety of decorative elements. We make it fun to work with us to design your perfect gazebo, and the options are nearly limitless. All our gazebos are built by skilled Amish craftsmen in our woodshop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. To learn more about the many customizable options we offer and to discover what makes Amish Crafted Gazebos your best choice, request a complimentary catalog today. At Saylor’s End of the Trail horse ranch, you can do just that – whether there is snow on the ground or not!
Everyone wanting to attend will meet at the Amish Rolling Meadows School to get their map, registration, bake sale and lunch will be going on all day. B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) built a railroad track across northern Marshall County in 1874.
This offer provides all the information you need to get started with your own backyard chickens.
This home canning starter kit includes everything you need to can your first batch using the boiling water bath method for high-acid foods. A single Amish family plants and maintains this garden to feed itself and to stock the farm stand. In fact, produce vendors at the local flea market had no local strawberries last Sunday, so by Monday I had worked up a lather about having missed out. So, periodically, the farmer hooks a horse up to a cultivator and the horse drags the cultivator along the rows. This lets a horse get up some speed while dragging its cultivator and it doesn’t have to make a whole bunch of quick turns. In this case, the farmer laid down a long sheet of plastic and poked holes through it for onion sets. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Amish built storage shed kits from this growing company have recently become available for shipping throughout the continental United States. This growing family owned corporation has recently added a twenty-seven minute DIY storage shed DVD along with a thirty page document which describes in vivid detail the steps needed to assemble a garden shed or prefab car garage kit on one’s own property.
One can either visit the home office and manufacturing facility of the Amish storage shed kit builder in Gap, PA or simply peruse their garden shed and car garage website.
In order to do that, they often go to the extra effort of temporarily setting the main parts of the building together as a unit. Sheds Unlimited offers various methods for shipping depending on the location of the storage shed kit delivery. More folks are now able to experience the quality of a garage shed kit or a garden shed kit and have it delivered to their own property.
Our garden gazebos are built with 100 percent #1 grade pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine, the same wood chosen for its strength and durability in wooden roller coasters.
With our high quality, easy-to-handle screen package, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding pesky bugs. I also love the farm animals that I get to visit, horses, cows, chickens, goats and cattle dogs. As we walk to the different Amish gardens, the Amish grocery store gives out “FREE” homemade ice cream.
The first depot was wooden and on the northwest side of the east-west railroad track on Center Street four blocks north of the center of Bremen.

Seedlings I’d started indoors became leggy and weak, and I ended up planting lettuce on my deck rather than in my garden. As in every year, when the first local strawberries appeared at the farmers’ market, I cooked up strawberry shortcake and we had only that for dinner one night. A horse can walk these soil rows, pulling tools that turn the soil and prevent weeds from getting established.
The farm stand sat behind a roadside home kitchen garden that would make most kitchen gardeners green with envy. The farm stand is across the driveway from the front door of the house—I suspect so the family can work inside and emerge quickly when a car drives up to the stand. It was at least 200 yards from one end of the garden to the other, and about 75 yards from side-to-side. The onions have grown up through the holes while the plastic has smothered whatever weeds might have taken root.
Every storage shed or car garage kit comes with a free 27 minute DVD and a 30 page document to guide the homeowner through the process of assembling a garden shed kit. When one visits the website, pricing is easily visible for any garage kit or storage shed kit.
The paint is then applied to the outer shell of the storage shed kit thus making the job of painting the building after it is fully assembled a breeze. Their years of experience has made them the popular choice among thousands of storage shed and prefab car garage owners throughout PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond. We build both wooden and vinyl gazebos, all constructed to retain their beauty for many years.
It’s a great way to spend a day, and we’re helping the children in the Amish community learn by donating to their school! Of course, just when the lettuce leafed-up, the rain stopped and temperatures soared into the 90s (Fahrenheit). Of course, an Amish family may grow enough produce to eliminate their reliance on grocery stores… and this family grows enough to feed themselves and to sell to passersby. A Sheds Unlimited associate explains why the prices of an assembled building on the website are identical to the storage shed kit pricing.
Than, rather than painting the entire shed or garage kit on site, homeowners have the ease simply retouching the areas needed.
A commitment to customer service and a warranty to backup every building has proven to be a key to their success.
There are always new discoveries to be made among the neat rows of vegetables and bright flowers. In early 2010 another grant was obtained from INDOT using ARRA funds to complete the restoration project. Outside of that, Sheds Unlimited offers kit shipping through common carrier to any of the 50 states in the continental United States of America. For the past five years as the American economy took a downward turn, Sheds Unlimited has been experienced double digit growth every year. And now their storage shed kits are available to customers throughout the Continental United States.
The depot served as a passenger station, a freight office, a Western Union office and a mail station.

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