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Burned-out Wood article of furniture aside Cecilia Galluccio honey the intricate folk art design.
Fletcher Aviation was based in Pasadena, California and produced flight trainers for the US Air Force in and around WWII (the current iteration of Fletcher is AJ Industries of El Monte, CA). Rounded corners are sculpted from walnut, producing the art deco furniture look so prevalent at the time and popular today.
There are three standard drawers to the left, one standard plus one deep drawer to the right, and a thin drawer in the center. Our from-scratch Fletcher desk was built around the harvested metal parts of a desk that was well beyond repair.
Shown here with the glass top in place, the grain, texture and design of this piece of art deco furniture really come through.
Reverse-engineering the Fletcher desk was complicated by it being designed and built by aircraft guys instead of woodworkers. Restoration of art deco furniture is beyond the scope of most beginning woodworkers, but we are quite pleased with our results on these desks. The angular form of this Modern Feature death chair with Art Deco Influences has an undeniably Deco look. We recently acquired three art deco desks as designed and built by California-based Fletcher Aviation Company.All three were in dire condition.

With the popularity of these desks and our knowledge of their construction, we are considering offering modern desks in the Fletcher style as custom pieces. Solid brass hardware, dovetailed drawers, and thick glass transform the Fletcher Aviation desk from appliance to piece of art.
We cleaned and prepped the metal, used our other two desks as templates, and built this piece from walnut plywood as well as solid black walnut.The original Fletcher drawers were dovetailed. A How to Paint Wood Furniture With an Aged Look How to blusher vitamin A elbow room How to.
Restoring artwork Deco Follow Kevin McCloud's tips to restore your art deco piece of furniture back to its previous glory. My dream and focus growing up was to get a woodworking apprenticeship with one of the two top companies in Northern Ireland.
We harvested the hardware and metal parts of that third piece to build one up from scratch. Once the war was over and the soldiers returned, Fletcher wanted to keep both old and new employees. The base was painted, wood was finished clear.In later life, many Fletcher desks were painted to cover abused finishes. One we painted, the other we used a fresh walnut lamination with hand rubbed oil finish.Original build dates are clearly written in chalk on the underside of the tops.

We did replace the center drawer lock with a nifty brass piece.We have the original glass tops (some of the photos here have the glass in place, some do nota€”glare becomes an issue).
Here you can see that the original hardware was polished then powder coated clear to keep fingerprints to a minimum. Panel sizing was inconsistent between our two restored desks, typically where a given edge went out of sight. DIY Turn Old book of account Pages Into piece of furniture intention DIY Projects Refinishing Repurposing & Upcycling Ideas. We first thought we'd take them to the shop, cut them up, and donate them with appropriate honors to the trash bin.They proved too interesting to simply toss and it occurred to us that with some effort they could be saved. But there's only so much office floor space available.So Fletcher designed this desk to fit into a corner.
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