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Back porch Doors lead to garage, back hall, and kitchen.
This traditional style house was built in an established suburban neighborhood, the floor plan conforming closely to a sketch worked out by the owners, and the house designed and sited to satisfy stringent local setback and height limits. You can sit inside at one of their multiple tables or booths.  This restaurant would be great for the kids as the atmoshphere is relaxed and casual.
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Whether you’re building or remodeling this highly coveted spot, you’ll gain valuable living space and serious curb appeal. It doesn’t get much more inviting than the old-fashioned farmhouse porch, with its expansive wrap-around layout and unpretentious style.
Country-style porches generally open to the yard, and many are so low that you can safely step off the side to the ground.
America’s Colonial period brought a melting pot of home design ideas, which in turn produced Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, and other styles. Colonial porches keep to the architecture’s overall principles of symmetry, formality, and elegant restraint. As for palette, crisp white, gray blues, and tans depict classic Colonial colors, as do ceilings that are brushed in haint blue.
Echoing Victorian-era tastes, Queen Anne architecture reflects a penchant for personal expressiveness and over-the-top decoration.
Among the fanciful options: delicately turned posts with beveled corners and attached fretwork, railings with flat-sawn balusters, elaborate spindle work, finials, spandrels, corner brackets and friezes. Fortunately, all the fuss on a Queen Anne porch is put to good use, as the space is considered an important outdoor room for entertaining. For more on the history and architectural details of the Queen Anne-style porch, click here. A notable departure from the mass-produced elements and design excess of the Queen Anne style, Bungalow architecture grew out of California’s Arts and Crafts movement. Decorated as though an extension of the adjacent living room, Bungalow porches can be fairly rustic with earthtone palettes, twig or Mission-style furniture, and artisan lighting. Not only will you see seasonal front porch decorating at its best, but you will hear in Dee's own words the love and memories found on her porch. Dee, author of the heart-warming blog, Farmhouse Country Style, is graciously sharing her country porch with us in pictures and words.
My husband and I, along with our three children, have called this home for over 10 years now and have loved it up as best we could.
It stands with welcome arms as you walk up to our creaky screen door and it beckons you in. In the early summer days, before the heat, setting tea out on our old wicker set was so enchanting.

Sitting on our front porch, the world seems to take on a different time and place, a more simple and relaxed time. Rocking on the porch you can watch any summer evening storm with fireflies dancing by your head while the lightening splashes across the sky before youa€¦.safely there on the porch.
My middle daughter thought the porch a fine place to set up her dolls for an afternoon of fun.
She would sit out there for hours and I could listen to her safely playing through the screen door and windows. My son, the youngest, now plays there with his trucks while he patiently waits for his sister's bus to bring her home. Summertime spent sitting on the sunny porch steps with a glass of lemonade watching my children chase one another with a hose or simply blowing bubbles. As tempting as it is to want to dare think about the plastic porches that are available today for their low maintenance qualities, I really wouldn't change ours even if it was free. A few of the floor boards need repair and the paint is chipping here and there and will need to be repainted in a couple more years, a strenuous and lengthy job, but a loving process nonetheless. Because you see, it is in the very worn spots before the front door that I am reminded of all the love we receive here in our Country Farmhouse.
The wearing from arriving home daily from long days and the visitors of family and friends along with all the afternoons spent playing on that porch. That can only mean the front porch is where love arrives at our home and we love this country porch we have been so blessed to own!
Married to my loving husband for 16 years, together we are raising our family in our cozy country home. I feel blessed beyond measure and enjoy sharing pictures of my home, family, and daily life on my blog.
You can also while reading a Newspaper in the morning and breathing in the air of the morning.
Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. This neutral sliver of space between household tasks and yard work practically demands that you stop and relax, sip lemonade, catch up on conversation, breathe some fresh air and take in the view. Initially created to help cool the home’s interior and provide a comfortable respite at day’s end, these covered porches are practical, comfortable, and simple in their trim and design. Columns accomplish much of the visual design work, from massive two-story pillars to simpler paired columns stretching across the home’s facade. Furnishings should be gracious and plentiful, including rocking chairs, settees, planters and even lighting. Forget any notion that “less is more.” The ornate wraparound porches and recessed second-story retreats adorning the asymmetrical fronts of Queen Anne homes were designed to impress. These affordable cottages with low-pitched roofs feature expansive front porches that open to the yard and garden, expanding the home’s modest living space while also encouraging a strong connection with nature and the neighborhood. The prominent oversize porch columns or pillars, for instance, are usually crafted from brick, wood, or stone (such as local river rock).
Floors are typically wood, plain concrete, or concrete overlaid with ceramic tile, bluestone, fieldstone or brick.

For many, porches represent an idyll—promoting family time, neighborliness, outdoor living and street-side appeal.
Screen porches are a nice farmhouse option, and these can sometimes be fashioned using salvaged screen doors. If used, wood or aluminum railings typically showcase tasteful Chippendale-style fretwork or herringbone patterns. Chandeliers sparkle on grand porches; period-appropriate lanterns and sconces enhance more modest and Early American houses.
Propitiously, advancements in woodworking machinery in the late 1800s made previously expensive ornate porch pieces suddenly affordable, meaning homeowners could now pile it on with eclectic abandon. A back porch can be a convenient place to relax if you are able to create a back porch an interesting design, how would you put a sofa or Chair even sleeping beds. Or opt for a semi-screened look by adding trellises and railing planters between porch posts. For instance, in the steamy South, generously sized porches with bold, classical columns were added across the entire front of the house to help people beat the heat. To ensure a pleasant breeze, you might also consider adding one or more ceiling fans overhead.
Just be sure to make yours at least eight feet deep and choose a style that suits the architectural integrity of your home. Finish out the space with stained or painted wood floors and ceilings personalized with paint or pressed tin. The spacious back yard you can create a garden with a small pool and swing, this could be for a children's play area.
A coveted retreat for Southerners and the birth of one of America’s most beloved porch styles. Afterwards you can make sort of a gazebo with some seating so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a back porch with comfortable.
Wicker is a traditional favorite, but wood, cast iron, and repurposed found objects also work well.
Finally, don’t forget the nostalgic finishing touches—a porch swing and a slamming screen door. You have to get the design of the back porch you have in the backyard to be in the right design. The back porch designs should be the design that is great and comfortable.The back porch could be a good relaxing retreat you can have in your backyard.
The awesome design of the back porch would be a great thing you can have for your backyard.

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