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With the ever-looming possibility of nuclear annihilation from Soviet forces, Americans in the 1950's began building personal shelters that would protect against nuclear fallout specifically gamma radiation. To prevent against exposure from nuclear fallout, these shelters were built underground to allow dirt and soil to provide natural protection from radiation.
A fallout shelter built in the corner of a basement was the most affordable option, and it supposedly offered substantial protection. In preparing for a nuclear attack, citizens knew that it may take days or weeks to allow the radioactive fallout to reduce to safer levels.
Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. There's also a turbine ventilation unit as well as air conditioning units hidden behind boulders around the one-acre lot. But the real magic happens when you get below ground via an elevator or staircase accessed through the caretaker house. Imagine unwinding in the master bedroom's deluxe soaking tub while nuclear war wages on above your head.
For more than a decade after they moved into their house in Neenah, Wisconsin, the Zwick family knew they had a Cold War bunker in their backyard. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
With the initial structure complete, our next task was to cloak RECESS within the new landscape.
But it's not as unpleasant as you might think, says listing agent Winston King of Kingly Properties. Even if the home is livable — the previous owner lived there full time — its original purpose was to survive the end of the world. This two-bedroom, three-bath home was built in 1978 as a place to survive the end of the world.
If Henderson was going to spend most of his time underground, not only was the home going to be well-lit and well-ventilated, it was going to be luxurious. The two-bedroom, three-bath house spans 5,000 square feet and includes a pool, spa, barbecue, sauna and putting green. When Henderson first built the home, a few vents and air-conditioning units hidden behind rocks were the only signs of a residence on the property.
Erika Riggs, a real estate writer for Zillow Blog, covers celebrity real estate, unusual properties and home design trends.

Our BACKYARD BUNKER starting at $35,900 is the most affordable underground shelter with an air filtration system on the market. The following photos illustrate how we build a 20' x 9' 6" oversized shipping container into an underground survival shelter.
Once we get to this point here, you can select your own counter top colors and your flooring and decide your sleeping arrangements and if you would like a refrigerator, couch, flat screen tv,, etc. These subterranean structures were built in basements and backyards to ensure a household quick,immediate safety in the event of an attack.
The two-bedroom home is located in a 40-foot-by-46-foot room that’s roughly 25 feet below ground. Henderson, who built these types of shelters for a living with his company Underground World Home, Inc. It was not until 2010 that anyone thought to open the heavy steel hatch, climb down the ladder and explore the 8-foot-by-10-foot chamber that the home's previous owner had built to protect his family from a nuclear attack.
The boxes, old military ammunition crates, contained markings that suggested there might be explosives inside, so the family called the local branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
The home's previous owner was Frank Pansch, a local surgeon, built the shelter in 1960 - two years before the Cuban Missile Crisis had Americans across the country digging their own 'fallout shelters' in their backyards. Even basements, which are only partially beneath ground, are chosen for teenage sleepovers, or movie and game rooms. The interior is just a plain floor but the shelter does include the Swiss-made air filtration system with the manual overide crank and also includes a bullet proof blast door. First, we flip the container upside-down so the wooden floors become the ceiling, then we remove the car carrier from inside. The fallout shelter was essentially a civilian adapted bunker equipped with food, fresh water, living accommodations, and personal necessities.
The prime objective was to put as much mass between survivors and the radioactive particles from the blast as possible. Canned goods were kept due to their long shelf life and the fact that they did not need to be kept refrigerated.
The idea of a fallout shelter was not to protect from a nuclear blast, but rather from the radiation that would likely contaminate the surrounding area. The plan masked the rectangular form of RECESS within a series of curves, and raised the level of the lower yard in an attempt to conceal the existence of the much deeper cavity. 15 yards of sandy soil taken from the banks of the Rio Grande are compressed into the space surrounding the bunker, and the curve of the exterior wall should theoretically assist in the deflection of extreme compressive force.

An entire house underground doesn't necessarily sound appealing, especially one that was built a whopping 25 feet down. He had come into wealth through his involvement in several companies, including Avon cosmetics and the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., and in the late 1960s he believed that the Cold War would lead to the end of the world. Next, we weld in angle irons to hold the floor supports, then we install the wooden floors with the center boards removable so you can store provisions under the floor.
According to civil defense authorities of the 1950's and of FEMA today, a concrete block basement shelter could be built without contractors and with relatively inexpensive materials. Army boxed packed with all of the supplies a family would need to survive two weeks underground. Henderson commissioned two underground homes for his wife and himself — one in Boulder, Colo., and the other in Las Vegas. Each wall was poured to be at least 12 inches thick and even reinforced with lead reducing radiation to minimal and safe levels. 7 gallons of water per person was the minimum amount when stocking for a 2 week period of living. The small Wisconsin city is 100 miles from Milwaukee and nearly 200 from Chicago - the population centers that might have been targeted by the Soviets. The new yard plan had to break far enough from the structure of the previous one that even long-term residents of the neighborhood would approach this as an entirely new space - with an inherent belief that no trace of the original yard (or pool) was left.We added a new deck of stamped stained concrete, new stairs that carried down to the lower yard, and broke every original line. The ground surrounding the structure acts as a thermal insulator and the body heat of inhabitants would raise the temperature from within.
When finished this particular shelter will have 24" of storage under the floor which is huge compared to the storage under the pipe shelters. When this shelter is finally done, it will have painted walls, linoleum floors, storage under the beds and floors and feel more like a New York apartment than a bomb shelter. This ventilation system consisted of a large door flap that hung by hinges on the top of the door frame. With a piece of rope or cord connected to it, shelter inhabitants could take turns swinging the flaps forward to push air out and having fresh air let in when the flaps swung back. Other supplies included cots and sleeping bags, a first-aid kit (examples below), chemical or portable toilet for waste management, and a radio.

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