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Reminiscent of clockwork design, this manually-milled stainless steel hardware holds up to 452 lbs. A true representation of retro-design, this unique rolling door hardware embodies form, function and manufacturing complexity. We designed this sliding door hardware to meet high sanitary standards and allow thorough cleaning with no visible connectors, corrugations, edges or covers.
Standard Flat TrackCombining functionality and affordability, our standard barn door hardware track comes in many finishes and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Horseshoe Flat TrackWith an old world look, our horseshoe barn door hardware comes enhanced with the modern production techniques. Axel Sliding Door HardwareMade of carbon steel to allow onsite customization, our industrial sliding door hardware also ships within a few days.
Hammered Flat TrackPerfect for rustic applications, our hammered barn door hardware is available in four artisanal blacksmith finishes. Loft Colors Flat TrackOur newest barn door hardware track is powder-coated in your choice of four finishes, designed to stay bright for years to come. T-Series Flat TrackOur most affordable sliding door hardware feature riveted bolts, sealed bearings and are made of solid steel.
Spoked Flat TrackSpoked Flat Track hardware is a reminiscent of old-world door hardware, this hardware will be the focal point of your room. Terra-EWhen the weight can't be supported above the opening, Terra-E bottom sliding door hardware is a perfect solution. SpiderA true representation of retro-design, the Spider hardware embodies form, function and manufacturing complexity. Duplex-SThe Duplex-S hardware is uniquely engineered with two top wheels to distribute the load of heavy wood or metal door panels.
PuristPurist was designed with no visible connectors, corrugations, edges or covers to give it a sleek look with clean lines.
VarioThe Vario system is our solution for those applications where a curved rail is required. TwinThe Twin system allows the panel to extend up past the rail and hardware instead of stopping below the rail. ChronosReminiscent of clockwork design, this manually-milled stainless steel hardware holds up to 452 lbs.
BaldurFeaturing four inch diameter unsealed bearings and our patented hubless design, BALDUR barn door hardware puts the beauty & function of the bearing above all else.
OdenQuietly refined, ODEN's understated design looks equally at home in both modern and traditional environments.
Rob RoyHonest, simple, bold, and distinct; it's hard to know exactly how to define the industrial yet refined look of Rob Roy barn door hardware. Oden Colors AccentsThe Oden barn door hardware is available with color accents to give the hardware that extra appeal you're looking for. Light Duty Box TrackOur Light Duty Box Track is perfect for interior openings where a sliding door is needed, but the hardware needs to be concealed behind a valance or fascia. Medium Duty Box TrackMedium Duty Box Track is for heavier, solid doors on interior or exterior openings. Automated Sliding HardwareOur automated sliders will open your doors at the push of a button or the wave of a hand. Bronze Gate HardwareOur bronze gate hardware is made from solid bronzed and perfectly aged to give that antique look.
3-Panel Barn DoorThe 3-Panel Barn Door is a contemporary twist on the classic 5-Panel Barn Door, perfect for any home decor. Z-Rail Barn DoorThe Z-Barn door combines the rustic and vintage with a transitional contemporary to add style to any home. Contemporary Barn DoorThe Contemporary barn door is a more modern twist on the popular 3-Panel barn door. Framed Leaded Glass Barn DoorSolid mahogany with triple glazed beveled glass make this door sturdy and attractive.

Multi-Panel Barn DoorFused solid wood pieces with a 3mm thick with a clear face for superior strength and appearance. Bottom GuidesOur bottom guides will keep your sliding doors from swinging in and out as they slide. Locking StilettoOur locking Stiletto handle incorporates a locking mechanism which is a great solution for locking doors that swing and slide.
We have the world's largest selection of sliding door hardware, barn door hardware, and accessories at the guaranteed lowest price. Our unique Bypass Barn Door Hardware system allows you to utilize barn door hardware even in tight spaces. The standard system uniquely allows you to retrofit onto existing tracks to simply add a door and is adjustable for different door widths.
The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is efficient in tight spaces, offering a low profile alternative to the bulkier designs. The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is the perfect solution to installations that have limited space available to hang the track.
The set up is simple, there is one track that is installed like any other of the barn door hardware systems, and then there are custom made brackets that then hold another track off the wall to allow for two doors to be on separate tracks. While the installation may seem daunting, it is no more difficult than installing a basic set, it simply requires a bit more time. Brackets to Hang Second Track off the Wall (number of brackets depend on the length of track ordered. This guide is an option if your door does not have a channel to receive the L-Shaped door guide. This guide is an effective option if it is better suited to install the guide into the baseboard rather than the floor.
All hardware sets include 2 straps with wheels and all the hardware to hang one door. Sometimes more doors are better than one, and multiple doors will slide on the same track. Here at Artisan Hardware, we do our best to stock all of our products and their variations, but our products are in high demand! We have consistently tripled our total orders year over year, and that is due to our incredible customer service and our hand-made, no-compromises, made-in-America, high-quality products.
We offer the full range of Benjamin Moore Paint colors and can paint your door any color you choose. The barn doors are a super stylish door varieties featuring four hinged metal slats designed for holding the cinema lights. The distinctive design attributes of the barn doors have led to their increased popularity in the market. Modern interior barn door hardware brings in a great style to the array and its application offers great form and function. Barn Doors with open faced fixtures – This design helps in creating two shadows of the barn door.
Barn Doors with diffused glass accessory – Adding a glass accessory in the door’s design will offer a subtle cutting effect to it. Far from being fit only for the farm, barn doors have emerged as one of the most useful and whimsical ways to add a splash of creativity to a living space.
There are several barn door designs for your home that can provide quite a bit of visual flair to a room.
With the amazing amount of potential applications that barn doors offer, it is not hard to see why homeowners have taken a second look at this unique type of door style.
Our rustic hardware is an exact replica of hardware from the 1800s and made to withstand the test of time.
Technically sophisticated and visually beautiful, the Klassik is great for any application. Perfect for exotic hardwoods or mirror finishes where the door needs to stand out more than the hardware. It is etched into the surface of the material, allowing the underlying brushed finish to shine through. For interior or exterior openings, the heaviest panels can be moved with a very light touch.

Whether it's one panel around a corner or several panels into a pocket, we've got you covered. We also have a complete line up of sliding doors that range in styles from rustic to modern so you can now get your hardware and your sliding doors from the same place. The ability to slide one door over another makes the Bypass door hardware effective for closets, or multiple openings on the same wall.
Rather than requiring twice the length of the opening for the track, the track can be the same size as the opening itself.
Larger openings, closets, and room dividers constantly require such a setup of Bypass Barn Door Hardware rather than a single door.
Our handles are made here in the USA and come in the same finish you choose for your hardware.
It functions best with a channel cut out of the bottom of the door so the guide is not visible to the eye. If needed, note that tracks less than twice the width may prevent the door from opening fully, and tracks longer will allow the door to slide further past the opening. Your options are limitless and you can create that unique look and feel that you want for you home or office. These doors don’t only feature elegant look but also fastening light gels and shaping light.
Placing a diffusion between the Barn Doors and the lamp allows beam cutting, which adds another lush to the beauty of the door. The sliding design of the barn door hardware offers a gap in between the wall of the bathroom and the door which further allows it to slide over the wall easily.
Farm style design, over-sized reclaimed design, rustic barn door are a few other design barn door styles that could also prove out to be a good option for you. Instead of hanging on hinges and swinging open, barn doors are opened and closed by sliding the door on a roller track, allowing you to save a significant amount of floor space in your home. All you need to do is make sure that you have enough wall space available to accommodate the door when it has been rolled open, and you’re good to go. Every door sold comes with the kind of service and support you have come to expect from us. If you are attaching into studs, you will want to drill on site to ensure you’re holes match up. Heavier doors may need more than the standard 2 straps (over 300lbs), and some creative projects require more as well. Though originally they were conceived for their artistic features, but their high functionality has led to the increased demand of the kind. But at the same time, make sure to keep the theme of the array in mind when selecting a barn door design for your home.
Many homeowners utilize barn doors to close off their home office spaces when they’re not in use. The possibilities that various barn door styles can offer for your home are truly limitless. Visitors to our showroom get an extra 10% off every purchase.Click here to get more information! For the inside of the door, you will want to purchase a flush handle so the door can open fully.
You can also opt for barn doors to separate your kitchen from your dining area, which will add to the visual appeal of the area while saving space all at the same time. One of the more innovative ways to use barn doors is for partitioning a media or entertainment center cabinet.

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