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They started out as a single store in 1949 in Lower Manhattan, but Pottery Barn has always retained its comfy, rustic-yet-refined style, even after it has branched out with more locations. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. Would you like to receive news from similar companies whose products may be of interest to you? My electrician says they are going to be a nightmare to fit and was relieved to hear I'd only bought 2.
It’s a wonderful idea to have a small corner of the garden to yourself where you can pursue your hobbies undisturbed by urban cacophony. This exotic gazebo creates a lavish ambiance with the brightly lit canopy and drapes that keeps the congregation in seclusion.
The most ingenuous way of utilizing rubber tires is such a garden shed, made entirely with car tires picked up from a local car garage.
This gardener’s paradise is not only functional, as it has ample storage space for tools, planters, seedlings and other gardening materials, but is also striking enough to enhance the garden. Once a dilapidated storage shed, this project developed by Lowe’s, is completely functional and extremely charming. A cottage like setting among the glorious green plants is a perfect place to escape the heat and relax.
The Bodnar residence, a salvaged barn set on a sloping piece of farmland outside of Birmingham, Alabama, is the kind of place that seems almost sepia toned, like those charming vintage photographs taken a century ago. That notion of time, of recognizing one’s place in it, is important to John Michael Bodnar, a restaurateur, and his wife, Shay.
The process was collaborative by necessity, because John Michael held strong ideas about energy efficiency and sustainability. It is also where they swing—literally, on an old-fashioned rope design, complete with a wooden seat. The swing is playful for sure, but when visitors arrive—and when they depart—they must pass by something even more in spirit with the Bodnar philosophy: a six-foot-tall chicken sculpture sitting atop a hill next to the house.
Which is yet another lesson in understanding that all of it—from the eggs to the chickens, to the old barn itself—is part of a great big circle they call home. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.

I have just bought this barn light from you but the glass has been broken by the builders- am I able to buy replacement glass from you?
We do sell replacement glass for these lights however we are currently out of stock until week commencing 10th August. A separate sensor should be fitted by an electrician and will sit as a separate part to the light.
Hi we love this light but need a motion sensor with it - is this something you can supply or advise how we have one fitted? All of our lights can be fitted with motion sensors however this is not something we supply. We do not supply bulbs with our lights however they are available to purchase on our website. The wooden plant frame and the central decor brings warmth and cheer to the little garden club. Made completely from wooden slats, this storehouse has two doorways, with one opening into the shelved storage and the other big one into a space which can be used as a workplace or a snug corner to unwind after a day’s hard work. The walls are covered with pegboard and the laminated countertop is an easily maintainable workbench. The redwood cider with the farmhouse kind of decor can make any urbanite sigh with longing.
So is the sense of the word land—having respect for it, feeling a connection to it, being aware that they are part of a bigger picture.
The general structure of the barn remained unchanged, but the architects added a windowed cupola that pours light into the main room, designed four bedrooms and three bathrooms that constitute roughly a third of the home’s 3,300 square feet, and punched windows into the sides of the barn to provide views of the woods, the fields of vegetables and fruit trees, the chicken coop, and John Michael’s workshop. For instance, he dictated the use of SIPs—structural insulated panels, which are essentially six inches of foam insulation sandwiched between plywood—to envelop the entire barn. These are anything but pretentious - they are aware of the environments around them, and have been designed to accommodate their surroundings and the people that use them, while not sacrificing style. I want to fit some 'Corn' LED SMD E27 bulbs and need to know the maximum length (from screw fitting to tip of bulb) that will work.
Rubber is a versatile material that is water proof and weather proof, ideally suited for an outdoor dwelling. Everything can be hung on the pegboard, from scissors and gardening gloves to spades and rakes. It made sense for the environment because they were repurposing old materials, and it made sense for their family because John Michael had long ties to farming.

John Michael also wanted—and got—a cutting-edge heating and cooling system, which consists of a massive wood-burning “Russian stove” and a complex geothermal setup with pipes circulating from the house through a series of six 200-foot-deep wells. All we ask is that you return the goods in all their original packaging and condition, including the outer box and in a re sell-able condition.
Several of these small precious structures are available readily, which can be bought and used right away. To give rigidity, the rubber is filled with steel wool insulation, along with flaps for doors and windows.
This garden shed is large enough to house stainless steel trays that are repurposed as a stack of drawers.
In contemporary times the gazebo denoted a place where parties or barbecue’s were held. But while creating the setting, don’t forget to match the garden furniture which goes well with this quaint Dutch Barn garden shed. When the decision was finally made to go through with it, he had a Pennsylvania barn trucked to Alabama, and he soon turned to architect Jeff Dungan of the Birmingham firm Dungan & Nequette for help transforming the wooden shell into a home. We are not able to issue refunds for goods that are not returned in a re sell-able condition. If you’d rather build from scratch, cedar, plastic, wooden logs, glass or even used rubber tires can prove useful for constructing a small and beautiful covering amidst flowering shrubs and plants. The color of the wood and the decor, like the trough planters with blossoming flowers and the ventilators, set in a row gives it a fairy-tale setting.
So, let us have a look at some the most amazing designs which you might prefer for your garden. It would be a sheer delight to indulge in your hobbies when the rest of the world is getting wet with rain. This is such a cool idea that car tires from all the garages will soon be exhausted in making this rubber cubbyhole.

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