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With three bear hunts under his belt and a head full of professional ballistic knowledge, Brett is a great resource when it comes to talking 300 Blackout for bear hunting.
Between the ease of building a 300 Blackout rifle and the ballistic data you’d expect solid results. Brett’s trigger time on the Bear Interdiction Task Force (BITF) started in New Mexico.
Brett has other stories to share of hunters downing bear with Barnes 300 Blackout, but we have to wrap this up somewhere. Research of the tactical pack market by Badlands revealed a trend towards square blocks that all fit the same. The Barnes VOR-TX Centerfire Rifle ammunition lineup will see the addition of a 300 AAC Blackout, 120 grain TAC-TX round and a 338 Lapua, 280 grain LRX round. The Artemis Special features some of the best scroll engraving to come out of the world-renowned engraving house of Italy.
Java Script is disabled on your browser, you won't be able to complete a purchase if it is not enabled. Please note, when your select items to purchase from the same warehouse you will save on shipping charges. Firearms typically ship within 5-7 business days after payment and a valid FFL is received. Flat rate shipping is only $14.95 for unlimited accessories and ammunition for Warehouse 2 & 3 products. Offers controlled double-diameter expansion maximum penetration and full functionality at long ranges. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Growing up in Utah in a family of outdoorsmen and hunters, he can’t remember his first hunt any more than he can remember his first summer.

With so many caliber choices available to someone in his shoes, I wondered how he settled on 300 Blackout. So far, so good, especially if you don’t like tracking wounded bears through the woods! We’d chased a bear for hours and were now situated in a canyon with the thickest brush concealing its movements. Ammo makers like Barnes have a ton of resources in their own labs to test and analyze their products. Once the FFL has been received from your dealer, your firearm will ship within 5 -7 business days.
Once your firearm ships you will receive an email with the tracking information and you can track your package online.
Hunters have been split between enthusiastic and skeptical about it when it comes to big game like bear. Keep in mind this is a supersonic load, not hushed subsonic, flying 2100 feet per second and delivering 1175 foot pounds of energy. Given the position of the barking dogs, we knew we’d been within twenty feet of the bear yet could not see him. The numbers all say the 300 Blackout 120 grain VOR-TX round ought to be great for bear hunting. The Rizzini factory artisans hand finish the engraving and put numerous hours of work into every shotgun. All copper bullets have high weight retention and exhibit excellent performance when shot through barriers. You can do this by checking your state’s particular rules or simply ask a local gun dealer.
Please have your Customer Order # (which you will find on the top right hand corner of your invoice after you purchased your firearm) and your Name on the FFL.

After our successful Idaho bear hunt with Table Mountain Outfitters I wanted to know more about the 300 Blackout for bear hunting and set up an interview with Brett accordingly. A strategy to get ahead of the bear was formed and executed as Brett hit it with a single shot at 100 yards.
We split up with me positioned high near a canyon exit and Brett bushwhacking down in the canyon. Using Schoeller® aramid fabric from Switzerland, Badlands was able to produce packs that are not only near indestructible but also extremely lightweight.
Battista Rizzini, himself, hand selects every piece of Turkish walnut wood that goes into our 26 line-per-inch precision checkered stocks.
Each state’s rules vary and some states restrict not only who may purchase and possess a handgun, but what particular models are permitted for such possession within that state. I’m grateful to have been part of the field testing and look forward to more success stories using their ammunition. Adding Badlands’ battle proven suspension systems that specialize in effective ventilation of body heat and a comfortable, ergonomic fit was also top priority.
The bullet will retain most of its weight while virtually doubling its diameter as it expands through the target animal. We’d like to hear your experiences on our forum, so head over and tell us about your bear hunting stories and 300 Blackout successes.
But how about we go bear hunting with 300 Blackout in the mountains of Idaho?” Brett is the Public Relations man at Barnes Bullets and the almost mischievous look in his eyes when he put it that way made my next question easy.
As its final act of defiance, the bear rolled down the canyon wall adding a few hundred feet of steep retrieval efforts.

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