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We purchased Ryan Shed Plans and did a full review of the product, the shed designs, plans and blueprints so we could provide you with the most detailed comprehensive critique available on the internet today. We went through each membership site (we also purchased the additional offers they have) and can give you the good and the bad of what we saw. Right off the bat what impressed us the most was the attention to detail that you just don’t get with free DIY woodworking plans.
Please note that the site is actually called My Shed Plans in the web URL so don’t let that confuse you. Well our review wouldn’t be complete unless we included some screen shots of the members area right? We figured you would like to see what one of the shed plans looks like so we grabbed one of their simpler plans to show you as we want to be fair to the other people who have paid for the product and also to Ryan.
Now the next part of our product review includes the additional offers they make and although you do not need to purchase them we think that after seeing what they have to offer you may consider.

The first offer the make after you purchase the main product is their VIP Package, it includes 3D Architect Software to view their upgraded plans or to even make your own if you want.
So as you can see from our review, Ryan Shed Plans offers a ton of value for such a small price and they also offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee so there is really no risk to getting everything they offer.
One nice touch we noted is that if you didn’t want to download all of the plans and books you can request they ship a  DVD of everything so you can just pop the DVD into your computer and everything will be there. We saw that too but once we purchased the product and got into the membership area we could see that it was in fact Ryan Shed Plans.
Now these images could be removed at any time if we are told to so if they are still up you are lucky to see what one of the woodworking plans looks like. After reviewing the shed plans we knew that any level of skill from beginner to expert would appreciate them.
Well you need to look at how much you’re spending to get access to over 12,000 plans.

We grabbed a few great shots of different parts of the site so you can get a feel for what you’ll get when you join. Also we are not showing you the entire plan as there was too many pages and we didn’t want to clutter the review.
You could be a total newbie and complete this project with the utmost confidence and then be ready to take on many more.
They way that we would look at it is that for so little money you get to look through so many plans and choose just the right one for you.

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