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Are you considering building a shipping container home, a group of dwellings somewhere, an apartment complex, or as some other kind of container architecture? If you need more than 50 empty shipping containers, you need them to be good quality new units, and you want them built all with some special features, we can have that done for you. Please realize that some container sizes and styles are more difficult to locate than others. Yep, thats probably why the dog is outside laying on the porch, it's too damn cold in the house. One yard tells you they can sell you a container of a particular quality for less than another yard. If you order and pay up front for at least 50 containers, not only can you save a lot per container, but we can have all kinds of customization done for you.
I love my pets, they are the light of my life and I would spoil them crazy if I had that sort of money.

If you are going to load it up and use it as a freight container it must be at least of the cargo worthy quality level. It is easiest to help you with 20' and 40' containers, but the other container lengths are available also. Since when is it a rich persons responsibility to feed every starving & homeless person?
If you are close enough to a container yard that has a good reputation, our suggestion is that you go there to see containers in person to make your selection.
If a yard needs to bring in a size or style they are out of to fill your need it will cost a little extra (known by you up front). Kalkin  pioneered the reuse of metal shipping containers as emergency housing in disaster situations, and believe it or not, even luxury homes. While I don’t have many opportunities to practice this in my everyday urban life, I do try, whenever possible, to make a concerted effort to do so.

Tell us what you want, and if your request is realistic, we may be able to help you acquire the container or containers you seek. The conference proves to be a unique exploration on how society may evolve in the areas of : eco-psychology, urbanization, simplifying design and accessible design, the topic Mr.
We have good prices for the used container quality, but we are not a bargain basement source.

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