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If you have been looking for affordable small swing sets, the Juggling Act is a perfect fit for your yard and your budget. When the kids are done telling secrets in the loft, they're off to the trapeze bar, rope ladder or rock climbing wall. While this may be considered one of our small swing sets, there is plenty of fun to go around for the whole family. The trapeze bar features our plastisol-coated chains, protecting small fingers from getting trapped or pinched, and the flat, interlocking steps of the ladder are sturdy enough for even the hardiest summer day play session. Thanks to our high-quality and exceptional customer service, we have over 10,000 satisfied customers.
This set was easily hundreds of dollars less than one from a competitor here in the Phoenix AZ metro area. This is a nice, compact system, that didn't take up our whole backyard, thanks again for a great product at a fair price! Thanks for your call last week letting me know I won the September 2012 drawing for a free play set. Are you looking for the most fun best rated backyard swing sets for kids to set up just in time for summer? Outdoor swing sets usually come in wood or metal, the indoor ones are usually made of plastic.
The one you see on this picture is perfect for kids of all ages, little ones and ‘big ones’!
How old are the children using the swing set and how many kids will be using it on a day to day basis?
I will help you as much as I can here, selecting the backyard swing sets based on their material, size, price, kids ages and parents reviews. The one you see on this picture, besides looking absolutely gorgeous, is perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 10 years old and it fits approximately 6 to 8 kids playing at the same time. I always recommend parents to get a complete swing set, that also comes with at least one slide!

This wood swing set comes with a beautiful slide and also a fun ‘play area’ in the back! This gorgeous and ultra-FUN (not to mention very affordable!) cedar wood, metal and plastic outdoor swing set for sale is perfect for a smaller backyard as it only requires a little over 10 x 10 feet of space.
It not only has the fun swings and the fun 8-foot slide, but also a cool upper play deck and a rock wall ladder!
The cedar wood is one of the best for outdoor use, since it is weather-resistant and insect-resistant as well. This awesome cedar wood swing set is one of the most beautiful large outdoor wooden swing sets for kids in my opinion!
Perfect for birthday parties or large family gatherings, as each child will always have something to do!
This gorgeous outdoor wooden swing set for sale is perfect for smaller children, ages 1 to about 7 and 8 years old.
They love to test their ‘skills’ in rock climbing, tire swinging and rope ladder climbing! If you have several young children in the house and want them to spend some quality time playing outdoors in the morning sun, then this is a really good investment!
We need to encourage our children to spend more time outside and if you have a nice backyard with a fence, then you relax for a few hours in the afternoon reading a nice book while your kids play on their new swing set. If you prefer metal swing sets instead of wood, this is a beautiful and very colorful outdoor metal swing set for kids of all ages!
They can slide down the fun yellow slide, climb the wall, use the trapeze bar with fun gym rings, swing on the heavy-duty swings or just enjoy the view from the deck! This metal swing set is also very durable and some parents have had it for many, many years!
The reason why some parents prefer a metal swing set over a wooden one is that they don’t have to worry about splintering or fading wood.
Needless to say the kids absolutely LOVE the huge slide and it’s just like having their very own playground in their own backyard!

If you are on a budget and looking for the best but affordable outdoor swing sets under 300 dollars, this one in the picture is a very good option!
It’s very big, as you can see, and it fits most children ages 2 to about 10 years old!
If you are looking for a cheap outdoor swing set for a small backyard, then this one is for you!
It is under 200 dollars and it fits six children playing together between the ages of 2 and about 9 or 10 years old. At just 9' x 11', this small, but fun swing set fits in just about any area, no matter how small.
With components strong enough to support even an adult, you can join your children in the fun or just watch them, secure in the knowledge that their play will be safe. The Juggling Act is a small swing set with all of the fun your kids could ask for, with a value that you can appreciate. With the constant swinging motion, it is crucial to have your swing set anchored securely to the ground. Stained for a beautiful and long-lasting finish, redwood is completely resistant to rot, decay and insects. Be sure to coordinate with the swing maker about the size of your play area and your specifications. Your design process was the best - it allowed us to get the exact set we wanted for the space we have.
To keep your swing set smooth and resistant to insect infestation, apply varnish and non-carcinogenic coating.
I also appreciate you calling me on a Saturday to set up delivery of the one piece that was cracked in shipment.

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