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I then spent hours lining up the hangers on the wall to make sure they were all evenly spaced. Oct 28, 14 • No Comments on Where Was Carrie Mathison When I Was a Pakistani Medical Student? That means a bunch of young folks are making big chunks of change, then (consciously or not) throwing their winnings at their inadequacies.
As such, I really wanted a bigger house and fewer siblings (they know this and feel the same way about me). You can try to hang a bunch of posters or tapestries if you want your fancy new house to look like a dorm room or an Urban Outfitters.

As you can see, it started out great from the left, but somehow the bottom row ended up mushing with the middle row, and I sort of gave up. You will first call a plumber who will look at it and then run screaming from the house like he’s just seen a Poltergeist (also German). You might try to come up with an innovative solution to fill these vast expanses of nothingness, like the huge wall in our basement pool room. Which means that every Saturday morning you’re up on a ladder in your foyer trying not to fall off and squish your kids. Oh, and since you also have about ten different varieties of light fixtures, you rarely have exactly the number and kind of bulbs you need.

So make friends with the lighting person at Home Depot, because you’re going to see her a lot.

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