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This season The Bike Shed Theatre has handpicked a selection of excellent shows from some of the most exciting theatre companies around.
Some, like Fellswoop’s Ghost Opera, are innovative productions, delightfully playing with what theatre is or can be. The award-winning novelist and theatre maker leads the audience through her own hilarious, thought-provoking and often absurd version of a Roman Catholic mass.
Following their latest sell-out success Ablutions, award-winning FellSwoop Theatre present a mesmeric two-hander about two strangers who are both haunted by living ghosts in their every day. Ensuite is a coming-of-age story, following the macbook-toting avant grade of Shoreditch, and Hugh’s attempt to become one (he doesn’t quite manage). In a humorous and heartwarming story, two kindred spirits attempt to avoid dealing with the demands of adult life. A show about how things spread.  Drawing on the science of epidemics, it explores the spread of disease, of panic, ideas.
In one coffee shop, walls can talk, time escapes us and those that visit dream in the coffee house.
A thrilling Christmas adventure for all the family following Eloise as she tries to escape the curse of the golden whisk. Ghost Opera Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter Thursday 22nd October 2015 7:30pm No age restrictionsAn immersive performance taking a haunting journey between life and what lies beyond. The Origin of Species is a one-man musical comedy about the life and work of Charles Darwin, performed by its writer John Hinton, who brings Darwin to life with a plummy accent, enormous beard, and a rare genius for comedy. The giggles start from the moment we enter the auditorium and Darwin stares at us, in slightly indignant bewilderment, from behind the desk in his study. For anyone familiar with the CBBC programme Horrible Histories, seeing this show is like stepping right inside that world, only with one actor playing every part. My personal favourite is his disciplinarian father positively boiling with rage at his son’s protests that he doesn’t want to be a clergyman, and that surely “Shrewsbury” can’t be a good school when it only teaches Latin and acoustic guitar, and nothing whatsoever about barnacles! Darwin shares his passions with us through power ballads, country tunes and occasional moments of full-on head-banging rock ‘n’ roll; the original songs could rival Gilbert and Sullivan for ingenuity and wordplay. Hinton’s ability to deliver spontaneous comedy means the show evolves (pardon the pun) in reaction to the audience, so every performance of The Origin of Species will be unique.
The show reached its hundredth performance in 2012, so it must be second nature to Hinton by now, but from his in-the-moment engagement, you would think it was opening night. On the 16th March, the Bike Shed Exeter invite women to come along to our Women's Night!
The women from the Bike Shed Bianchi women's race team will be providing a presentation about women's cycle clothing and equipment relating to comfort on the bike. For those of you new to cycling who would like to join a club but unsure of what your options are and whom to speak to, representatives from multiple clubs from around Exeter have been invited to come along and will be on hand to answer questions you may have.

To ensure you're kept up to date with details, please use our Exeter Women's Night Facebook Event to register your interest. When the theatre you are running was last used as a Chinese restaurant, then turning a kitchen into a dressing room is an occupational hazard.And that's just one of the challenges faced by David Lockwood and Fin Irwin when they decided to set up a small theatre in Exeter two years ago. The theatre's resident company, Particular, is set to produce another two new plays from South West writers.
How to Start a Riot is one of the most honest, intelligent and entertaining responses to the 2012 summer riots.
This first full-length production from new company Worklight Theatre, is difficult to categorise but don’t let that be a deterrent. Working with psychologists Professor Stephen Reicher, Dr Clifford Stott and Professor Alex Haslam, the devisers have attempted to show the circumstances, psychology and behaviour behind what lead to the social breakdown last summer. Worklight attempt to demonstrate that far from being the mindless lawlessness that was often reported, the riots were more the result of the unintended consequences of an accumulation of very specific local protests on the one hand, and organised and strategic protests on a range of issues including corporate responsibility and middle class remoteness, on the other.
Imaginatively performed and ably supported by fellow collaborators Callum Elliot-Archer and Joe Sellman-Leava the threesome have produced an inspired and highly original piece of performance theatre. Showing the dangers of ignoring the facts, statistics and information you don’t want to hear, but without pointing the finger of blame, Worklight demonstrates the damaging consequences of emotional and judgemental language and of the kneejerk reactions by people at all levels which immediately followed the riots. A Strange Wild Song on Sat 30th May 2015In northern France in the Second World War, three children encounter a lost American soldier in the ruins of their village.
Accompanied by an original, award-winning musical score, Rhum and Clay present a new version of their critically-acclaimed hit show. Some, like Hugh McCann’s Ensuite, are intimate, honest and witty explorations of human nature. Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown. In a show that is part improvisation, not a single moment feels jarring or out of place – The Origin of Species skips exuberantly from scene to scene and each is as funny as the last. Darwin scrambles around and through the audience, serenading people and getting us all joining in with actions or demonstrating his theories by miming Brazilian birds.
There will be loads going on and there will be nibbles, wine and a huge amount of fun coupled with a tonne of helpful tips, advice and information! There will also be productions of Pinter's A Slight Ache - one of his early one-act plays, Strindberg's Miss Julie and Philip Pullman's Clockwork, as well as live music and comedy. Described as a performative lecture, the three collaborators from Worklight manage to educate, challenge and successfully entertain with sixty minutes of humorous, thoughtful and creative theatre. Seeking to understand the points of view of all those involved, the production intelligently carries a willing audience as they review police riot strategy and crowd control terminology.
The use of hand held torches and masks transforms a policeman to a mother or rioter at the flick of a switch.

They succeed in challenging our prejudices and preconceptions and make us reconsider – this production could well be called How to Start to Think. We aim to review all professional types of theatre, whether that be Commercial, Repertory or Fringe as well as Comedy, Music, Gigs etc. Decades later, the soldier’s camera is unearthed and his grandson tries to solve the mystery of the photographs inside. Fusing cinematic imagery, absurdist humour and a mischievous sense of joy, this is an unforgettably touching story about finding light in the darkest of places. And some, like its Christmas co-production Eloise and the Curse of the Golden Whisk, are family-friendly adventure stories. As we settle down, it dawns on him: we must be the people his publisher has invited to watch him work, in the hope of increasing book sales. Hinton’s characters are so distinct and memorable that he can hop between them with perfect ease – breaking and reinstating the fourth wall and having back-and-forth arguments between characters.
The audience quickly loses its initial reserve: Hinton is a maestro of comedy and it is impossible not to be won over. After considering various sites Mike Saunders of the city's Bike Shed agreed to let them use a building he owned and the Bike Shed Theatre was born. Coloured and flashing lights are used to induce calm or disorientating anxiety in equal measure.
He discovers a world of childhood, imagination and hidden courage, as fragments of war explode into the present day.
He asks with absolute seriousness whether we all found somewhere in the courtyard to leave our horses, and then says he hopes we won’t be expecting him to do anything – he’ll be getting on with his work.
The Bike Shed Theatre was initially opened as a temporary space for Particular Theatre Company's production The Distance, a new play by Craig Norman. It has since been given a longer lease of life and will remain open on a trial basis until the end of June 2010 - but David is already looking as far ahead as Christmas. An ominous start evolves into a very amusing, but pointed, pastiche of aircraft safety guidelines, and there is a frantic, poetic finale which packs loads of punches. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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