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Last May the Bike Shed went balls-out with our third exhibition, celebrating the new-wave cafe racer custom scene, featuring over 120 brats, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, cafe racers, and a whole bunch of category-defying custom bikes.
The Bike Shed is run by a bunch of volunteers, none of whom come from the Motorcycle Industry. If you missed the London exhibition last May, check out the photos on this page, many of them taken before the doors opened, so you can see the layout.
It may be late but you guys have the best photos from the event , and it was a milestone event in my eyes …. Pics thanks to Daniel Beres, Laurent Nivalle, James McCoombe, Matt Bone, and a few others I forgot. Looking forward to 2015; will definitely be at Tobacco Dock in May, and try and stop me popping down to Paris in April.
Hi, does anyone know anything about the artwork on display at the Bikeshed show at Tobacco Dock. Thanks for giving me the perfect inspiration for a long overdue trip back to London in 2015.
Steve from Indie customs here, we came to the show at tobacco dock last year and were impressed to say the least. This spring time we hope to have a couple of new bikes finished, can you let me know how we go about exhibiting them at this years show.
We’ll impressed by 2014 show it was awesome will be riding some good roads in Germany on the dates for the 2015 show. Taking on the running of the London Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride every year has been a privilege and a pleasure, made easy by a fantastic crowd, but this year I was genuinely nervous about the scale of the task. This year, Mark Hawwa and the guys at DGR HQ in Sydney, agreed that the best way to improve the event for 2015 was to keep the meeting points and ride routes a secret that would only be revealed to registered riders. The ride takes place in aid of the fight against Prostate Cancer, but the DGRide is primarily about people and motorcycles, and a new way to present ourselves to the London public. We rode a simple route of all left turns (except one at Westminster Palace) starting with an amble over Tower Bridge before heading east along the river on the north side, crossing over at Albert Bridge, and then coming all the back on the south side of the river. There are bound to be dozens of stories out there that we haven’t heard yet, of breakdowns, lost riders, deeds of gallantry, etc, but the big story was that we had an amazing day out with 1400 of the nicest bikers you could hope to ride with. Huge Congratulations to Michael Butler for the biggest individual raise for the London Ride, bringing in ?4,260 – Michael was overall 1st in the UK, and 5th globally. Huge thanks also to those who helped marshal, especially Bruce Carter, Alex Bagenal, Loic Guerin, Kristina Vladi, Ian Harrison, Tony Walters, Jason King, Gareth Charlton, Daniel Edward Tredant, Nick Reading, Richard Gunn, Mark Devonald, Emma Shackelford, Simon Ricketts and many others, esp those who led small packs, …and of course Vikki van Someren. Although the standard license covers most uses, we know there are customers who need even more, such as unlimited print circulation. Tru?c Bike Shed London 2015, chu?i ho?t d?ng da di?n ra ? Paris v?i quy mo nh? hon doi chut vao trung tu?n thang 4 v?a qua. T?i s? ki?n nay, xoay quanh ch? d? v? xe d?, TBS cung t? ch?c trung bay, gi?i thi?u v? cac m?ng van hoa ssong hanh cung van hoa xe c?.
Ngoai vi?c trung bay nh?ng chi?c xe d?, s? ki?n cung g?n nhu m?t tu?n l? th?i trang mini c?a rieng gi?i choi xe b?i s? gop m?t c?a r?t nhi?u phong cach th?i trang khac nhau, v?i nh?ng con ngu?i khac nhau, tren nh?ng chi?c xe khac nhau, nhung tim d?p cung m?t nh?p.

Gian trung bay c?a Shaw Speed & Custom v?i nh?ng chi?c Harley Davidsion du?c ch?nh s?a ki cong. Auto Fabrica n?i ti?ng v?i thi?t k? xe t?i gi?n cung cac chi ti?t thanh m?nh, chi?c Yamaha XS650 nay cung khong la ngo?i l?. M?t m?u Boardtrack vo cung c? xua, minh ch?ng hung h?n cho l?ch s? d?n day c?a van hoa xe c?.
Chi?c Yamaha XS nay c?a Auto Fabrica la m?t trong nh?ng chi?c xe thu hut nhi?u s? chu y nh?t b?i tinh d?c dao va thi?t k? co gia tr? th?m mi cao. Triumph Bonneville luon la m?t co s? du?c gi?i yeu xe ua thich, t?i tri?n lam cung xu?t hi?n kha nhi?u m?u du?c ch?nh s?a d?a tren chi?c xe nay. Di s?n l?n nh?t ma Harley d? l?i cho th? gi?i khong gi khac ngoai d?ng co V-Twin tuy?t h?o c?a h?. BMW cung khong co ly do d? ph?i c?m th?y x?u h? v?i ngu?i M? va kh?i d?ng co V-Twin c?a h? b?i c? may Boxer chua khi nao thoi la ni?m t? hao c?a ngu?i D?c.
Nh?ng m?ng van hoa ben l? song gop ph?n xay d?ng nen b?n ch?t c?a van hoa xe cung du?c gi?i thi?u. Ngh? thu?t xam hinh cung du?c trinh di?n b?i cac ngh? nhan t?i cac khu khac nhau trong tri?n lam. Du?c t? ch?c vao d?p cu?i tu?n, tri?n lam tr? thanh noi thu gian va chia s? gianh cho r?t nhi?u Biker. Th?i trang Biker cung tinh don gi?n va h?u d?ng d?c trung, song v?n r?t da d?ng v? hinh thai. The central London venue at Tobacco Dock was easy to access, hospitable and we made sure there was great food, barrista coffee, a bar, cigar lounge, barbershop and plenty of reason (and space) to hang out all day with your mates, or with the family, or on your own, reading a magazine and enjoying the vibe.
We created the blog, ride, events and our exhibitions simply because we they didn’t already exist.
I remember the tail end of the original Cafe Racer scene and back then we could only dream of full on events like this. For the last two years I have been watching what you do and what you exhibit, it gets my enthusiasm soaring, I am putting some time and money aside to get myself a project going.
The bit that makes it unimaginable is that it’s all arranged and run without any permission from the authorities, no road closures, no police escort and no proper marshaling or signage.
It was the only space we could find that was big enough – and was affordable (it is a charity event).
It sounds simple, and it’s only about 14 miles, but with around 100 junctions, roundabouts and dozens of turns, even on a Sunday the traffic was backed-up and there were roadworks for the new Cycle Super Highway. As a whole, the England Rides brought in ?177,457, third biggest, out of a global $2,145,545 raised (and counting). Sarah Jane Mee at theTriumph Motorcycles VIP launch party, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, London, Britain. Directly promoting a product or service, advertisements, commercials, electronic resale items such as templates and wallpapers, album covers, packaging, print on demand goods, and prints for resale are all prohibited uses.
V?i quy mo kha l?n, cach t? ch?c chuyen nghi?p cung tinh chuyen mon cao, tri?n lam da tr? thanh m?t trong nh?ng s? ki?n l?n nh?t du?c gi?i yeu xe tren Th? gi?i don ch?.

Di?u nay khi?n tri?n lam khong ch? co y nghia v?i gi?i choi xe don thu?n, ma con la co h?i d? cac tac ph?m ngh? thu?t, d?c bi?t la cac tac ph?m g?n bo v?i d?i s?ng xe d?ch du?c ti?p c?n g?n hon v?i cong chung.
Noi nay tru?c day t?ng la m?t nha kho ch?a thu?c la nh?p kh?u, nhung gi? day no da tr? thanh m?t d?a di?m t? ch?c s? ki?n l?n r?t tuy?t v?i v?i k?t c?u nguyen b?n du?c ch?nh s?a l?i d?y tinh ngh? thu?t.
Tri?n lam co trung tam la nh?ng bi?n th? xe d? d?a tren nh?ng co s? xe c? di?n, do do h?u nhu khong xu?t hi?n nh?ng chi?c xe hi?n d?i t?i day, ngay c? v?i nh?ng chi?c xe n?m du?i khu d?ng d? du?c dem t?i b?i khach tham quan. Nhung co v? la no s? c?n du?c trang b? them b? ph?n ch?ng va d?p cho d?ng co b?i m?u xe nay co h?p ch?a d?u kha th?p, di?n hinh c?a c?u hinh may Boxer.
Ban t? ch?c ph?i dua hon 150 m?u xe d? d?n t? kh?p noi tren th? gi?i vao trong khu trung bay b?ng phuong phap th? cong: D?t.
Ngu?i Anh tuy khong qua n?i ti?ng v?i xe thuong m?i, song da gop cong r?t l?n vao vi?c vi?t nen l?ch s? xe c? th? gi?i b?i s? ra d?i va bi?n m?t c?a m?t lo?t cai ten tr? danh. Khong ch? nh?ng nha d? xe co ten tu?i m?i co tac ph?m tham gia trung bay, nh?ng chi?c xe du?c xay d?ng b?i cac ca nhan nghi?p du cung du?c vinh danh.
V?i phuong th?c t? ch?c chuyen nghi?p, Bike Shed cung s? h?u nh?ng khong gian yen tinh va rieng tu nhu th? nay. There was also great gear to buy, plus stunning art, photography film and even a little live music (ok, he was a busker, but he was very good). Had bikes from a young age and had to leave the scene for a while due to money and time, I am ready to return and make up for lost time. We also hadn’t realised we were meeting next to Southwark Cathedral at the start of Sunday Service.
What we did have was half a dozen unbriefed volunteers (thanks fellas, especially Bruce & Alex, who were tireless grafters) and a Vikki, who loves to tell fellas where to go. If were were to simply follow the rules of the road we knew we’d get broken up and it would take well over an hour. Ngoai ra, day cung la noi d? dan choi xe chia s?, tro chuy?n, vui choi va t?n hu?ng m?t khong gian tran ng?p s?c mau du?c t?o nen b?i nh?ng linh h?n yeu t? do va cai d?p v?i r?t nhi?u s?c thai khac nhau d?n t? nh?ng mi?n d?t du xa xoi nh?t.
R?t nhi?u tri?n lam hay s? ki?n v? xe thu?ng l?m d?ng cac ho?t d?ng ca nh?c, di?u nay doi khi pha v? s? tinh l?ng c?n thi?t d? nh?ng ti?ng noi kh? nh?t ?n sau cac tac ph?m ngh? thu?t co co h?i c?t l?i. We had to delay our engine-start until after prayers – although the churchgoers seemed to love the spectacle. We had help from sponsors Triumph, who created signage, Jack Lilley, who provided support at the rear with a breakdown van and Street Kitchen who provided food (giving a percentage of profit to the Prostate Cancer charity) and about 1,400 riders who behaved impeccably – and looked good doing it. 1400 bikers metamorphasised from being marauding two-wheel-hooligans to a parade of dashing, dapper, buccaneers, all on our very best behaviour, doffing caps and eliciting smiles from the London public.
Loads of people got lost, despite the half dozen marshals leading packs of a couple of hundred each, and there were bikes returning for an hour after the leaders got back.

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