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A brick water well with a wooden roof and bucket attached to a rope in a flat barren landscape with a blue sky background.
A brick water well with a wooden roof and bucket attached to a rope next to it on an isolated background.
Sign up for our newsletter and receive a free copy of our debut album "Kill 'Em With Love"! For a couple months we had been planning to shoot a video for Wishing Well, but it kept getting postponed for one reason or another.
He gave us the go for shooting at his house, so we put the word out that we would be having a jam session and filming it. We wanted to build the well up at Ezra's, but were unable to get in touch with him that day, so we had to build it first and figure out how to transfer it up the next day.

The thing about a signature pose is that you gotta do it whenever there is a camera on you. As we began to finish the well, the hole turned dark black and it seemed to descend forever.
Coming soon in part 2: Will the well survive being moved into a car and up the mountain?  Will the weather make it impossible to even use the well? With that in place, we had to figure out what we would do for the key element of the video.
We wanted to make sure it had a lot of mortar at the bottom to survive the transport up the mountain.
After all, you can't have a video for a song called "Wishing Well" and not have an actual wishing well in the video.

We hit up our good friend Ezra, who has an awesome house at the top of Tantalus with a garden, a lanai with an expansive view of Honolulu, and a cool A-frame room where there already was a piano, drum kit and PA.
We had done a little bit of searching for a well on the island of Oahu with no luck, but when our manager Lori said she would find one we, believed her. Unfortunately, neither of the two were ideal to shoot at, and even more, we wanted everyone at the jam session to be able to throw some pennies in the well.

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