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The step-by-step course will teach you to build a flat, responsive site in 54 lectures totaling over seven hours of content. This superb course normally retails at $197, but for a short time, you can download all seven and a half hours of content for just $37. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Are you scratching your head wondering how amateur designers or programmers can make powerful and modern websites, and be able to sell it to their clients and making their dreams come true?
It's not that these designers are super smart, but they do have good foundation to know how to hack different themes and provide powerful website solutions for their clients.
I went to study programming and designing myself and from six years I studied, only about two years were productive and useful. Most of the tutors don't even have real-life experience, and are not designers, who actively deal with clients themselves.
I have done it for five years and I know what tools are being used by professionals TODAY in this rapidly changing web design industry. We, at 1WD, are web designers ourselves and are still serving clients so we are able to show you EXACTLY what works and what doesn't, what's useful and what isn't! Over 20% of all websites online are using WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). This knowledge will allow you to easily take free or paid WordPress themes, take HTML & CSS templates and build them into powerful solutions for your clients. As a graphic designer, you still need to understand how basic code works for it helps during collaboration with coders when you know foundation of WordPress. Are you ambitious and you have decided you can do basic coding and website customization yourself?
Every designer should know at least basics of CSS, and that's exactly what we cover in this course!
Your clients will only be happy to have an all-in-one solution, one go-to person for all their web related problems. Are you ambitious and you have decided you will use Photoshop and be able to do all graphic design part yourself? In this course, we won't teach you the basics about color, balance, usability or good composition. Before creating this course we spent countless hours brainstorming and researching about what it takes to build EFFECTIVE portfolio website. Result is this course, which we believe is thorough guide for beginners as well as professionals, who need to update their skills to stay competitive in 2015. How to convert static HTML site into a fully functional and dynamic WordPress website your clients can use and edit themselves afterwards.
Awesome kickstarter for beginners to delve into web design, flat design and responsive design!
1stWebDesigner consists of a team of designers, who have been professionally involved in Web Design for over a decade.
Learn the whole process behind building a website - from theory and planning to a functional responsive layout. 2.5 hours of course videos about converting HTML&CSS website in fully functional and dynamic WordPress website.

9 Interviews with web design experts like Chris Coyier, Brian Hoff, Joost De Valk, Ruben Gamez and Jacob Cass! Bonus video about how to add animation and flare to the existing functional WordPress theme! Go ahead, test it out for yourself and you'll see why thousands of new designers and developers trust this training.
Is this course applicable for people that are already working with clients and building websites?
This course will be the most effective for beginners and amateurs, who need to update their skills and practices to prepare for successful 2015. After purchase, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Absolutely, every video is downloadable, so if you have slow Internet connection, it is recommended to download videos one by one to your hard drive and enjoy at your own pace. Leaving you with the knowledge to deploy client sites to a full range of devices, from desktop to tablet and smartphone. One of the best features of the course is the progression from a wire frame layout to completed webpage – step by step, design to code. I’ve purchased books and watched videos on how to create websites, since I consider myself a complete beginner. Do you go to school and spend the next four years to get foundation in design and programming? And right now, we created a video course, where, in nearly 8 hours, you will learn Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress foundation.
And I promise to teach to you how to use these tools and apply best practices professionals use in this very course! It comes very handy to know CSS, because it's something that directly affects website design, look and style!
Even if you don't want to be serious about design and just stick with programming, you can at least learn how to create basic website draft, wireframe, prototype to show to the client, when sending proposals. But we do use these principles and you will learn best practices effortlessly while going through the course. Then we mixed it with our real-life experience from working with our past high-paying and demanding clients. It was my greatest pleasure to take this class, I had no idea how to do a flat website but Michael Burns enabled me to expand my understanding.
Finally i can make a Good Responsive Website without needing Reflow or Dreamweaver or something else, if you take this course then you get a nice skill. This is a great course for anybody looking to learn the proper way or the way to build from scratch a flat responsive design website. Take this course if you ever had problems understanding responsive design, mobile first design and how to use bootstrap properly. Since the beginning of 1stWebDesigner, we have published around 2000 articles, videos helping you become a better web designer in this rapidly changing world.
For me, I prefer to code relatively from scratch rather than use themes or templates (as I find them too restrictive or find them more difficult to learn) and this course teaches you just that.
Unfortunately never got anywhere, either because it wasn’t well explained, presented or had outdated lessons. You will make enough money online building websites to support yourself, your family, and your dreams!

And It will only help if you have basic knowledge and foundation about how to use Photoshop for web design. Having an active section, which is updated frequently helps to build relationships, trust and drive more traffic. Michael is very good instructor; he is very patient in explaining things and doesn't rush with the lessons. The knowledge shared and learned on this course bring website building for me to the whole new level as it opens much more options. I told him he should start with learning HTML + CSS + Photoshop because the entry level knowledge that is required to start making money with web design jobs is quite low.
From planning to a complete product, learn step by step how to make a PSD file, convert that to valid HTML5 and CSS pages and then bring to WordPress! Michael does a fantastic job answering all you need to know about creating a pixel-perfect, fully responsive website. Our articles have been viewed over 100 million times, we have a strong community of 200,000 followers in various channels.
Now, this course I admit, was longer than I expected, but at least by sticking through I can proudly say I have built my own flat responsive website. The .psd design itself is very modern and you will not find similar designs in any other online course. Since now I have used WordPress themes ready to go, but it can be pretty "pain in the ass" to find the right one for my projects. After working through the course, you will have a website template that passes css and html W3C. We love what we do and what we teach, so we keep on creating amazing educational content for You. However I must say if you have been keeping up with latest trends and your own studies, this course may be too simple, basic for you. You will learn how to design website yourself, giving you knowledge to get around Photoshop (for web design) as a professional if you choose to do so! Even though the instructor provides you with the Photoshop file, I highly recommend following along, but creating your own site.
Just set an hourly rate of $10 and you'll easily earn the money you've invested in a day or two!! I have been learning web design for a time now and I saw a lot of courses so I know what I am talking about. But that doesn't matter now, because I did learn knowledge required to fulfill my crazy ideas. Michael shares helpful online resources and tools and emphasizes best practices for responsive web design. I mean it's a no brainer for those, willing to become a web designer and make money doing this kind of job for clients.
He was reluctant to pay, but that's the whole point - you never act on the knowledge that you've got for free.
But once you put some money on the table - you're motivated to put your new knowledge to action and get your money back.

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