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The type of base you decide to make may well rely on (a) property form, degree or sloping region, (b) type of soil, fine sand or strong clay, such as drainage, (c) climate conditions such since very dried out, heavy rain fall, serious ice or higher winds, as well as (d) dimension of framework, huge or even small. A foundation made from poured cement or concrete blocks to create a wall underneath the perimeter from the shed might be your best selection for a sizable building or even places susceptible to poor drainage as well as significant climate conditions.
When constructing a garden shed, summer house, workshop or other garden building, it is imperative that you provide a firm and level base. First things first, you need to site your garden building in the optimum place in your garden.
Panoramic view from your shed or summer house, and the amount of natural light your shed will receive. There are a few options when considering which base to build for your shed, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Probably the most time consuming and labour intensive option, yet if done correctly, your concrete shed base should outlast even your shed! This option is a little quicker and cheaper than building a concrete base for your shed, but laying slabs level can be a tricky process if you have never done it before.
A pressure-treated wooden base specifically designed to house wooden garden buildings up to 10’ x 8’. If you are building your own log cabin, then please see our How to Build a Log Cabin page for details on building a base. For full instructions on how to build a concrete base for your garden building please see the below video for an easy step by step guide.
Be sure to position your garden building in an optimal space, allowing enough distance from hedges or fences for easy access to all sides. Next, mix concrete using one part cement to five parts ballast or use bags of dry-mixed concrete to which you just add water. The result is a smooth, sound, level base - the perfect foundation for the construction of a garden building or one of our wooden sheds. Starting from one corner and working outward, lay the slabs by tapping down on the centre of each slab with a rubber mallet. Clear the area you’re going to use ensuring the ground is flat and there’s a slightly larger area needed than you require. Cut the grids to the same size as the shed using a handsaw or alternatively, leave the EcoBase larger than the garden shed and fill with gravel.
You are now ready to construct your garden shed, summerhouse or greenhouse onto the EcoBase. There are a certain things you have to take into account, before starting the construction process. Buy the best materials you can afford, in order to build a durable firewood shed with a nice appearance. First of all, you could build a basic firewood storage shed, especially if you don’t want to invest a significant amount of money or time in the diy project.
If you want to build a firewood shed with a simple design, but you want to add a roof to the structure, then you should pay attention to this project. If you have a small backyard, you could still build a small firewood shed, by attaching it to an existing construction.
Add several trims to the exterior walls of the shed, as to enhance the look of the construction.

Last but not least, you could add value to your property and enhance the appearance of your garden, if you choose to build a complex shed with front overhand. Thank you for reading our article about firewood shed designs and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. When buying a garden shed, you need to be sure to provide a firm and level on base on which to build your shed.
Portabases are available for garden buildings of the following size variations: 6' x 4', 7' x 5', 7' x 7', 8' x 6', 10' x 6' and 10' x 8'. A Walton’s portabase is a wooden frame constructed from pressure-treated timber that is measured to fit your particular wooden garden building.
Customers may purchase a garden building and portabase alongside our home installation option.
If you are buying a wooden shed, summer house or workshop and you already have a firm and level base large enough for your new building, then you should be able to go ahead and build your garden building directly onto it.
With a Walton's Portabase you have a quick and easy alternative to the expensive and time consuming methods of concrete or paving slab shed bases. If your shed base is not level, or subsides over time, then the structural integrity of your garden building will suffer, and you may find joist splitting, panels breaking, and doors and windows sticking.
This involves measuring, cutting and fitting timber, to the shape of the base in order to contain the concrete (as shown in the diagram). Small amounts of water should be added at a time and mixed into the concrete mix to ensure excessive amounts are not added making the cement sloppy, as the concrete should be kept on the dry side. This can be then levelled off with a long straight edge of timber resting on the formwork using a sawing motion slowly (as shown below) over the entire surface of the freshly laid concrete.
In warm weather cover the base with damp sacks and sprinkle them with water over the 24-hour period, this will ensure the drying concrete will not shrink and crack. Using a spirit level, ensure all the slabs are square, level and firmly butted together for a solid base.
Do one final check with a long straight edge to check if the base is level from each corner, and also measure the diagonals to finally check the base is square.
Take care to make sure that the feet of the grids are facing downwards and that there are no gaps between grids. If you want to protect the firewood from bad weather and make sure they will dry out properly, you should consider building a shed.
Therefore, you should make sure you comply with the legal regulation, as they vary according to your residence. In addition, drill pilot holes in the wooden components before inserting the screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. In this manner, you can save a significant amount of materials and money, while letting the air flow to dry out the firewood properly. Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets. A base which is neither firm nor level is likely to cause structural problems with your garden shed, resulting in doors and windows that have difficulty opening and closing.
The Portabase is a pressure-treated wooden frame supplied specifically for the size of your shed, and once constructed can easily be laid onto softer ground such as lawn or soil. The portabase can be selected on the individual product pages prior to adding to your basket, and will be delivered alongside your wooden shed, summer house or workshop.

The timber beams are held together by metal brackets, and the portabase uses either metal spikes to sink into a lawn or soil resulting in a firm and level base, or foot plates to rest securely on a patio or driveway.
In this situation, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the proposed site is level enough for the portabase prior to the arrival of the installation team.
However, if you require a new base constructing, then a Portabase provides a quick and easy alternative to a concrete base, paving slabs or pressure treated bearers. Consequently, a garden storage shed base or even foundation extremely should be built before beginning to put together the get rid of. The guide is written in extremely straightforward to read format and no detail is left out. If it is to be level excavate the top earth to 6 inch (15 cm) to allow for the hardcore layer and 3 inch (7.5 cm) thickness of concrete.
Nevertheless, you should know there are many designs and shapes to choose from, starting with basic constructions without a roof, up to complex sheds with a saltbox shape.
If you need a place to store a small quantity of wood, you should build a simple structure. Use a spirit level to plumb the side walls of the shed, before securing them into place with screws. As you can see in the image, the lean to roof should be oriented towards the front, in order to drain the water properly. The portabase, which can be installed prior to the arrival of the installation team in order to save time, should not sit on a gradient of more than 65cm across either the length or the width of the base, as per this portabase illustration. If a person make your personal garden get rid of plans or even buy all of them, you have to do so prior to deciding to build the bottom.
You will totally not be left in the dark asking yourself what is the subsequent step that you should do. And also ensure the formwork is level, as this will determine whether your base is 100% level. The result is a smooth, sound, level base - the perfect foundation for the construction of a garden building. Check the orientation of the floor joists on your building as they do vary from building to building. Generally speaking, you have to leave a certain distance to teh property line and you have to dig the foundation at a certain depth.
Complete Woodworking Course – When you purchase the item you also get an invaluable and uncommon course that consists of really crucial woodworking information, suggestions, and techniques. Using the spirit level and rubber hammer, tap the bearers into the hardcore until they are perfectly level.
This woodworking course is specifically valuable for a newbie to intermediate woodworker who will need to gain much more knowledge in order to effectively develop bigger, much more elaborate projects. 60 Days Funds Back Guarantee – There is 60 days funds back assure to My Shed Plans so really there is no threat at all.

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