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Find the parts you need to build your own junkyard gym and start hitting this hardcore workout in your own backyard. With the winter months falling behind us and the nights getting brighter, folks are starting to think about the beach-body look. The problem with modern gym culture is the misconception that you need state-of-the-art-equipment and machines to get strong and fit. I started my gym with two 20-liter water cooler bottles, the type that offices have on every floor to keep staff hydrated.
If you speak to the vendor when he comes to collect, chances are he'll let you have a couple for free.
I have tires, lots of tires: car tires, van tires, tractor tires, earth mover tires, all different sizes and shapes. Hit up a tire yard and make friends with the bosses; they'll be more than happy to let you take some off their hands—they may even give you a quiet, albeit slightly alarmed respect as the local, strange strongman! These three workouts give you a massive increase in overall work capacity and provide a much-needed change from the usual routines stuffy gym environments. Add these into your program for a few weeks and see how far you can take your conditioning on a budget with equipment you can source from your local junkyard! The swing set of all swingsets, is a playhouse that is also a swingset.  Become the master of your backyard with your kids! This is one of our custom made jungle plans that we offer as part of our full site access package. This guide, included at no extra charge with your order, will show you how to handle all kinds of different basic home repairs.
If you've already broken free of big box gyms and built your own hardcore home training space, learn what equipment to add next—and how to build it! In my opinion, a gym that lacks bumper plates and a platform is only out to get your money and has no concern at all for your progress.
True story: I was training a ranked competitive weightlifter on clean and jerks with bumpers on a platform, and management asked us to stop due to noise complaints. These types of bumpers are highly regulated for the bar opening, and they're guaranteed to be within 10 grams of the labeled weight.
Economy bumper plates still have the proper diameter, but are usually made of recycled tire rubber and don't have the tight weight tolerances that competitive discs have. First, go to your local salvage yard and find a pair of identical wheelsa€”in the ballpark of 16-18 inches (with the tires on, obviously).

Some manufacturers make shorter, 12-inch bands specifically for the deadlift and bench press. If you want to outfit your home gym with a suspension system, you don't have to shell out $100. With these straps suspended from my pull-up bar, I can perform virtually any movement I would do with the more expensive systems: dips, presses, rows, extensions, single-leg squats, and so on. It's also the time for fighters to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and do a little al fresco strength and conditioning work.
Some are used for flipping, some for overhead throwing, some for beating with a sledgehammer, some for farmers walks (by standing in the middle and lifting).
Try one of these three hardcore workouts when you need to kick your conditioning into high gear. The last workout is taxing and there is enough variation and level changes in it to mimic a fight.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. If you do just one home repair job yourself with this guide instead of hiring a professional, you will have paid for this item many times over. Most gym chains won't let you use bumper plates correctly, even when they have them available. They allow weights to be more safely dropped when doing Olympic-style lifts, and they reduce the amount of noise resulting from iron plates. These advantages make legitimate training facilities shell out the big bucks for them, as well as make them one of the most desired items for the home-trainer.
Economy bumpers are usually black, and they're quite a bit thicker than the nicer sets, which can limit how much weight you can stack on the bar. One pair of inexpensive 45-pound bumpers will probably cost you more than $150, but if you go ghetto, you can make your own for only a few bucks! These bands are easy to set up for those lifts, but they aren't as versatile as full-length bands. Strap systems allow you to assume certain positions for bodyweight exercises like rows, presses, and more.
If your rack doesn't have one-inch hole spacing, add some high-strength chain to your straps to quickly convert them into an additional safety within your cage!
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.

With that said, there are a few more pieces of excellent iron a home trainee can add to his or her gym. They're typically color coded, and all plates from 10-25 kg (or 25-55 pounds) are the same diameter.
However, these bumpers feature a higher-density rubber for less bounce, and are made to survive.
From a training standpoint, there is no serious difference that would result from using these bumpers over higher-quality sets. Suspension training doesn't offer any resistance beyond your body weight, though it does make great stabilization training. I found a pair of six-foot straps for less than $10 each, each rated to support more than a ton (2,000 pounds).
The chain allows minute adjustments in your safeties, giving you a great array of training options. If, like me, you are not lucky enough to live close to the beach, you'll have to pay for sand. This way, when doing Olympic lifts, pulls, or deadlifts, the bar is always the proper distance from the floor. Not only is this size approximately the same as a normal bumper, but the weight is similar, too. Bands have been popularized by powerlifters and coaches, who use them to radically increase the strength levels of elite athletes.
They could be used for assisted pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, good mornings, triceps push-downs, and a hundred other things. Certain movements I used to do off of pins, such as good mornings, are much better when done off the strap-chain setup. Learn how to wire a 3 way switch, understand how much insulation you need in your attic, learn about repairing concrete, and how to troubleshoot paint problems.
They are good for adding dynamic resistance to your bench or replacing an entire cable column; they are also extremely portable.

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