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Additionally, youd much rather be corrected right away than wait for a code review just so someone can point out that you duplicated a declaration and should clean up your spacing.
You need a dependable mistake-preventing machine that understands CSS and understands you: your intentions, preferences, ideals, and weaknesses.
The conditions are ripe for a mighty new stylesheet linter — powered by PostCSS and inspired by the best features of scss-lint and ESLint. Ive been working with a few collaborators on this project, and Im writing now to introduce you to the tool weve developed: stylelint. What follows is an attempt to summarize stylelints features, which include over _a hundred_ rules and thorough extensibility. If at any point you find yourself growing impatient ("OK, OK: Im convinced that stylelint works wonders. Some stylelint rules aim to catch obvious errors, usually typos or oversights made when you were rushed, distracted, or bleary-eyed. Theres a rule that warns when youve used a shorthand property (like margin) that will override one of its longhand counterparts (like margin-top), which youve probably done inadvertently.
Another rule uses the PostCSS plugin doiuse to check whether your styles will work for the browsers that you intend to support.
If you use a systematic methodology in your stylesheets or have a styleguide for your code, you should be able to decisively outlaw certain patterns.
You can block the use of !important, or browser hacks that dont apply to browsers you support. If you want to get really serious — investing some extra time in configuration to ensure absolute consistency — you can enforce the order of properties in your rules, and provide blacklists and whitelists for properties, values, functions, and units. These rules are mostly about whitespace, but also target other details like quotation marks, letter case, leading zeros on fractional numbers, the use of keywords vs. The dream is that you and your teammates can establish a formatting convention _once_ (e.g. Nicholas Zakas, the creator of ESLint (and also CSS Lint), has written that the key to ESLints success is its extensibility. If you dont like stylelints built-in reporters you can craft your own, even tailor one to your organization. Using stylelints API, you can create plugins for text editors and task runners that integrate stylelint into every aspect of your workflow.
Right now there are PostCSS parsers — and therefore stylelint support — for SCSS, Less, and the new SugarSS. Of course, certain rules might stumble on certain aspects of your non-standard syntax (e.g.
Thankfully, you should not have to write huge stylelint configurations over and over again.
You can also run stylelint as a PostCSS plugin, including it in any PostCSS runners chain of plugins. Also, there are already stylelint text editor plugins for Atom, Sublime Text, and VS Code — providing the fastest possible feedback as you work.
You could also use other tools like CSScomb or perfectionist in tandem with stylelint, auto-fixing what you can and auto-enforcing the rest. Later on, when I did peek, I saw their implementation was based on , which Im bad at anyway, so Im glad I went with my skill set. Every slice will be 100% of screen width (not just the visual width of a slice) and shifted to the left with each step. Near the end of this function we adding an s--ready class (s is for state, as controlled by JavaScript) to container. Each slice is positioned according to the "active" slice (the one the cursor is on), based on the "deltaY" and "index" variables. After I checked this demo on my phone (Nexus 5) I found some serious performance problems during drag event.
If you have any suggestions on how I could have done anything better, Ill be listening in the comments. I wrote a post last summer where I identified myself as a web designer in light of my experience in front-end web development.
I made that to see where _my_ understanding of general web terms falls into the spectrum of four different disciplines: design, front-end development, back-end development and IT.
My thinking after creating the spectrum chart led me to think that a scatter-style chart was a bad way to visualize the differences between disciplines. More importantly, this has a lot less to do with job descriptions, personal labels and specific skills. Or perhaps well see a chart where there is only one circle called The Web(c) and around it will be many, many other circles that slightly overlap it.
Framer, the design and code tool from Motif Tools BV, has been updated with lots of new features. I guess its Framer "js", because the designs you create are formed from a code syntax that is JavaScript-like. The design tooling landscape in years to come will probably be as splintered as the web development tooling is now.
I, Website, simple though I appear to be, merit your wonder and awe, a claim I shall attempt to prove.
Just as you cannot trace your family tree back very far, so is it impossible for me to name and explain all my antecedents.
We should remember Tim Berners-Lee, excuse me, _Sir_ Timothy John Berners-Lee, a man knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his pioneering work on the web.
There are vast seas of practitioners specializing in the creation of me, each unique in their skills. While HTML is my body, my bones, the very creation of it may pieced together by other practitioners.
Does anyone wish to challenge my earlier assertion that no single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me? As part of a series on the rising global phenomenon of online harassment, the Guardian commissioned research into the 70m comments left on its site since 2006 and discovered that of the 10 most abused writers eight are women, and the two men are black. Flexbox can wrap, making it sorta-kinda two dimensions, but it still flows in a single dimension. Exe files are blocked in gmail for security reasons and even if it is compressed using a software such as winzip or winrar they get detected.
The contemporary virtual commerce zone offers enormous possibilities for businesses with their own domains online and business blogs plays a vital role here. Hello all!It has not been a long time since we celebrated Pi day this year, and today I am going to be making a Pi themed loader screen.
When you migrate from one country to another, you may like to have a Payapl account for the local currency, but having two emails just makes life more complicated. Loading time of your website or blog is one of the critical factors influencing search engine optimization, which whilst is too sluggish could take the reader far from your internet site and pass onto the following, as a consequence circuitously affecting your web page ranking as nicely.
One of the most important steps in publishing a blog on Wordpress is to optimize the blog for search engines using a tool such as Yoast.
A blog is a regularly updated website or webpage usually run by an individual, that is written in an informal style.

Its basically an experiment by Google called Chrome Music Lab for music lovers and others to learn music. This is a way to screw around with the internet, It is not permanent so nothing gets ruined. Ad blocking extensions are great for individual browsers but leave out other devices and applications. In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to use the address bar at the top of your browser to find information much quicker. As a creative entrepreneur in the early stages of establishing your online presence, you have realized that having a website is fundamental to success. Here is a simple method using which you can easily download music from YouTube :)Do it at your own risk. What's common between Instructables, Google, Facebook and most other websites on the internet? Today the need for a Email address is booming in most websites or job applications it requires an email to sign up or receive newsletters and now more than ever you need an email.
Today, I am going to show you a very free of charge way to enlarge your Google Account especially for Google Drive, Gmail, and any of Google Services.
These 8 Twittering Thingamajigs allow you to control your projects through Twitter, Tweet Data from your Projects and even analyse Tweets to suit your own needs. This is a super quick and simple instructable that explains how i read my instructable pages easier. Responsive Web Design, sometimes just called RWD, is definitely one of the most important aspects of web design today. Instant feedback would help you internalize conventions and spend a little less time floundering when your CSS doesnt work. ESLint, in particular, has been working wonders, showing us all just how helpful a good linter can be. No more summary necessary.") just skip to the next section, where Ill anticipate some questions and offer some tips. For example, you can disallow empty blocks, invalid hex values, duplicate selectors, unknown animation names, and mistaken linear-gradient syntax. And theres a rule to warn you about the confusing situation when Rule A comes before Rule B but in fact overrides Rule B, because Rule As selector has a higher specificity (e.g. And yet another uses css-colorguard to complain about colors so similar that you probably intended them to be identical. If you use Autoprefixer (which you probably should), you can disallow the use of vendor prefixes in your source stylesheets. If you want another custom syntax supported _now_, help out by working on the PostCSS parser! Same answer as above, really: stylelint can understand everything that PostCSS understands, which definitely includes whatever future CSS syntax you are enabling (probably via PostCSS plugins). No rules are turned on by default, so by adding each rule yourself you will know exactly what is being enforced, and will gain an understanding of each rule as you add and configure it. This means that _you can use stylelint anywhere you can use PostCSS_ — which covers pretty much every compilation tool out there!
It takes a stylelint configuration — the very same one that you use for linting — and _fixes_ whatever mistakes it can. Thats why we spend so much time talking about methodologies like SMACSS, ACSS, BEM, SUITCSS, ITCSS, and so on.
No npm modules or ES2015 stuff here, I went with classic jQuery, SCSS, and HTML (plus a little Greensock).
I was amazed at the effect, and thought Id try to recreate it without peeking at their source code. We need it to remove the static background-image from .ws-bg, which we show initially so the user sees something right away (perceived performance!). The slices move on Y axis with some delay based on how far away it is from the active slice.
This problem appears because of combination of width in % and 3D transforms during the movement, which creates sub-pixel rendering issues, and shows the black background through the cracks.
I might be a web designer standing next to one person, but a web developer standing next to someone else. In the chart below, hover over the red dots to see different technologies placed on a spectrum. I remember a time when my job was to "lay out" web pages in Photoshop and send them off to IT for implementation. This still gets messy and complicated as our understanding of new techniques and skills evolve. What I see is a movement beneath the surface that is re-drawing our understanding of what makes up the web spectrum.
In fact, if you can understand me -- no, thats too much to ask of anyone -- if you can become aware of the miraculousness which I symbolize, you can help save the freedom mankind is so unhappily losing. But I would like to suggest enough of them to impress upon you the richness and complexity of my background. Pure letterforms coming together as a system to communicate messages, born from the desire to mass produce books as early as the 15th century. The internets "core routers"--$1,000,000 or more in engineering and construction--are among the most powerful, capable, and expensive machines on the planet. He was the first to implement Hypertext Transfer Protocol ever (the father of the web, we could easily say), and presides as director of the World Wide Web Consortium to this day, a team of some 70-odd people standardizing how I should work and my future. Actually, millions of human beings have had a hand in my creation, no one of whom even knows more than a very few of the others. No one person dictates or forcibly directs the countless actions which bring me into being. Not just well-designed and well-written, but uses video in interesting ways (GIF poster attribute!), has dope infographics, includes interactive components that engage and help further the story, and realtime components that drive home the point. Vijay Sharma shows it’s possible to center align a single line of text, but if it wraps, left align the text. Then I thought others might benefit.If your custom Facebook page needs regular updates and management, granting privileges to others will help you share the burden. I have the answer and solution for you right here….Start your own website here!Hi there!
All those aspiring for a dominant presence across the business zone online, a business blog is the most imperative. By adding Facebook friends' birthday calendars to Google calendar, we can sync it to our mobile phones and get reminders promptly. This video shows you as to how you can create multiple paypal accounts with just one Gmail Id.
Basically, we're turning the address bar into a command line for the web.Why?A few keystrokes will cut down on repetitive tasks.
Whether your goal is to provide freelance work, catch the eye of a future employer, or even open your own shop, a website can get you there. But, in fact, internet is a computer that works as a server which will save our file or data.

In this Instructable, I'll show you how to create your own login interface using Adobe Dreamweaver. This collection contains some of the best Twitter powered IoT Instructables to help you get started in the field of Social Media & IoT.
It simply takes advantage of the fact that every instructable has TWO websites, rather than one. Some of them may seem trivial at first (depending on your temperament), but they become patently important as the codebase grows and ages, as more people stick their hands in it and do ugly things.
But both you and your colleagues are mistake-makers, so will naturally, inevitably fail, at least in part.
It can parse any CSS*-like* syntax into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for plugins to analyze and manipulate. With stylelint, you can disallow selectors that exceed a certain specificity, or put a cap on nesting depth. Since PostCSS allows custom parsers, stylelint has no trouble supporting various non-standard syntaxes — anything that you can write a PostCSS parser for. Because stylelint tries to cover the fractured landscape of our stylesheets — where some people use standard CSS, some an extension language like SCSS, some weird custom properties, etc. In fact, some of stylelints rules specifically target future CSS like range features and custom properties.
We hope these plugins will inspire people to develop stylelint plugins for other task runners, like Grunt.
Were hoping that, with community contributions, stylefmt will grow until it can auto-fix as many stylelint rule violations as can possibly be auto-fixed. We all know that its very easy to write CSS very badly, so in our own work we need to establish an intelligent strategy and doggedly stick to it if were going to write stylesheets that wont make us cringe next week. Contribute rules, enhancements, tests, bug fixes, documentation, new ideas, or just feedback. Our goal is to make them look like one big background, which is centered and resized with help of background-size: cover. This "delay" is not a static number, it is a number that decreases the further away from static slice it is, even down to zero (becoming flat).
I decided to not write about this in article, because even after the rAF performance optimization, the mobile performance kinda sucks compared to the original website (, which works through .
Many of us would chuckle at that workflow today, but it was a reality then and a sharp contrast from modern workflows. I was so focused on buzzwords and where they fall on a chart that I believe I may have overlooked the buckets that make up the actual chart. Instead, our fundamental understanding of what it means to design or to develop are evolving and, in many cases, overlapping. Adobe knows designers dont turn to Photoshop like they used to and is making things from the ground up like Adobe XD and trying to figure out mobile. Especially when it is realized that there are about 300 million of my kind produced each year.
There’s some text, some images, a logo, navigation, perhaps a form, perhaps other media like video or audio.
Typography has had a long road since then, only in very recent history manifesting as pixels on a screen. Fiber-optic undersea cables line all the oceans and seas and grip the Earth like a hairnet.
Nod to Thomas Edison for his practical light bulb, making it ever-so-desirable to wire up this world. Carefully arranging a beautiful system to not just create me, but a system in which many more of me can be created efficiently. Well, a glance at the latest trends and online behaviors reveals quite an up-close camaraderie between these two. This tutorial will work fairly well for all versions of Dreamweaver, but I'm using the CC edition. And yes, when i found this out i, like you, was made to think that i have been living my life a lie. And later on you or some other sorry sap will face the consequences of those mistakes that slipped into your CSS.
Certain conventions that definitely help the codebase, like consistent formatting, may seem pedantic and tedious when enforced manually. Weve had very limited options: the Ruby-based, preprocessor-specific scss-lint and the older CSS Lint. When it comes to designing, building, and maintaining websites, its hard to pin down labels, despite all our best efforts to do it.
Where design and development used to be in stark contrast to one another, we now have more _shared_ tasks. If the past is any indication of where things were and where they are heading, then I would expect to see the plots on any chart like this start to collect toward the center of the spectrum and for the circles in a Venn diagram to continue becoming more like a single circle. But, sadly, I am taken for granted by those who use me, as if I were a mere incident and without background.
And I can teach this lesson better than can an automobile or an airplane or a mechanical dishwasher because -- well, because I am seemingly so simple. The rapid increase in demand for speed ensures a core router today isnt a core router a decade from now. For that we can thank the Internet Engineering Task Force and the World Wide Web Consortium. Another Front End Developer may be deeply focused on JavaScript, making me sing with glorious interactivity, but whose CSS skills leave something to be desired. Meanwhile, you and your colleagues can work on improving the machine, expanding its powers and diminishing its limitations.
But weve been addressing these bugs as we find them; and in the meantime any rule can be turned off completely or disabled on a stylesheet-by-stylesheet or line-by-line basis. A high five to Alexander Graham Bell is due, for passing the first information along those wondrous wires. Another developer may focus their skills on how to make me accessible to all others who may need me.
The afternoon I have an appointment on a television in Tokyo followed by a watch in Berlin.
If it is open-sourced, other contributors from around the world can join the effort — other fallible CSS authors equally invested in preventing their own mistakes. This is a species of the grievous error in which mankind cannot too long persist without peril.

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